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  1. Didn;t notice that slight color change so nice observation.
  2. Maybe elemental enemies will mostly (or ONLY) be damaged by their elemental weaknesses. That "armor" state might appear more often. Duude, how about enemies coordinate attacks to juggle the heck out of you? I;m reeeally looking forward to Critical mode now. 😁
  3. Hey everyone, so, a friend and me have been tasked with creating a product for a class (that we don;t really like tbh cx), and since we are fresh out of KH3 we decided to do a parody version of the game of lottery themed after known KH memes and jokes, because, let's be honest, KH is a gold mine when it comes to that 😂. (We love the series and it means so much to us, please don't kill us....) You know lottery? I mean, this game? *See image below Yeah, we are Mexican x) Anyway, what we need to know is if you guys would be interested in playing this game but instead filled with jokes towards the names of characters and elemts in the series. Like how many Soras, Rikus, Xehanorts and Ansems there are in the game. Mansex jokes and that one time Xion had Sora's face (but still was Xion's body :v). Master Xehanort's HD wrinkles and veins xD. Things like that. Well, I await your answers. Thank you so much
  4. What would you guys want that's not considered DLC or stuff like that?
  5. I guess MMMHX didn't sell so much so they just stopped.
  6. I agree. The hair cuts and the clues in the Xehanort reports in Birth by Sleep give it away, they're Young Xehanort and Young Eraqus.
  7. I knew I should have waited a bit more! Now what the cuss am I going to do with this 3DS XL thing.Worthless!
  8. Please, Condoriano is the best!Should have been the captain in my opinion.
  9. Of course! Tatsunoko vs Capcom, Street Fighter Anniversary Collection, Ace Combat X, Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Rush, Grandia, Air Combat....
  10. PS1, PS2, PSP, Gameboy Advance SP, Wii, 3DS, Atari 2600 (missing one cable though...)
  11. In the KH series there's been some characters in some worlds that know of the existence of other worlds such as Santa Claus in Halloween Town and King Triton in Atlantica. My question is..Did the Mayor of Destiny Islands knew that Kairi came from another world after the meteor shower?
  12. Get Shantae. It's a pretty good platformer.
  13. But wait... Minnie is also a white queen so...Mickey would be pissed.
  14. Anyone knows about Little Tail Bronx? I'm pretty lonely when it comes to talk about this under-appreciated series.
  15. I checked and apparently, I only get 50 fixed avatars through the nintendo channel, so... dammit.
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