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  1. Each final world in the franchise is memorable for one reason or another, but to me, The Keyblade Graveyard takes the cake for me! I fell in love with this world ever since Birth By Sleep, and my love for it only solidified once Kingdom Hearts III came around! Even though it's simple in design and aesthetic, it's more of the symbolism and what it represents in the series. A tomb for wielders of ages past, locked in a war that led to destruction. And it being the final site for the clash between the Guardians Of Light and the Seekers Of Darkness was more than fitting! The ominous music, the memorable moments in BBS and III, and just the overall vibe of it make it my top favorite world! And with III, it's because The Keyblade Graveyard basically serves as three worlds in one! And that was an amazingly pleasant and jaw dropping surprise!
  2. I'm just wondering how long Dark Road will be? Because Union X is going for four years now. Either way, I'm excited to get to play the game!
  3. I think that Phineas And Ferb would be absolute fun to have in a Kingdom Hearts game! I grew up watching this show, and it's the source of many good memories! I'm currently rewatching it on Disney+! But anyways, I could see a world based on this franchise being a zany, goofy, lighthearted world, with fun mini-games sprinkled in for good measure! I think that Perry would make a great party member, and perhaps the world's plot could be that the Heartless are trying to zone in on Phineas And Ferb because of their strong hearts, and then it's up to Sora and the gang allying with Perry to protect them! I would also think that a battle against Dr. Doofenschmirtz would be hilarious, as Doof would be a sort of comedy relief villain like Pete! Gravity Falls is also a show I highly think would have a chance at making it in the series! The whole show just oozes potential for inclusion in Kingdom Hearts, and Bill Cipher would make for one trippy boss fight! And Gruncle Stan or Waddles the pig could be summons!
  4. Ahhh, I see what you mean! And yeah, honestly, I don't feel like a game's age really matters. I can play any game, regardless of graphical quality. As long as the game has an engaging story and fun gameplay, I'm in!
  5. It's very interesting to think about the possibilities regarding Ava in the next saga. I'm very excited for any future developments! I just wonder when the new saga will officially begin? Will it be after Union X's story wraps up? Or perhaps after that mystery game Nomura said he wanted to make before starting on Kingdom Hearts IV? Unless Dark Road is the mystery game? Gahhh, so many questions! But yes, I can see Ava being a perfect bridge between eras, and it might trigger some more memories to surface from Ven, since he managed to remember Chirithy!
  6. Happy Anniversary to Kingdom Hearts, which turns 18 years old today! I can't believe we are two years away from the 20th Anniversary! The feels hit hard! Here's to many more years of Kingdom Hearts awesomeness!

    1. vimirandaa


      Happy 18th anniversary to KH ,a franchise eternal like  heart.memories and feelings.Feeling old now.

    2. The Transcendent Key

      The Transcendent Key

      Hear, hear! A story that shall surpass the passages of time!

  7. Happy New Year, everyone! Let's give it our best and I hope you all have a prosperous year and a wonderful start to the decade! God bless!

  8. I love this game to death, but the only thing that bothers me is that the story updates we get are just five missions per update! I find that to be ridiculous. And is the story gonna come to a close soon?
  9. Hey there everyone, how's it going!? So then, I haven't made a KH topic in who knows how long! But now that the speculating and theorizing over Kingdom Hearts III is now behind us, now we can theorize about Kingdom Hearts IV and beyond! And I'm sure that Re:Mind is gonna throw in a lot of questions that'll keep us thirsty till the new saga begins...so let's start off with something simple! Will we see Ava in the upcoming saga? I never got the chance to play the browser version of X, as I only played from Unchained X onward to what is now Union X. Last I knew from a story update in X, Ava had confronted Luxu about the role the Master had given him, and apparently, based on how the scene left off, it's left to imply that Luxu eliminated Ava. Cuz for all intents and purposes, we don't see her again until the Keyblade War happens. But is that really her? Or perhaps an illusion? In the epilogue for KHIII, we see all the Foretellers brought back, along with the epic reveal of Luxu having been Xigbar all along! Or, well, Xigbar having been Luxu, is what I mean. XD But anyways, he said that Ava finished her role, but what does that mean for her? Is she still a Foreteller? Did she cease to be? Or did something happen to her, and then we might find her by accident throughout the new saga? I'm genuinely curious about this! That, and if we'll ever get to see the mugs behind the masks, ya know? So anyways, what do you all think? Edit: This is also my first topic of the decade! Dang, that's crazy! Happy New Year's, everyone!
  10. Thanks for having taken us back in time for this, Leamax! It's amazing how for this past decade, we went from Birth By Sleep all the way to Kingdom Hearts III, and right before the new decade came in! So much has happened since then, and the series has only grown in popularity, which is awesome! Here's to more Kingdom Hearts for the future!
  11. Wow, this is from all the way back in 2008! That's insane!
  12. Well, be it as it may, this is the conclusion of the Skywalker Saga, for better or for worse. I definitely enjoyed it, and had a blast watching it, ya know?
  13. Thanks! And yes, I would agree! I played the HD collections both on PS3 and PS4, and then I watched Everglow's KH Timeline series...God, it was such a great experience to lead up to KHIII! Dang, it's insane to think about! As for what the world is coming to, it's becoming a fantasy, a dream. XD
  14. That's very exciting to think about, to be honest! And since the Master Of Masters does appear in Re:Mind, that begs the question if we shall get to fight him or not, ya know?
  15. Well, I'm sure we shall get to exploring Sleeping Worlds in the future, so the answers could lie there, ya know?
  16. In a bit, we shall find out who the secret boss is! Whoever it is, I'm sure it'll give us a big hint as to the next saga and what we can expect! I'm hyped!
  17. You forgot to add Re:Coded into the polll, since it came out in 2011. But, I digress. My favorite Kingdom Hearts game of the decade is definitely III! Over a decade's worth of buildup and hype, with stories and characters and emotions all leading up to a grand finale was one of the most satisfying experiences in Kingdom Hearts I've ever experienced! Kingdom Hearts III was the epitome for me, and I felt immensely satisfied with the conclusion to the Xehanort Saga! I couldn't be happier to end the decade than having been able to play through the whole Xehanort Saga! Thank you, Nomura and friends! You really hit it big!
  18. This just goes to show how much things have changed around Youtube over the past few years. This current COPPA dilemma is only making things worse, and it'll only make Youtube end up being a barren place void of creativity, ya know? It's messed up! Fortunately, my videos aren't monetized, though what I really would only do in my channel is talk about Kingdom Hearts and movies and make funny skits and whatnot, but that's pretty much it, and I haven't uploaded anything to my channel in about seven months! And my videos aren't vulgar, so there's that too, so I'm not too worried about myself.
  19. Yeah, this film was definitely an improvement over the first one, with the darker story and the feel of adventure you got from it, ya know?
  20. Sadly, the thing here is that you can never please all Star Wars fans, because some fans will be butthurt over things that please other fans. It's a vicious cycle, honestly. I'm the type of fan that loves all the films equally, though Revenge Of The Sith and The Last Jedi are my two particular favorites.
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