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  1. Pass on Light Side, but I'll do a draw or two for Dark since i did the math and should have a good shot at pulling some Org members. Works out for me since i aim to guilt all 14 (not counting any of the premiums which I don't expect to get).
  2. At this point in time none of the Princesses exist. The worlds are projections of the future made by the book.
  3. Pulling Larxene (since she's my fav) when I made only one draw between both sets of Org medals being released. Truly though, best draw would be getting Final Form Sora out of doing the single medal draw.
  4. Rather annoyed by this as I have a WIndows phone and can't play it at all. Decided to look into cheap tablets as an option. Does anyone have one of these and can tell me if it works on it? https://www.amazon.com/Astro-Tab-A737-Lollipop-Bluetooth/dp/B01ALMT0H0/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8
  5. I was able to beat the second TT quest but can't one turn the final round. I end up with just a little left on the one with higher HP. I use 5* DiZ, 6* Cerberus, 6* KH Cloud, 6* BC Riku, 6* KH2 Cloud in my deck. Have tried friend medal KH Cloud & Guilted Young Herc and just can't get it. EDIT: Had friend medal as Sephiroth and that was able to do it.
  6. It's an ability like Attack Boost, Defense Boost, Paralysis, etc... Second Chance activates sometimes when you die to revive you and give you an extra turn.
  7. The Cloud & Yuffie costumes are available for 3000 Jewels each. Each board comes with 4 Illustrated Yuffie medals. The colosseum offers the Moogle costume.
  8. For the first 2, in KH1 when the process of Heartless creation is explained, a scene is shown with a man attacked by a Heartless, losing his heart, then becoming a Heartless. The Heartless born was a Soldier; an Emblem Heartless. While Emblem Heartless are man made from Ansem's lab as opposed Purebloods, more Emblem Heartless are capable of being generated into the world. The exact means of this is a bit sketchy and unexplained but seeing as how the Heartless Factory in Ansem's Lab is still functional and produces Heartless in KH2, it is very likely that something about the nature of the Lab can intercept a heart on the way to Darkness in its process of becoming of a Heartless to use it to create an Emblem Heartless as opposed to a Pureblood. I also have a feeling that at least the Nightwalker scene is not thought through by the development team and simply utilizes Heartless native to the Land of Dragons as opposed to fine-tuning specifics of which they should form into. It's been said in an interview with Nomrua that Xemnas has the ability to wield a Keyblade, however he chooses not to. This is possibly to hide connections to Master Xehanort and get the other members of Org 13 to trust him as aside from Xigbar/Braig, they have not seen him use one and would question it as well as question why such a need for Roxas as a Keyblade wielder. I think it's either in Ansem Reports or an Ultimania, but it has been said that there are 3 types of Keyblades. Keyblades of Light, Darkness, and Heart. Keyblades of Heart are rare but do exist. Most traditional ones are of Light or Darkness and exist by being passed down via a sort of ritual. Way to the Dawn is not one such Keyblade. Riku was the given the power to wield a Keybalde by Terra when he was a child. The power existed in him, he just never was able to call it forth to manifest as he chose darkness instead of light when Destiny Islands fell in the beginnign of KH1. It later came forth as Way to the Dawn. Lea's Keyblade, I hesitate to call one as well as we are unsure of the exact means in which he obtained it. It was rather sudden at the end and the real question here is "How does Lea have the ability to wield a Keyblade?" A true Keybalde of Heart would be The Key to People's Hearts used by Riku in KH1 that was forged from the hearts of the Princesses of Heart. Dunno about the Magic Mirror, but the coach was said by Aqua. Unversed come from Vanitas, but are born/fueled by negative emotions. This acts as a catalyst to help create and empower them. Lady Tremaine, Anastasia, & Drizella's jealousy of Cinderella getting her prince is what caused it to appear. I'm not sure Mickey knew she was there at the time. I believe one of the secret endings (I think Coded's of DDD's) had a discussion between Mickey & Yen Sid about gathering the Guardians of Light and talking about the BBS trio. It was implied that they didn't know the whereabouts of one of the 3 and I think that's Aqua. Terra's heart is inside him, his body is possessed by Master Xehanort. Xemnas, Ansem Seeker of Darkness, Ansem's apprentice Xehanort; that was all Terra's body under the control of Xehanort's heart. Terr'as heart is there isnide him as shown in BBS' secret ending, but is supressed by Xehanort's. Guardians of Light: Sora, Kairi, Riku, Mickey, + likely Aqua, Ventus, and either Lea or Terra. In KHX, the unknown guy in the black coat was recently confirmed to be The Master of Masters by Nomura.
  9. Ok, time for someone who thinks of her as his favorite character to step in. That's right, Larxene is my favorite character in the series and she is my ultimate waifu. I nearly screamed in joy when I got her medal in Unchained yesterday. The simple answer is, her personality. She's sassy as all hell and an overall bitch, but she owns it and gives no f*. She spends all of CoM screwing with Sora and using his fading memories (thanks to Namine) to trick him, making him realize her forgot the girl he loves, then taunting it him for it. She definitely has a lot more going in the personality department than half the Organization. Which is really saying something considering she's not one of the main group (Ansem's 6 apprentices, Axel, & Saix) from Org 13. She doesn't just antagonize protagonists like Sora or even Roxas in the brief time she's seen in Days, but she'll even act snarky towards other members of Organization 13, as shown in a few scenes with Axel & Vexen. Part of me questions if some of this behavior doesn't come from her believing she doesn't have a heart as a Nobody and makes me wonder just what she's like as a whole person. I really do hope we get to see her again down the line restored like Ansem's apprentices to have more development with her character so that she, Demyx, Luxord, & Marluxia aren't just stuck as characters to round out the Organization to 13 members leaving them to fade into obscurity after CoM/2.
  10. Hopefully, that's only something for certain Special/Event challenges like the Proud quests or Adamant missions. It would still suck sure, but not as much so as it would if it's a thing for story missions. In that case, the reward may not be something entirely necessary for a f2p. Keep in mind also that Japan has Mickey & Brooms to make things a little easier. I'm more interested in knowing what the deal is with the Magic Mirror medal.
  11. You can spend a max of 10 Cids OR 2 Cid5 (fusion of 5 Cids into 1) OR 1 Cid10 (fusion of 2 Cid5's)
  12. Use buff/heal medals if you have any and don't level them to 6*. That should help the issue a bit.
  13. Guilt Tier is same as story medals (10-25%) There is no pattern to drops. I run the second one repeatedly. The drop rate favors Meow Wow. You will have a ton of them, this is perfectly normal. Sora & Riku are a bit harder to find but they do still drop, just keep at it. I already have all 3 medals with Guilt after only the first day. (Now I just have to try and reroll a dozen times for a good outcome). It was hard, and I got what felt like 10 Meow Wows for every one Riku & Sora I got, but I kept at it. Take advantage of the 1 AP cost.
  14. It really would have been a great opportunity to have the 2.8 event from Japan and give us the DDD medals.
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