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  1. Today via D23, they had announced the Gold Member Gift that will be given to all D23 Gold Members attend the D23 Expo in August. It is this nice poster showing Mickey with various characters from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, Muppets and the parks. But it seems that Kingdom Hearts is welcomed as well. Sora is in the poster next to Figment the Dragon and Thor. I know its not BIG news, but i love it when i see Kingdom Hearts embraced by Disney and Disney Fans alike.
  2. I made on KHInsider as well, but i wanted to get your ideas as well. Its been a while since we had a thread like this, but i think enough time has pass to bring back this topic. I was just watching the celebration parades of Tokyo Disney's 35th (which if you haven't seen them, go watch it. Its that good). And it got me thinking about again which rides/parades/shows should be represented in the game. And since we have 12 theme parks to choose from, why not represent the best of them. So let's list the ones that are already confirmed: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Pirate Ship (based off of Peter Pan's Flight/MSEP) Mad Tea Party Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters So i think that some Attraction Flow summons will be represented in already announced attractions (ex. Space Mountain, Tron, California Screamin/Incredicoaster, Matterhorn would be as different skins for Big Thunder Mountain). While some of the attractions will be based off of one Specific Moment (ex. the Yeti in Expedtion Everest or Elliot the Dragon for MSEP) Here is my list: Monster Summons - (The Yeti, Elliot the Dragon, Carnotaurus, the monster from Journey to the Center of the Earth) they come in to do a large area attack much like the Pirate Ship Dumbo/Astro Orbiters - Allows Sora and Freinds to drop bombs on enemies (in Dumbos case, peanuts) Figment the Dragon/Duffy Bear - (to be honest these guys feel more like health summons, like Tinkerbell but i didn't want to forget them). Tower of Terror/Haunted Mansion - Just imagine seeing Sora with a Terrified face. Too funny. A ride that would lock enemies up, fright them with ghosts and you'd rotate the sticks for a faster drop finish. (i know, sounds gimicky) Vehicles - Sora and co would drive around causing havoc before a big crash (Mr. Toad, Autopia, Indiana Jones, Cars characters) So these are my picks, what are yours. And you can use any of the 12 theme parks for ideas.
  3. To be honest, i would find the Incredibles to be boring. Yeah they're a family of Supers, cool. But the world that they live in is soooooo boring. It looks like they've been stuck in the 60's (world design wise) and the don't seem to have interesting bad guys (even i didn't find Syndrome all that evil, more of a crybaby). Complare that to San Fransokyo and the world they can give (the colors, the lights, flying, etc) and that the super powers seem more interesting. yeah im glad that Big Hero 6 is in over Incredibles. At the same time though, if it were the other way around? Ok sure. Just make it Original.
  4. Seems that Tangled will be following the movie for a bit, Hopefully it will be a unique spin with Marluxia being there. Otherwise, i would disappointed.
  5. This is what i think what will happen Frozen and Wreck it Ralph get revealed (remember Wreck it Ralph got its trailer revealed at E3 2012.) Frozen has waited long enough to get revealed, and e3 is the time. We will finally see Big Hero 6 gameplay. Probably against the Heartless Baymax. Frozen and Wreck it Ralph will have cutscene and gameplay shown. Saix will be in Frozen, Xigbar in Wreck it Ralph, and Ansem Seeker of Darkness in Big Hero 6. All three worlds will show keyblade transformations and character limits.
  6. Original: Twilight Town Radiant Garden Daybreak Town Disney Castle Final World (who knows what it will be) Disney: Olympus Coliseum.(Hercules) Kingdom of Corona (Tangled) Arendelle (Frozen) Andy's Room (Toy Story) Monstropolis (Monsters Inc.) San Fransokyo (Big Hero 6) Game Central Station (Wreck it Ralph) Jungle Book Sub-Worlds: Mysterious Tower (in Twilight Town) 100-Acre Wood (in Hallow Bastion) Timeless River (in Disney Castle) i think we will see the return of Worlds in Worlds like in Kingdom Hearts 2
  7. I hope that in KH3 we will see the outcome of the Disney Worlds cause if Xehenort is close to winning, darkness has to show its impact of the other worlds.
  8. The point is, they still have to go and ask permission from their respective leaders. Why do you think that Disney Infinity had different for the sake of it. People keep seeing the idea of going to the death star with Sora but in reality Lucasfilm would pick go with rebels because of the potential outcome of ruining the OT (take a look at the hate of the Disney characters as the Star Wars cast, funny, but majority don't like it). And lets say that they do allow Marvel Outside Big Hero 6, but they will use the animation universe because, Marvel Studios rarely allows anyone to see anything, and they wont use any property that isn't owned by Marvel (film rights), so no X-Men and Fantastic Four. I can expect items, secret bosses in their respective locations (like how the Lingering Will takes place in the K. Graveyard) and summons, but don't expect worlds.
  9. I think people have learned enough to not expect much, kind of like how we have gotten for FF15
  10. Marketing Suicide my ass. They game isn't even close to finish, i HIGHLY DOUBT that people would be soooo affected by this to not buy the game. Cause when the footage will finally be shown, they're going to go back to shut up and take my money chants.
  11. Also lets not forget the amazing mods made for generations when it came out. Someone brought a level from Shadow the HedgeHog, Sky Troops, and made it great.
  12. They can start by going back to the Generations Engine and make games from that. Theres enough space for levels for Tails and Knuckles too, just make it to where they would fly/climb to reach places
  13. I'm going to say this that offend some, but Lucasfilm has some strict guidelines when making stories taking place in the OT (canon or not). You can only do so much with that world without "ruining it" (especially by fan standards). The only characters that have been really allowed to expand on the stories in the OT are the Bounty Hunters and Lando and even then its still very limited. As I said before Rebels does a phenomenal job when keeping it on one location, Lothal. If you don't mind here is how i would see it. Sora and Co. land on the planet Lothal and start roaming around wondering why everything looks drastically different then the worlds they are use to visiting. While roaming through a town segment he sees the rebels are escaping with crucial data to fighting the empire. He eventually meets up with them Kanan/Ezra join your team. While looking through the planet they can encounter the stormtroopers, probe droids and of course heartless, which also can have some themed to the worlds wildlife the lothcats (which in the Death Star there aren't actual wildlife to base the heartless off of). When in the final mission of the first world, thats when Sora finally meets the Inquisitor, however much like The Pride Lands handled Simba and Scar, Kanan defeats him while you and Ezra were fighting Agent Callus and Stormtroopers. While the Rebels are escaping the "Ghost" of the Inquisitor appears for one last fight, but its up to Sora, Donald and Goofy to defeat him. Escape the planet and the end of the 1st visit. The 2nd visit should follow the Siege of Lothal story, in which a certain baddie is hunting the rebels and everything is going to plan for the Empire. When the rebels find the loading bay to escape, that's where they find the military grade fuel canisters to take and load onto the Ghost. So the rebels escape but Vader shows up and ask Sora who he is and the weapon that he carries, And BAM! Secret Boss Fight. (Though this 2nd visit would have to take place after the main story of KH3 is done) adds some replay value.
  14. People are still complaining about this?? Wow, you're going to be looking at his back 80% of the time.
  15. The Grid, cause it can lead into Tron Uprising, which Tron was actually part of.
  16. I have dealt with it before. With Marvel vs Capcom 3, and imagine how i felt when it came out with a sub par roster (the worst of any VS game) and forced an update with Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. Imagine how I felt after waiting 10 years for that game.
  17. Doubt it, you can never please a Star Wars fan, just like you can never please a Sonic fan, a DBZ fan, a Yankee, or a Harry Potter nut.
  18. THANK YOU!!!! Finally! Someone who's not using the live action material as a source for the world. If any version of a Star Wars world got into KH3 it would be rebels. Season 1 took place on Lothal the majority of the time. So that would be the center world. You would already know that certain characters have homes/impact on the planet like Lando/Yoda. And if you really wanted to go more the creative side, what if after the main story is finished, and you can return to worlds to do more story missions, you meet with the Rebels as they are moving cargo to escape the planet and you guys part ways (and when you are about to leave, BOOM! There he is Lord Vader himself, cue secret boss fight and earn lightsaber keyblade). Keep in mind, everything i said up there is a what if. And just to add fuel for the Marvel thing, there are actual Marvel Characters in Big Hero 6, just not the known ones (they're Z-tier), which are Manphibian, Sleepwalker, Black Talon and Orca.
  19. One of the factors i believe that contributed in the exclusion of Woody and Buzz as summons was at the time, Pixar and Disney weren't in the best of terms, (Micheal Eisner was still in charge of Disney, and Steve Jobs was thinking of finding a different distributor). Wasn't till Bob Iger became CEO, and bought Pixar (which made Steve Jobs the highest shareholder of Disney). Then of course Lasseter and Catmull took charge of both Animation Studios. Lasseter was also the one who contributed to the help of making Disney Infinity, so we should expect him to do the same in KH3. This is where we are probably guessing that Nomura asked to OFFICIALLY use Pixar.
  20. It all depends on the film. Its natural for something like Lilo and Stitch, Wreck it Ralph, Hercules and Big Hero 6 would work better as a original story (since they can carry on multiple stories) compared to the more fairy tale musical like Beauty and The Beast, Tangled or Frozen. Of course we don't know which worlds will exactly have original plots (Besides BH6 and Hercules.)
  21. I dont know if id want Terra back, i once had a dream that he got hit by a bus in the shape of a heartless and i was so happy...
  22. So by the looks of it we would be playing through Flynn Ryder's role in The Tangled world.
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