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  1. The one at the orchestra was the best, its rythm was perfect while the one at D23 was just too slow after the beginning part of toy story... but it was beautiful, even if... I think I prefer the E3 2015 Trailer to the one at the D23
  2. Probably I'll cry for two hours, then I start the game... while crying so I won't be able to see the subtitles and I'll risk to lose some word (I doubt on it, I'm a good at the listening even if I'm not the top at the writing), and I'll be killed because of the cry and when I'll stop to cry I'll restart the game for being sure to don't lose even a single letter lol
  3. Naah... IT NEEDS TO RETURN! Not it should, but it needs, I'm not a really big fan of the numbered titles (I prefer all the games except Re:Coded [even if I like it]) but I have certain standard that I want to keep maintenad for the numbered games
  4. lul I don't care about Sora but I care about almost all of the other original character. But my favourites are MoM, Riku, all the Xehanort (the granpa, YX, Ansem, Xemnas), Brain, Braig, all the Foreteller except Invi, Luxu, Roxas, Lea/Axel, Xion, Vanitas and Terra... damn, I actually said all the character I like lol (Kairi doesn't have enough screentime so I can't say that I actually like her... she is just a cute face by now for me) P.s. those that haven't been mentioned aren't characters that I don't like but simply that they are indifferent or just nice to me... except for Aqua and Eraqus. I hate the nazi and they kinda are against the darkness... and I hate also the people that are obsessed with something and Aqua is obsossed with her Master so... yeah. I like their design, I like their combat style, I like Aqua's temperament... but I can't like their character in the whole
  5. Oh.. I didn't remember at all the fact that Naminé was mentioned... by the way, if it isn't from a interview I CHOOSE of not believe that was Mickey.
  6. .-. I don't find a single clue to think that was Mickey .-. How can you say it was Mickey? P.s. it should be the one in Roxas and Axel speak to each other in clocktower
  7. I'm aggree with you but... you're wrong. Only in a few part actually. Xion was an idea in KH2FM (there is ONLY ONE cutscene that link with her, but she was an idea, in fact in the same year of the release of KH2FM they announce Days, Coded and BBS) and Ven was an idea in KH1, and what are the evidence? The tutorial voice who speak with Sora in the dive to the heart and who speak with him just before you open the door to the final battle, in fact Sora said that he heard a familiar voice... so in KH1 was already chosen the fact that Sora have another heart apart from Kairi's. P.s. sorry for my terrible english...
  8. I will rise them with the games from my past, and KH will be one of the first.
  9. .-. Nomura said just some days ago that we are only at the start and the fact that in the last quest it appears the logo support this idea so... you're crazy or what? He also said some month ago that KHUx will end after KH3! C'mon it's obvious that it will be a sort of bridge to the next saga and it will end just a few months before the release of KH4
  10. Nomura didn't say it would continue even after the release of KH3? I remember a similar declaration, so if I don't remember wrong I think it will end a few time before KH4 or something like that... or maybe it will end a year after KH3 or a tear before KH4, I don't know but I'm pretty sure Nomura said that so it will end after KH3 even if it could end just a day after the release lol
  11. I take A LOT MORE to finish a KH game so I'll say my time for KH2 and what I expect to need for KH3... story KH2: 60/70 hours KH3: 75/85 hours 100% KH2: 100/115 hours KH3: 110/130 hours ...I take my time 'cause I finish a game only when I get bored of it... so I grind and do almost all the thing I can do before the end of the game, and I also fight just for fun
  12. Lunch time depends A LOT from the person the zone and the situation, so that isn't a real answer (for example I usually have lunch betwen 1:30 pm and 3:30 pm)
  13. KH3? because I love 0.2 and the only things I miss in that game are the abilities and the possibility of change the keyblades of KH2 so the choice is very very difficult... and in KH3 there will be too much cool new feature that I really love P.s. sorry for my english
  14. 2B for KH3 but in the next saga I would like to see Noctis and Ardyn... with Ardyn playing the role of the new FF-secret boss of the main games
  15. I think it would continue until the release of KH4 and then, the Fairytale saga will begin eith MoM as main villain... and I hope it will be the last saga. It would be ridiculous if there exist someone even more powerful and important than MoM. And a final battle between Sora with the No Name keyblade and MoM with the X-Blade at the top of the roof of the castle in Daybreak Town it would be the top of the top for Kingdom Hearts, and the best possible ending
  16. Maleficent, Pete and... OSWALD! Please introduce him and make him great!
  17. I'm not sure... a part of me think it is located in the Keyblade Graveyard, another says at Castle Oblivion and the last part says Cable Town... even if it could also be at the Destiny Island... it is difficult to pick a choice there are a lot of possible locations
  18. I imagine, hope and PRETEND the theme will be a new one, but this one is very nice (even if I prefer the standard Mree cover)
  19. All of these are pretty good but... I NEED go to Shibuya
  20. The release dates, undertale, skull & bones, ac origins, anthem, the remake of shadow of the colossus, monster hunter world and pokémon for switch... but I chose the release dates
  21. Ok, what I want: Shibuya (TWEWY), Treasure Planet, Inside out, Toy Story or Wreck-it-Ralph What I think we'll see: Frozen, Wreck-it-Ralph, Toy Story, Big Hero 6 or Inside Out
  22. Among all the fights between Axel and Xion this is the best: https://youtu.be/Wld8ivKUbXs
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