Are you getting the KH3 PS4?

Are you getting the KH3 PS4?  

27 members have voted

  1. 1. Are you going to be getting the KH3 PS4?

    • Yes, for the Sora PS4 theme
    • Yes, for the console's packaging
    • Yes, for the console's design
    • No, I'm getting the KH3 PS4 Pro
    • No, it's too expensive/Japan exclusive
    • Other (Yes or No)

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I already got a PS4 and rather not buy another XD. It looks really pretty but I just want to get the game at this point

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Since I already have a PlayStation 4, and I have a KH Backdrop I placed on there myself, that would be completely redundant.
Plus, I would rather have a screenshot of "'Kingdom Hearts 3'" as my backdrop once the game comes out instead of the one they are showcasing.  Sora is simply not the same without Donald Duck and Goofy alongside him.

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