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  1. BBS wasn't rushed but it did have the problem of the "the heart exists before birth" thing Nomura was told to cut due to the west's debate on abortion, which may have affected some story beats as well - I think it's very theorized the Unversed were originally supposed to tie into this somehow, which might explain why in the finished product they are so weirdly handled. DDD was made pretty fast, but I think that was more due to being so short as opposed to actually being rushed.
  2. I mean, that example is a thing that has happened. Jungle Book was considered for KH1, but they already had Deep Jungle so it got scrapped.
  3. In an AU where KH was a PS1 game, the characters follow the Final Fantasy style of that time and look like this.
  4. The sad music always gets me, but there are some awesome battle themes too. And character themes. And... Everything.
  5. One of the Repliku battles in Re:CoM annoyed me a lot, and I remember taking a while when fighting Dragon Maleficent in KH1. Leechgrave was Awful, but I was a teenager by then.
  6. I dunno that the mechanic would come back. Mickey did it in KH2 because he promised Riku to look after SDG, so that was basically his mission for the game. But in this one he's going after Aqua and stuff. But I agree it should depend on difficulty level, tho it could work like in KH2 in the likelihood goes down a certain percentage every time. But, like, Critical it goes from 100% to 50% and so on, while Beginner goes from 100% to 90% and so on.
  7. I wouldn't really call Stitch a "sidekick", but he's definitely the best.
  8. Goofy is Best Dad. Donald also does a pretty good job in raising his nephews after their mom abandoned them.
  9. I only watched Sony and Nintendo and Sony's bored me, so Nintendo wins by default.
  10. Wreck-it-Ralph is probably my main wish, but my biggest bet's on Frozen.
  11. That's the July 14 schedule. July 15 has a few more TBA parts, so it's harder to tell which one will be KH's.
  12. I imagine when they find a way to separate Roxas, it will work for Ven and Xion as well.
  13. It sure would be really weird if someone went through the trouble of patching that wall only for Sora to be a jerk and break it again.
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