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    What is your favorite Metroid game?
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    I swear if someone chooses Other M Fusion for me, it was the only one I 100% completed x)
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    At long last, the gods reveal themselves! And I think it's time to unveil the first of their chosen warriors! Name: Zest, the Warrior of Light Original Appearance: Final Fantasy/Dissidia Final Fantasy Alignment: Lawful Good Weapon: Zest wields the Braveheart and the Lustrous Shield, the same sword and shield he used during the war between Cosmos and Chaos. Appearance: Bio: Once the nameless Warrior of Light, now a full fledged adventurer in his own right. After fighting to defeat Chaos in the thirteenth cycle of conflict, Zest was sent to World A, the original version of the world Cosmos and Chaos occupied. After journeying with three other adventurers to stop the Four Fiends and defeating the Chaos of his world, Zest has been summoned to fight for Materia. He swears loyalty to her alone, and he will obey her orders. Special Abilities: Zest is a skilled swordfighter, and is able to channel the power of light into his attacks, allowing him to enhance his shield, summon swords, or channel light into a magic attack. Notes: N/A Limit Break: Holy Chain! Zest uses the power of light to fortify himself and his allies, and is able to divert an opponent's attention to himself. Name: Garland Original Appearance: Final Fantasy/Dissidia Final Fantasy Alignment: Lawful Evil Weapon: Garland wields a greatsword called Rebellion. Appearance: Bio: A former knight of Cornelia, who would have himself sent back in time to become the Chaos of World A. Garland was summoned to World B after he began his transition into Chaos, and he acts as an enforcer to Spiritus. Garland retains his memories of the past conflicts between Cosmos and Chaos, and he loyally serves the one who summoned him. Special Abilities: Garland is able to use the powers of the Four Fiends in his attacks. Notes: Limit Break: Soul of Chaos! Garland unleashes his might as Chaos in a flurry of blows and magic! (Note: These are just the versions of the characters present in this Dissidia RP. I'm not claiming them solely for myself, this is just for reference for everybody. Anyone can still claim either of these two.)
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    What is your favorite Metroid game?

    Smash Bros. I've only ever played Super Metroid so yeah lol
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    Metroid Prime. (That's the first Metroid game I've ever played too btw )
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    other m only joking samus returns the remake
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    Last Post Wins!

    oh my god it's been literal years this is amazing fgfhgfhgfgg
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    Nero Kunivas

    Overworld RP

    - Nergodin(?) - Isopolis: City of Isolation - The emergence of Alastor, now free of limits, his powers flowing effortlessly and furiously in the visage of a dragon about him, came as an oddly present surprise to the rejuvenated fusion, now with a softer gaze upon the man who was once a friend to Lord Raiden, now a mere building block to something more, something truly greater than all Fey present. "Alastor! You wound me with your disdain...though, perhaps that is simply a remnant of your old friend, Raiden? No matter...your power impresses me. Finally, you and I shall have a fight truly worth our time." He spoke, with a new voice: One that carried elements of Nergal's tone, Odin's gravel and a new addition entirely: A slight backing, an echo of sorts, but it was subtle and holy sounding, like it was truly an ascendant being speaking. Soon, Alastor had imprisoned the fusion within a barrier, casting a spell that brought strangely vivid memories to the new mind's eye: Indignation, yet stronger and all the more dangerous. Though his movement was inhibited by the will of three runic circles, the Ascendant Fey was able to muster enough force to assault the imprisoning barrier with a Nothingness Charge, shattering it and allowing him to escape. During his imminent approach toward Alastor, Indignation caused minor damage to the fused being and while a fair few of the Orbs of Lightning were avoided, others were triggered: Exploding on impact and a few times more as smaller orbs converged...revealing a mostly unscathed figure before Alastor, who channeled Nothingness/Lightning to extend the reach of the broken Lysander temporarily, then unleashed a rapid, vicious attack upon him: Several twirling, fluidic slashes around himself, an expulsion of force from an extended palm, twirling slash to his left, which lead into an upward swipe from his free right hand; charged up with Nothingness/Lightning that exploded several times upon contact, in order to hurt or at least dissuade Alastor by knocking him back. Then the being dashed backward after Indignation had ended, avoiding Helios's attack, though a few rocks hit him head on, he ignored the pain but left a Mine of the Void in his wake, as a gift for Bherna, which would explode upon close proximity or a certain time. Stopping a distance away and lowering his blade, giving a soft smile. "Save your comments toward Nergal, or either side to be truthful...for I am neither anymore. Nergal and Odin have merged within me, allowing full usage of the immense power I hold! And with it, so you should feel by now...or, perhaps you need convincing further? I am happy to oblige." Speaking in a rather refined manner, the being simply held a hand to his chest upon his finishing words, then lowering it once more as power began to gather, unable to be seen at first, before soon concentrating as a pure white energy upon his body; erupting into a smooth, upward flowing aura of flame: Sky blue, fading into dark purple tips as specks of white, void-like light appeared and disappeared in great quantities around him continuously. Reality itself distorted for a moment at his presence, his hair turned a pale white and his eyes a crystal grey. With one simple movement of his hand upward, just a little bit: The City of Isolation began to morph, writhe and twist with several buildings rising from their foundations, exploding outward and the separate pieces began swirling into arches above the heroes, the landscape shifted up, down and along itself into fissures in areas far away from the group, but close enough to be seen by the naked eye, as the culprit spoke once more. "Now! You gaze upon Ahriman, Aspect of Destruction, Bringer of Rebirth, The Sovereign Fey and your true God! To continue this fight against me, it is foolhardy..." Then the newly christened Ahriman extended his arms further, from his back sprouted bright, glorious feathered wings! Six of them, all seemingly made of energy, yet were also as real as they looked, though this wasn't even intentional, rather a subconscious act as his aura continued to rage. Then Ahriman lowered his arms, looking upon the brigade of Fey, all of different species and creeds...and gave them an honest smile. - Ahriman, Aspect of Destruction, The Overworld's New God - "You are all truly mighty, so instead, I offer you all this: Surrender. Lower your weapons, take a knee and swear your fealty to me. As a reward, I will spare you all when I destroy this entire world...and recreate both this and the Human World, from the ground up. Then, you can bear witness to a universe rid of it's flaws!" Ahriman proposed, gesturing around and appropriately to his words, hoping to truly sway those who stood against him. "Furthermore...if you do so and understand my intent...I will uplift each and everyone of you and make you all! The first vestiges of my loyal brigade, the first sphere of a necessary hierarchy, to keep the world in order...we are to watch and act as necessary, to keep the new worlds on track, to keep the people safe...and end war. Forever! What say you? Ask your questions if you'd like." Ahriman extended a hand to everyone, landing upon the ground once more, stepping just a little closer, truly wishing to set aside such a pointless fight and simply move forward toward a new age...of prosperity. ------------------------ (I'll post for Soren later. And Meksis. :P)
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    Post a picture of yourself!

    Dont double post http://kh13.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/tongue.gif Go edit your first post lol. nice hair ;O awww i want straight hair
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    I think I've only seen Disney's Robin Hood... so that.
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    Thanks for informing us about this, Aquaberry! I had already seen this alleged leak a while ago, and I saw some videos uploaded by our beloved KH Youtubers discussing said leaks, and well, like you said, we must all remain skeptical! There could or could not be validity to these rumors, and given how the Monsters Inc. leak a few months back turned out to have some merit to them means that we can't totally discard Jungle Book as a world, especially since it's been considered for the KH series before! Really, I'm thinking that this Wednesday, which is the Anniversary of the KH series, we'll get some form of update, via by a sort of tweet or maybe a screenshot or something, I don't know! But it's also totally possible that early April could hold a new trailer! And then there's always the Union X fan event! There's just so many possibilities right now!
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