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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. Hey y’all so I don’t know if these questions have already been answered somewhere else or if these are new but here I am. Sorry if these are dumb questions but I’m really curious.
  2. Ok so this is less of a theory and more of a crazy thought that appeared while I was going through the forums but hear me out. What if Kairi's Grandmother is Master Ava. She seems to have a large amount of knowledge of the keyblade war and the existence of other worlds and how they became separated. it would also make sense from a story perspective and honestly seems like something Nourma would do to make Kairi more relevant to the story.
  3. I'd probably go about 40 years into the future and I would go to see how I turned out so that I would know which choices are good and bad for me later on in life
  4. hey i just got 60 of these orange tickets in-game and have no idea what im suppose to do with them has anyone else gotten these
  5. There all about a person who was boring and unneeded in the world finding something that makes them important amongst a group of people
  6. So I was looking through the notes in ddd and found the fact that keyblades have one of three cores: light, darkness, and heart. After i dug around on the computer i found that only one keyblade of heart was made. ASoD made one in kh1 out of 6/7 princesses of heart but he was short one heart (kairi's) and so it just dissolved and he couldn't finish it. Anyway what I'm getting at is a keyblade of each core is needed to get into kingdom hearts meaning that another keyblade of heart will need to be made for the 13D or 7L to enter kingdom hearts which implies that either the 7 pure hearts ( either kairi's or Ventus ) or some other way of making a keyblade of heart will be need for kingdom hearts to be entered. Or maybe we will explore the realm of heart that you go to in the beginning of almost every game.
  7. Ok listen... If fans of kingdom hearts have learned anything it's that you can never ever trust the media most definitely about e3 news
  8. Meh after agrabah being in every game I would like to see something new
  9. What is this new disney creation
  10. All evidence of that song should be purged from the internet.
  11. I know that that they have some but I think that none of them are dubbed
  12. Just don't do something that would be wired for your grandkids to see
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