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  1. Hmm, if the pilot is released, it could lead to the entire project being restarted. That be cool, especially now that they have so much to work with. If they do a season for each game, thought they'd probably have to join Re:coded and DDD into one season because of the small number of worlds, if they decided to go for one world=one episode, and the same for 0.2 and BC because of the short length of each. That'd still be a long show and KH3 would definitely be out before the project reached its end, leading to yet another season. On top of that, current technology would allow them to make it a computer-animated series. Being in GCI would make it look closer to the games, although then they couldn't use the backrounds from the original movies like they planned.
  2. Post-game doesn't necessarily mean non-canon. Both Lingering Will and Mysterious Figure (BbS) are post game yet both are canon. In KH it seems to be best to assume everything is canon unless otherwise stated. And yeah Zero/One. Sorry, it's like 3 in the morning and I had just gotten a notification on a Digimon video. I'd say more about the Keyblade but that might go off topic and last time that happened I got modded so I'll leave it at this.
  3. Remake all 6 games as fully playable in Unreal 4 with Kingdom Shader lol Seriously though, we know Kairi gets at least one new line, they might redub her entirely as she doesn't have that many. IMO, having Keyblades from BbS, KH2 and Re:coded in Re:CoM wouldn't really make sense in the context of the story, the cards are all based on Sora's memories. At the the time of Re:CoM, KH2 and Re:coded haven't happened yet so Sora couldn't possibly "remember" the Keyblades he obtained in that game, Re:coded only had one new Keyblade and the rest are already in Re:CoM, and Ventus' heart is still asleep so his memories of his Keybades are out of Sora's reach. The Days Keyblades at least made more sense than the KH2 ones being in the PS2 ersion of Re:CoM as Sora's memories are conected to Roxas', although Roxas wouldn't have had access to most of those Keyblades at the time of Re:CoM. As long as we're on the subject of Keyblades, I hope this time they replace Data-Sora's Kingdom Key with Zero-Two in the cutscenes after he gets a real Keyblade, but if they didn't do it in the PS3 version, then they probably won't do it here either. I'm still disappointed they didn't add Oathkeeper and Oblivion to DDDHD. As for what I want, I dont see any reason why they couldn't add a Theatre Mode to KH, that's something they should have done in the PS3 release. They added it to the PS2 version of KH2FM when neither the original Japanese nor international releases had it. Also, make it so Deep Dive plays after Another Side, Another Story, rather than outright replacing it. I don't really pay attention to things like glitches and bugs as they don't really bother me, but fixing them is always a good thing, just look at Re:coded lol It could they could take adantage of the PS4's online connectivity. The only drawback I see is that it would mean they'd buff Armor of the Master and No Heart, as in the PSP version of BbSFM they where created with 3 players in mind but where nerfed in the PS3 version to make them easier to solo due to the lack of multiplayer. Adding multiplayer back in would likely cause them to be rebuffed making them nigh-impossible to solo.
  4. If this comes to N.A. I'll totally cancel my Amazon pre-order in favor of this box.
  5. I wish they'd make Shining Force EXA a PS2 classic on the PS4

  6. I pretty sure they re-recorded some lines in DDD. Xigbar's inflection is different in in places in that exposition dump at the end for Sora's side.

    1. Joker


      Im already half-Xehanort

    2. Joker


      Im Esmeralda, a gipsy.

    3. Isamu Kuno

      Isamu Kuno

      Where I noticed it most was "Once you side with us" In the 3DS version it sounded more like "once you side with us..." like he trailed off. In the PS4 version it sounds more definitive.

  7. You know, I could definitely feel the difference between 30 and 60 fps in DDD HD, but oddly 0.2 felt just as smooth to me and I don't have a Pro.

  8. You might as well. Seems like Ux is skipping right over that part
  9. Let's hope that Nomura isn't shooting for a symbolic date, because if he does, no date would be more symbolic than July 13th, 2020
  10. Don't know if this is considered a Spoiler so i'll sat this in a response just in case

    1. Isamu Kuno

      Isamu Kuno

      Just a PSA, there is NO "secret ending" in 0.2 The scene everyone reffers to as such is just the Epilogue, it has no unlock conditions and therfore cannot be classified as a "Secret Ending". I know because I beat the game on Standard, didn't do anything special, and still got it. Plus, it's listed as an Epilogue in Theater Mode

    2. Isamu Kuno

      Isamu Kuno

      Sorry, this is just a pet peve of mine


  11. True he did say that scene wasnt canon, but I feel like he changed his mind about that because in a recent interview he explained that when a Keyblade weilder disappears without first dismissing their Keyblade, the Keyblade is left behind like any other object And yes, that was my original thought, But then I went to the Japanese site and the DLC tab just shows the album and the JP pre-order bonuses.
  12. I feel like I might be the only person who actually enjoyed the gummi ships in KH2 and found the lack of wold travel in BbS boring and immersion-breaking.
  13. This is also why she wound up at the Destiny Islands in the first place. Just a little more info for you My personal theory is that she intended the spell to take Kairi to Ventus and that's why she ended up on DI, because that's where a Ven's heart was.
  14. Ah but remember, Nomura said that 0.2 is only has part of what was intended, that's why it's 0.2 BbS -AFP- and not 0.5 BbS -V2-
  15. Not real happy that the KH website no longer longs you to the sites for eachieving individual game.

  16. Just finished 2.5, now I'm ready for 2.8's arrival tomorrow.

  17. Well, as of 2:24 this morning, my copy of 2.8 has finally shipped. If I'm really, really, REALLY lucky it may get here today as it doesn't have far to travel. It's coming from Chattanooga, TN. I'm in Athens, AL

  18. So, you CAN access the Secret Episode of BbS FM on Beginner Mode, provided you have clear data where the unlock conditions have been met on a higher difficulty. Good to know.

  19. I am so pissed at Amazon right now. It's 7:00 at night and my copy of 2.8 has yet to ship. Tomorrow is Sunday, so it won't be shipping until Monday, meaning tht it will not be delivered until Wednesday. I paid them nearly $10 for two-day shipping to ensure it arrived on release day and not it won't get here until the day after.

    1. keyslinger
    2. Isamu Kuno

      Isamu Kuno

      I can only hope that it had shipped but that they just haven't updated the tracking info or e-mailed me yet due to the volume of orders they got. It's happened once before, I didn't get any confirmation until my order showed up at the door. I mean,it's been "shipping soon" since 2:00 yesterday morning.

  20. It's not an issue of trust, it's government policy. Federal institutions that provide services to the general public such as the USPS and banks shut down on Sundays. It's the same in England.
  21. I haven't gotten an e-mail yet so I don't know when it will be arriving (expected to be the 24th) but the site says "shipping soon" "soon " usually means "today" on Amazon. Maybe I'll get lucky and it'll come Monday, I did pay extra for 2 day shipping after all. But you should be aware that there will be no movement of your package tomorrow, as s mail stops on Sundays
  22. Well, Amazon says that my copy of 0.2 will be "shipping soon" tha usually means today. I was hoping it would ship yesterday so I could get it on mody, because I had plans to play it with my BF at his house next week and was hoping we could start Tuesday. But looks like it'll have to be Wednesday

  23. Know what would be cool? If Nomura had whoever makes the world maps in Kingdom Hearts combine all the maps from the Xehanort saga into one huge universal map. Although they'd have to move some worlds around to make it flow together.

    1. Awesome Sauce

      Awesome Sauce

      I don't know if the PS4 would be able to handle that.

    2. Isamu Kuno

      Isamu Kuno

      Oh, no, not like that, I meant as an illustration, like a poster or something

    3. Isamu Kuno

      Isamu Kuno

      It'd be better to have an official one though.

  24. ^This. In order for a Nobody to form, a person has to become a Heartless, the body then disappears and is reborn as Nobody. However, with no darkness in their hearts the Princesses of Hearts are incapable of becoming Heartless and thus cannot form Nobodies. Naminé exists because while she is Kairi's Nobody, the body required to exist as a Nobody belonged to Sora, this was only possible because Kairi's heart was freed from Sora's body when he became a Heartless. The other Princesses hearts never took refuge inside another person and thus where only used to create the Keyblade of People's Hearts. It's uncertain how this was achived. All we know is that when the x-blade was shattered, the seven fragments of light either joined with or became the hearts of the Princesses of Heart and when the world was remade, a failsafe was put in place in the form of a new type of Keyblade, the Keyblade of People's Hearts, which can only be made by bringing together seven hearts of pure light, which happen to belong to the Princesses of Heart, effectively making the Keyblade of People's hearts half of the original x-blade.
  25. Nomura flat out said in 2013 that Sora, Donald and Goofy will be searching for "the key to return hearts" while Riku and Mickey work to find past keyblade weilders. That was the first time we'd heard of it.
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