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  1. I'm pretty much psyched for everything coming in Phase 4! There's so much to anticipate that it's just jaw dropping! For the shows, Loki is the one I'm looking forward to the most! For the films, Doctor Strange and Shang-Chi are the two films I'm the most excited about! Obviously hyped for everything, but these in particular are my favorites!
  2. Yesss, I read the news yesterday, and it made me so happy! We became part of cinematic history and we lived to see Avatar be dethroned! We witnessed the greatest cinematic event of all time!
  3. Well, who knows? There could be a revival in the future!
  4. Understandable, since now the torch is passed onto a new generation of heroes. Also, it might interest you to know that Jane Foster is going to be the female Thor in the upcoming film. So that should be interesting! Alas, it's not known if Sif will be returning. And omg yess, I'm excited for Black Widow, especially cuz Taskmaster will be in there!
  5. I'm super excited for the Pokemon in this game! Hopefully all the new designs are as adorable and badass as the one's shown so far!
  6. Honestly, I don't have one particular favorite since I jump around Amazon, Ebay and Wish, but I have been using Wish the most recently.
  7. Well, if anything, Thor 4 has the potential to expand on Thor's character all the more, and possibly open the door for introducing Christ Masterson or Beta Ray Bill to be the next Thor. I am honestly super interested in seeing where his story goes next.
  8. I currently own a KHIII Bring Arts Sora, two mystery mini figurines which are King Mickey and Halloween Town Sora, a Jack Skellington Domez and a KHII Sora Funko! I obviously plan on collecting more in the future!
  9. I think the Age Of Fairy Tales more so refers to that period of time being one where Keyblade Wielders were more abundant and when the worlds were still one, before the Keyblade War caused the world to be covered in shadow.
  10. Good observation on that! I was wondering what this city was!
  11. Oh yeah, if the Wayfinder Trio gets announced, I'll die happy! Though I really want the Seekers to be brought into Bring Arts form as well!
  12. Whoa, these are amazing cosplays! Love your Kairi, and is that Anastasia I see!? So badass!
  13. No prob! Ooh, and that's great! It's always fun when the person you're interacting with is passionate about the same things you are! Ohhh, I see! Not bad!
  14. Ohhh, I also remember ToonTown! I remember the commercials that ran for it way back when!
  15. I want to know what movies the MCU's Phase 4 will have!!!! Gahhh, the hype is killing me! X_X

  16. Dang, that's an amazing tattoo, and so intricately detailed! How long did it take to get it done, and how much did it cost? :o Also, welcome to the site! I hope you enjoy your time here! Now then, as with all newcomers, my pet bunny here shall devour your soul! (\_/) (._.) c(")(")
  17. This is awesome, Leamax, thanks for showing this to us! I need all the novels, like now! XD
  18. Thank you so much for showing us this, KHWaterBlock! Gahhhh, the whole Sea Salt Trio!!!! Now I need the Wayfinder Trio, stat! I just wish Bring Arts of the Seekers Of Darkness would be made already! X_X
  19. I grew up with Time Force, and I recently watched the whole series on Netflix! I also got to meet Jason Faunt, who played Wes! So yeah, getting to see that whole Power Rangers show really brought me back to my childhood! Now I'm watching Mystic Force, which is also another favorite, since I love the mythical, fantasy setting of it! Korag is an amazing character, and his voice reminds me so much of Christopher Sabat!
  20. What about the Enchantress? She is a Thor villain, am I right? And wait, was a fourth Thor film announced?
  21. Ahh, I see! Well hey, games like that tend to be taken down eventually.
  22. Oh, I've seen both shows and love the heck out of them! Star is over and that makes me sad, and I think I'm just one Season behind Steven Universe!
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