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  1. So here are my thoughts on the long awaited Kingdom Hearts 3. THIS POST WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS!!! You've been warned.
  2. Hi, I am interested in joining the social media team. I think this would be a great opportunity for me to really connect more with the Kingdom Hearts fanbase. I recently graduated with a MS in Internet Marketing, I have a bit of experience using social media monitoring apps like Tweetdeck and Hootsuite. I spend a decent amount of time on social media and the internet and I also feel this opportunity will give me a great opportunity to build my skillset and to give back to a great community. Feel free to ask me anything. Thank you for your consideration.
  3. Leaking and spoiling the game isn't necessarily criminal, but can be a civil liability. The fact that this person not only stole the product, but is also Illegally selling it too, that can get them put in jail.
  4. I had to go with Persona 5. One of the few games where I didn't want it to end.
  5. At earliest we may get something at Jump Fiesta this year...and that's a stretch. Reasonably speaking I would say E3 2018.
  6. Well it's no Crush 40...but it may grow on me after a while.
  7. Think about it this way. Bubsy was revealed and will release before KH3. As Trump would say "Nobody could have seen this coming, nobody".
  8. Both cookie dough and cookies and cream...and also cinnamon bun
  9. Hey so I just recently bought Use Your Words. I want to try to get a game going with people who are not near me. My question is is there a way to share my screen so other players can see the clips that go with the game? I have a mac book pro btw. I like what I've seen from other people playing and wanted to try it myself.
  10. Not a darn thing. Can't be disappointed if you have no expectations lol
  11. Idk what happened nor do I care and best believe I will be returning this since I'm unable to cancel this. I should be petty and take out the exclusive pin lol. I ended up buying it PSN
  12. Meanwhile I'm waiting on Best Buy to ship my copy out lol
  13. Post gifs or memes that shows how you're dodging spoilers lol
  14. Well this is a bit of a mess we've gotten ourselves into huh lol all jokes aside I'll admit I was one of the hopefuls that thought kh3 would be a late 2017 release. I mean it would be the perfect way to close out the 15th anniversary. After reading this interview though that dream has all but died and now 2018/19 is seeming more likely. As far as updates are concerned I wish he'd give us a number or something to let us know exactly where they are with development. I understand Nomura and his team are working tirelessly to provide the best content possible and I'm willing to wait (not like I have much choice anyways lol). My thing is now that 2.8 is out (in Japan at least) they no longer have any excuse to avoid discussing kh3. I know we're supposed to get the kh3 winter announcement event thingamajig, and I'm looking forward to that (whenever that may be), but they could be more transparent with development. I'm honestly glad Tabata got put in charge of XV cus if not Nomura would have at one point been in charge of 3 massive projects. That's a lot for any person to handle and when I saw Nomura was in charge of VII remake, I was happtical (happy+skeptical) just cus we know how he operates. I'm sure whenever the game comes out if Trump hasn't destroyed the world first it'll be what we've wanted and more (it better or I'm taking a trip to Japan) and then we can look back and laugh at this. In the meantime we just gotta wait (like we really have a choice). SN: AGDQ HYYYYYPPPPPPPEEEEEEE!!! SSN: How bout that switch event happening tomorrow ehh ehh
  15. Guys don't worry the pre-order starts next year, so we all have time to save up lol
  16. No KH3 news till after 2.8...well the initial announcement did say in the winter and January is still technically winter so cool at least we have a time frame. (waits for the community to rant at how the news was supposed to come in December even tho it was never specifically stated for December)
  17. No you're right they even called a certain group "the determined"...we all know that means the rich lol
  18. my next week predictions: How Sanji met Zeff Luffy vs. Cracker battle ends Germa 66 and Big mom meet and prepare for the wedding
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