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  1. Ooh, from Ninja Gaiden! Interesting! And Crash would be pretty great! I hope Sora is one of the two!
  2. I'm pretty sure she can, since she's grown her own heart by this point.
  3. Huh, that would explain why the Moogles in Kingdom Hearts are always setting up shop and managing businesses! Pretty cool observation there!
  4. How many more DLC fighters are there left to reveal?
  5. Good lord, I'm loving the designs of these new Pokemon! They look absolutely wonderful!
  6. Bugs is definitely my favorite Looney Tunes character! I always liked his personality and just how clever of a badass he was, always outsmarting anyone who'd try to hunt him, and always playing mind games with Daffy. Lol, I remember that I'd eat Cheetos pretending that they were carrots and I'd always say the "What's up, doc?" line. X3
  7. Ah, I see! Well, I might end up watching it at some point someday.
  8. Yep, that's pretty much what it is! Yeah, exactly! I was annoyed, of course, but at the same time I understood, because it was an accurate depiction of a kid, as you said.
  9. Yeah, this truly felt like an ending. If Toy Story 3 was the end, then 4 served as an Epilogue to that end. Woody moving on to help other toys find happiness is something that he can be happy doing for the rest of his life, because he can be able to give other toys the chance to feel what he felt being Andy's and Bonnie's toy. It's messed up how Bonnie just lost interest in Woody, considering how Andy had entrusted him to her. But hey, kids lose interest in stuff faster than you can blink! XD
  10. Oh, I was reading about this earlier today! Honestly, I'm super happy that Marvel Studios decided to stick with the final design of Mysterio for Far From Home! His appearance is so close to his comic book outfit, while adding that live action movie touch...God, I loved Mysterio! Jake Gylenhall killed it as him!
  11. Hey there Shaggy, welcome to the site, I hope that you enjoy your time here! Ah yes, the KH series is one that definitely has left a mark on many, myself included. Like you, KH is a huge influence in my life and has helped shape me into the man I am now! KH will forever hold a special place in my heart, and I'm very excited to see where the series goes now! I hope you enjoy your time here! Now then, as with all newcomers, my pet bunny here shall devour your soul! (\_/) (._.) c(")(")
  12. It would be pretty cool to see a remake of Re:Coded, as the game was indeed fun, and the story laid the groundwork of what was to be in Mickey's letter. Plus, it introduced the Datascape, which I'm sure will be used in future entries of the series!
  13. It's sad how people don't even bother respecting other people's opinions and simply have a civil conversation. If you don't agree with something, you're somehow bad for it, and that sucks, ya know? And with a series as amazing and intriguing as Kingdom Hearts, this latest streak of bad arguments and disrespect of opinion will just give us KH fans a bad name, and people already on the fence of trying the series out will be pushed away, and that's the last thing we want! Ironically, from what I've been reading, it seem as though the mixed reactions to KHIII are like the mixed reactions of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. I loved that movie, but many people don't. I loved Kingdom Hearts III, and have only very minimal to complain about, because the good far overturns the bad! But it seems many people were frustrated with how KHIII came out. Sadly, not everyone can be pleased. I honestly thought the game was a perfect way to end the Xehanort Arc!
  14. Thanks for sharing this with us, panicpng! Gahhhh, so much merch, I love it! The KH series gets more and more merch each and every day, which I love!
  15. I just hope that we get a new trailer soon so we know a little more about what story content Re:Mind will have!
  16. I don't know all that much about Sonic and his universe, but out of all the characters I've seen, Shadow would definitely have to be my favorite! It's like he's the Vegeta to Sonic's Goku! And they both turn blonde with power! XD
  17. Steven Universe is a show with many memorable characters, but quite easily one of the ones I can mention from the top of my head that would be my favorite is Greg. He's such a silly character but has so much depth to him, and I love how close he and Steven are. Reminds me of my relationship with my father! And I like how he's actually important to the show rather than just a parent figure that's there for only limited amounts of time, ya know? Garnet would have to be my second favorite. She's awesome, I love her British accent, and the fact that she's a Fusion. That, and she has a chill disposition and is like the cool older sister to Steven and the others! Calm and composed!
  18. You're welcome, and yesss, I loved it! Ooh, Aerith! This gets me excited for FFVII Remake! The hype is real!
  19. Fire Force is a pretty awesome anime! I started watching it last night, and I'm very intrigued with the premise and the characters! Excited to see where this one goes!

  20. Woody and Buzz's farewell gets to me.
  21. Thanks for showing this to us, Raxaimus! I find it pretty dang awesome that a Kingdom Hearts reference was found here! I just love it!
  22. I believe that Re:Mind will serve as a Final Mix, basically. So we'll for sure get lots of beefy story content, and I hope it'll make this already amazing game into an even more amazing experience!
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