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  1. Scooping the flan with a fine, metal spoon that rested on a napkin with the cafe's logo, Ran stared around the kitchen, trying to piece his thoughts together. Conversation on ghouls seemed like a hot topic these days, and any hint of sympathy for them could be considered treason on part of the CCG. Still, Antonio didn't seem like the kind who would snitch about private conversations and the sweetness of the dessert helped to relax him. "Hmmm, they're understandable, I guess. I don't really trust the news on any propaganda so I try to look at it from a neutral standpoint." Twirling the spoon between his fingers, he rested his chin on his palm, staring deeply into the flan. "I feel like neither side is truly wrong, you know. What's probably wrong would be the world we live in. Not all humans are evil, and the world makes sure to punish and find those who have committed crime. Not all ghouls are evil either, but they're discriminated as a whole. If people are so afraid of trusting a person who could potentially kill them, how did we even end up where we are today?" He let out a deep sigh not even realizing his heart began to beat faster during his rant. Trying to soften the atmosphere, he added with a light smile while scratching his nape, "Of course, I'm just an ordinary college student so I wouldn't really know much about things. It's pretty cool though, I hear they have all kinds of powers and some can even fly. My friend thinks their true form is a dog, though."
  2. "Oh, we've certainly made progress. If we enjoyed it would be a completely different question." Veran replied to the fellow butler, the events of the night still fresh in his mind. Samael deeming it appropriate to lay next to his master due to a relaxed sense of fatigue didn't help to soothe his nerves either, much less the fact that they were unconsciously cuddling. As he looked upon them enviously, Veran suddenly turned his head to Alexander. "It's about time we wake up the young masters, don't you think?" Bearing a devilish grin, he walked towards a window, sliding the curtain just enough for the harsh sunlight to beam onto Samael's face. "Good morning, Lady Aya, Earl Pandora. It would be best to continue our research while it's still early, is there any breakfast you'd prefer in particular?"
  3. Following Raven out of her tent, Snake found himself at the bulletin board, waiting patiently. New members often caused trouble with the circus which lead to an uneasy atmosphere between his asps and the recruits. With an indifferent, yet glacial glare, he decided to make the final call for himself upon meeting the person.
  4. "Yes, my lady." He simply replied, taking their leave while carrying her lightly in his arms. Treading through the moonlit forest, it only took a few moments until Veran reached the inn.
  5. Veran's eyes squinted in disgust, his dislike of Wulfric growing with every minute they spent together. For now, he added the idea of a nice, warm bath to the list of things needed before tomorrow's further investigation.
  6. Alerted by the sound of the birds, the collection of asps and ophidians coiled around their friend's neck, giving the impression of a scarf with their various colors. Snake himself looked around the room curiously, admiring it. "It went well, Snake didn't really pay too much attention to the audience though. He was much more interested in your well being. Says Goethe." The man added his usual emphasis for every snake, talking with the light animation of a playful yet frank person.
  7. Veran's smile was light, yet haughty, prepared to take the situation into his own hands if they dared to lay a finger on Aya. Yet the subject of his attention was less focused on the two leaders who stood before him, and on the fact that it was definitely past his young master's bedtime. "If possible, please find clothes that would suit yourselves in addition to being human." He added, eschewing the possibility of having the earlier scenario with Wulfric repeat itself. Turning his head to Aya, he lifted her gently into his arms again. "Shall we be off then, master?"
  8. Snake found his way to Raven's tent, stopping short just at the entrance. No longer did he bear the indifferent facade he had accustomed himself to, posessing a sullen, thoughtful expression instead as shadows from the light further outlined the finer details of his face. He had abstained from picking up the coat he discarded on stage, partly considering it an insult to the audience and wanting to check up on her as soon as he could, yet he felt stuck in place. A meek yelp was elicited from his lips however as Oscar decided to tug him into the tent, growing tired of Snake's timidness. Taking in his surroundings with brief glances to his sides, Snake gazed lightly at Raven with concerned eyes. "No bandages this time, it seems like Z's work. How are you feeling... says Wordsworth."
  9. It sounds like a fun, long term RP.
  10. Celebrating another birthday of a user from this site
  11. A thread celebrating IwasBornAsVentus being born as Ventus on the day he was born.
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