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  1. Finally getting around to trying out FF7 and...Aerith is everything I want out of a female character. I don't know if I'll be able to handle it...

  2. Zero Graviza. I just really love it for some reason. Also sonic blade. On principal.
  3. I think it was sort of a necessary and sobering loss that Sora needed; on the one hand, it's a large part of his character (and a large part of his power) that he runs around being sort of happy-go-lucky; it makes sense in the first game, because he's literally just this kid from an island that has no idea what he's doing, but had the keyblade thrust upon him, and so with that power comes the responsibility to help people out, which he does to the best of his ability, and was eventually strong enough to take out Ansem. On the other hand, he's often reckless and impulsive, and his more good and pure qualities sort of need to be offset by others around him helping him out. It's just reality, and sort of common for characters like him (idk I watch a lot of magical girl anime where the main characters are all-powerful and pure and all, but they would have died in 2 seconds without their friends watching over them). Chain of memories first introduces the idea that following your heart blindly can be dangerous though; if Sora had taken two seconds aside to think through his actions, like Donald and Goofy and Jiminy tried to tell him, he would have noticed how suspicious everything was, and it was also from here on end that Sora essentially survived on luck. He lucked out that Namine turned out to be a good person and felt guilty for her actions; heck, he lucked out that the Organization was basically battling against each other, giving Namine the chance to get away. He's very lucky DiZ came along, whatever you may think of him, because Namine and Riku alone probably wouldn't have been able to watch over Sora properly while he was sleeping. KH2 was almost entirely lucky the organization didn't really want him dead until the end of the game, and lucky that Ansem the Wise came along with a way to destroy the fake kingdom hearts, because Sora and crew (Mickey too) had nothing. Everyone else who's battled Xehanort so far has lost; Eraqus, Terra, Aqua, and Ventus, all keyblade masters (well, if Vanitas is at least equal to Aqua and Ventus beat Vanitas, he arguably has master level strength) all ended up in horrible situations due to Xehanort's planning, even if they were able to postpone his plans. Sora noted early in the game that his friends are his power; and even though he's powerful on his own, he is very reliant on others to help him out. He's impulsive and doesn't always think through situations, which is sort of his biggest (perhaps only) weakness. His method is run forward and swing his keyblade at problems until they die, and it has worked so far, but in the long run, not really. Granted, throughout DDD, he thought everything was just part of the test, although perhaps he should have listened to Young Xehanort's words a little more closely; Riku obviously took him more seriously and questioned his purpose more. Once Sora got to TWTNW, though, he stopped thinking through many parts and went on in a very reactionary way. Understandable? Yes. Smart? No. Dangerous? Obviously. Xehanort's a master tactician, and Sora hasn't really found himself up against his cunning in a major way until now; Xehanort loses fights all the time, but he's pretty much winning the war through use of his brain (ie Terra and Aqua managed to beat him in battle, but it was kind of a useless victory that accomplished nothing in the long run). He fooled not only Sora, but Mickey and Yen Sid as well; he's not a force to take lightly by anyone and I think the experience will definitely have Sora more cautious in the future. Not to the level where it ruins his character, and in most respects, Sora will be very much the same, but I think he will. He did have a little arrogance and probably thinks he can beat any problem easily, so I think it was okay for him to get knocked down a few pegs. (Granted, I think he mostly didn't want to take the exam because wtf my memories are getting messed with again no thank you. He seemed fine with it until that detail, and it's understandable he'd fear it). You see very obviously in the end that Sora hasn't really been changed by this and is happy for Riku, while understanding that he himself still has a bit of ways to go before he's truly a master. Dear lord look at this essay I haven't posted on this website in forever and its all built up. I'm not even sure if it's all relevant/makes sense.
  4. I like this idea, at least specifically being Terra's darkness; that also fits for BBS when you fight Terranort as Aqua. Even if its not literal, I feel that it still acts symbolically; I suppose it could just be any heartless, although there's no fun in that...
  5. Xehanort couldn't use a "past" Sora, he can only change the present. Ie, he can bring his vessels to the present, but he can't physically change anything about the past (I feel like this still leaves some holes there though.)
  6. I think the only series where Disney did really good sequels was Toy Story. I'm a little worried, but we'll see... Also, posting this video Ellen did because it's hilarious: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JJmDavBXrw
  7. Saturday. Normally I can spend it catching up on sleep. Although today I actually fell even deeper behind on sleep...
  8. I don't think time-traveling changed much exactly...that was sort of the good thing about it; he brought his selves from the past to the present, but (thank goodness) he doesn't have the power to actually change the past. Present and future are always under your control; there is no "destiny", only the fate you make for yourself. Xehanort just happens to be good at planning ahead... Though tbh the heroes often behave predictably.
  9. I loved them all, but World that Never was. Epic. La Cité des Cloches was pretty good too^^
  10. Actually, I'm pretty sure Meowjesty comes from another planet, and is on a mission to combat the entropy of the universe. To do this, he makes contracts with unsuspecting victims--er, heroes of justice...
  11. It wasn't necessarily that Axel didn't know he was doing wrong, it was more that he didn't care, because he didn't have the heart to. Roxas and Xion did help change that though. I feel like Lea has Sora's gratitude; Yen Sid formally acknowledge that if it wasn't for Lea, they would've been screwed, so that's thanks enough. Sora just hasn't had the chance. Axel's sacrifice...seemed very unnecessary and out of place. Like they just needed to get rid of him in an emotional way, even if it didn't make a lot of sense. I mean, they were fighting dusks for crying out loud... I think the fact that Axel was a nobody for most of the bad things he did sort of absolves him of most of his actions. The fact that he jumped in and saved Sora the way he did completely clears him in my mind. Riku has certainly done worse and paid less.
  12. Critical mode was very pleasantly challenging. Or is...I just got to the world that never was. Critcal usually starts off pretty hard, but gets easier when you go along, but I'm still getting killed all the time by packs of dream eaters in twtnw. Links...proceed with lots of caution lol. Partly because I haven't unlocked Once More yet, only Second Chance... First few bosses were MURDER. Traverse Town's first boss (can't remember the name ) was difficult...Hockomonkey though? Extremely hard in both incarnations. I try not to level grind, but this is one of the few instances where I had to. And I made sure to have strong commands, like Triple Plasma, Balloonra...some of the more powerful ones I never even unlocked on normal mode (what is patience), but I had pretty good commmands. Took me so many tries with Sora and Riku...Tron was pretty tough to take out too with Sora, which is funny because I took him out in two seconds on normal. And I admit I died quite a few times on lightcycle with Riku... Also the boss inside Monstro. Pretty tough with Riku, not as much with Sora. Pete and his boys were easy, Holey Moley wasn't too bad, it was just chasing it down, which was a little easier with Dark Aura...Chernabog was disappointingly easy, I actually had a slightly harder time on normal. That bird dream eater Sora fought was a tough cookie too, but I never died against it; it just took a while. Really looking forward to the final boss fights^^
  13. That was quite amusing. Anyway, you guys clearly don't pay attention to the game: Daisy obviously let Maleficent in But seriously do we have any idea where Daisy is at this part hm!? Or Chip and Dale, those shifty rodents...
  14. I could swear he always says "blast you" I was quite surprised they kept Sam's little swear in there.
  15. I don't think its important...but since it happens right before they enter the dream world...meh, it's really a toss-up between Yen Sid and Xehanort. Since its a phantom...and occurs before Sora and Riku actually enter the dream world, I'm inclined to think it was Yen Sid's doing. This incident seems to spark them entering the dream world...but at the same time, Xehanort had control over all of that..Sora in the dream worlds, I mean... . my brain hurts.
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