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  1. I like how the card battling looks like one of the original concepts from CoM that I wanted to see more of.
  2. What do you perscribe for a bad case of the claw?
  3. It will definately happen. The real question for me is which ones will they bundle in with it. http://kh13.com/forum/topic/33999-kingdom-hearts-3d-dream-drop-distance-ultimania-coverage/ He said he can't say there isn't a possiblity of making it, which means it could still happen one day.
  4. Persona 4: Arena was a very very rare case, and for business reasons. It probably wont happen again with another PS3 game. (thankfully)
  5. IGN are reporting it as fact that it's Kingdom Hearts 1.5, therefore it must be true, because IGN would know! They really need to ditch report, and change it to rumor. Title implys it's confirmed
  6. I don't think they would. You'd be taking out a big part of the game, where you unlock weapons, level up, get a trinity mark and a few cutscenes happen. You'd be taking out some essential parts of the game, and would have to make some big adjustments accordingly to make up for it. If that were the case it would most likely just be left, and not bought over due to the rights issues.
  7. And it seems yet again the Australian Club Nintendo is left out. No suprise really, but still disappointing.
  8. The Australian eShop is essentially the European one with Aussie prices, so yeah, it's on ours.
  9. It's been on the PSN for quite awhile now actually.
  10. Looking forward to replaying Adventure 2 in HD! It's mandatory for all PS3 and 360 games (excluding playstation minis), so yeah it'll have support for them
  11. A little different? You probably should follow the game alot more, you'll find it's quite different to Smash Bros.
  12. Really looking forward to this! According to the Watch Dogs Twitter it's coming out in 2013.
  13. The only difference that would make though is size limititations, and other HD remasters have shipped on one disk for 360 anyway. So I really don't think it would come into whether Square-Enix bring it to the 360 or not.
  14. A PS3 and a Vita release seems most likely. It would nice though if they could fit in a Wii U release aswell though for Nintendo fans.
  15. I liked it, but it could have been better had they just announced wonderbook, and rather than livedemoing it on stage for about 20 minutes show some Vita titles that are actually releasing this year. Would have made it so much better for me.
  16. If it's the same demo as the Japanese one (which it most likely is) it'll have the same as it, 15 uses. I really can't see any reason to decrease the uses if it's the exact same demo as what Japan got.
  17. Platinum doesn't disappoint, they'll make Revengance into so much more than it was going to be before they entered the project. Looking forward to it!
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