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Chip & Dale's story "Chipmunk Engineer" and Jiminy's Story "Your Conscience": Kingdom Hearts Series Character Files translations

The Kingdom Hearts Series Character Files translations for the character files of Chip & Dale and Jiminy now available!

The Kingdom Hearts Series Character Files features over 200 characters from the entirety of the series thus far, with several short stories from Tomoco Kanemaki (the writer of the Kingdom Hearts light novels). You can purchase the book for ¥3,080 (approx. $28.03) from the Square Enix e-Store directly or from AitaiKuji, who deliver official and exclusive Japanese pop culture items!

You can check out more exclusive character and worlds stories from Kingdom Hearts Series Character Files below:

The translations for Chip & Dale's story "Chipmunk Engineer" and Jiminy's story "Your Conscience" can be viewed below! Translations are courtesy of LilyGinnyBlack. (Both stories appear to be written by Sora.)


Chip & Dale’s Story

“Chipmunk Engineer”


Chip has the black nose. Dale has the red one.

Though I’m sure there are a bunch of other ways to tell them apart, I think it was Donald who told me that, since they both look *so* similar to each other, this is the best and easiest way to remember them by. By the way, since Chip and Dale look so much like each other, I thought that they might have been brothers, but it turns out that they are actually friends! Donald and Goofy, along with the King, all have a long history with these two. It seems like they squabbled a lot with Donald, though I can’t imagine that at all. I guess there was a time when Chip and Dale were nothing but two mischievous pranksters, kinda like how the King was back in the day. That seems to go for Donald and Goofy too.

They not only tend to the Gummi Ship, but they also know a lot about computer stuff. So if its something vehicle related, then I feel safe leaving it in their hands.

When I get in touch with Ienzo, it feels like these two are doing a lot of work that I totally don’t understand — like, not at all! I’m totally lost! Looking at the two of them, I feel like they’d get along well with Ansem the Wise. If they’re at Radiant Garden, then maybe the two of them have become Organization Members or something like that.

I wonder what sort of experiments the two of them are up to now?




Jiminy’s Story

“Your Conscience”


Every once in a while you’re on top of my head or inside my clothes or in some other odd place that ends up feeling itchy, but when that happens, Jiminy, you move somewhere else.

I don’t see you around all that often, but, Jiminy, you are an important companion who has always traveled together with me and documented everything.

If it hadn’t been for your journal, then I never would have remembered to thank Namine. Oh, and by the way, it was thanks to your journal that - even though I don’t know it all that well - I got to know what happened in the Data World.

Though I couldn’t go on my journeys without you, since you’re allllways hiding out somewhere on me, I sometimes forget that you’re there.

I don’t remember when, exactly, it was that I asked if you were lonely being separated from Pinocchio, but Jiminy, you said, “Since ya need just as much of my time and attention as Pinocchio, I’d worry if I wasn’t by your side.” I was shocked! So when I asked you, “Are you saying Pinocchio and I are the same!?” You replied, “You and Pinocchio are both awful liars.” You just laughed and then went off to hide somewhere else on me.

By the way, Jiminy, how exactly does your journal work? I don’t really get stuff like data conversion….I should try asking you about it next time.



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I'm always a bit happier whenever they remember to acknowledge Jiminy's existence. It'd be nice if they explained why he tends to hang around the Disney Castle gang so often instead of with Pinocchio.

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