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  1. Well let's see Sora isn't the brightest person around and he was asleep for half a year. He also still acted very childish in KH2 and missed so much, and we know Nomura he can be very mysterious at times.
  2. So after watching some 2.5 footage of Sora vs Zexion I realized that he uses a book? is it possible that he knows about The Book of Propehcies? I mean Nomura took the longest time revealing Zexion's weapon when Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix first released.
  3. I am going to say yes! and there the lost keyblade masters!
  4. WOW thanks! this brings back alot of memories!
  5. I would love if the images where moving like at the D23 trailer in 2013! MAKE IT HAPPEN!
  6. I was going to come in here and say Roxas, but I see that Roxas is my birthday month SO YAY!
  7. Sadly I haven't since where I live nothing really big ever happens lol. But I wish I could meet HJO or Nomura.
  8. I need some PS4 friends! anyone want to add me!?

  9. Sorry man I just tried it and it's to complicated I'll just wait until it gets released overseas.
  10. I'll wait for the english release if it ever does come out! as I don't know where to go to watch
  11. So sad that we have to wait in the dark I really would like to play this game right now!
  12. I loved this trailer so much I cried when I saw it because The Lion King was my childhood movie!
  13. Whoa what the heck man, first off The World Ends With You was on the Nintendo DS, and Dream Drop Distance was on the 3DS; way two different systems. The only reason why they add The World Ends With You characters in Dream Drop Distance was to hype up the release for The World Ends With You on smartphones. Seriously get your facts straight before you start talking bad. And lastly your logic is way off so back off!
  14. I know right! I loved this movie so it has a special meaning to me.
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