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  1. I liked this even though I have once printed the manual for Banjo Kazooie on the N64, cause I thought like all games I would leave it for a while and not know how to do some of the commands on it. But overall yeah, I agree, hardly anyone acknowledges manuals in the box anyway, and when there is a pdf form people need they're more likely to look at it digitally than print it out.
  2. I thought this was a Sims (The Sims series by Maxis) question where your sim started dating a corpse.
  3. Well with my friends, co-operative, mainly cause unless it's like Trine or Mario it's highly likely that I'm underskilled and would just lose. Like me and Conaill don't try to take each other out on Mario Kart 8 online, Smash, Rocket League etc for example. In all situations though I am technically being competitive, but against someone I don't know. Though I do love Splatoon's online battles.
  4. Technically yeah it could, but with no confirmation, it also couldn't. I'm helpful. I'd love another Alice World, with the better technology they can make that a beautiful acid trip to remember forever
  5. The first two ps2 games around £20-30 each (I got KH1 after KH2 so it was cheaper) KH Days : £30-40 KH BBS (with PSP bundle): £150 abouts KH DDD: £30 KH1.5: £25 KH2.5: 35 KH Coded: £20 ish Note though, Days, BBS bundle, KH1 and KH2 were gifted from my mother throughout the years KH DDD was a gifted from a friend and Coded a gift from my boyfriend The only two I bought out of my own money were 1.5 and 2.5 Edit: Plus £2.00 something for a keyblade keychain online And a £20 KH sweater (but again bought as a gift) Edit 2: I realized I also bought my 3DS specifically for KH coming out a month later, used at £100 You could also say I bought my PS3 for KH, since I thought between that and the Xbox, I thought a KH game would come out on the PS3 at some point, but I bought it knowing there would be way more games I'd want on it (it's my most used console). And I will eventually be buying a PS4, for KH2.8, KH3, Minecraft, FF7 and 15.
  6. Xehanort's personal one, the ram as seen on keyblade. With it's links to the devil and Satanism it fits. But out of those ones, I would guess Anguis. Or the unicorns, they could be rams in disguise.
  7. Knew of it, didn't watch it til after. I don't really like the film. The Nightmare Revisited Album I love, but the film actually bores me.
  8. Though some people whitey on weed
  9. I wouldn't be angry if it was there, but I would much rather prefer a different Tim Burton Film (I personally love Corpse Bride)
  10. You have to check your computer properties if you have a 32 bit operating system or a 64 bit operating system. Downloading a new OS won't magically change it to 64 bit if it's only capable of 32. This PC(/My Computer) > Right Click > Properties Under System it'll say. You should note that Windows 10 has a ton of tracking software to "improve your experience".
  11. If we're going more than 2 keyblades I would like see the keyblade wing thing Namine got going on in Dead Fantasy personally (which Monty seems to have reused this weapon set up for Penny in Rwby) ahh so lovely, lovely destruction to the face
  12. The only thing I've thought I would love about summons is (considering they have better technology now) water based summons. Like you couldn't summon in Atlantica in KH1, because there were no animations for them under water. But it should be easy now to have summons like Nemo (or Flouder, Sebastian, hell Ariel, for example, where you have floating water glide around them even if on land (and it would look lovely too) and they would function underwater too. Other than Stitch I don't think there was any other summon who's world I wanted to visit (as in I want to see Stitch with Lilo in Hawaii (or they could throw them on the main island near Destiny Islands since beachy) If they did Bambi we could totally fight this abomination since he was in (a different version of the script like) named the Hunter who killed Bambi's mom. And he's horrifying.
  13. I see no point in buying guides when you have the internet, unless you're a collector then wack away.
  14. They've decided mobile is the future of gaming (which, I kinda get, and with the amount of money they put into MGSV I understand not wanting to make a new AAA game soon like). Though I'm sure a number of MGS fans would be happy Konami couldn't drag MGS through the mud then without Kojima directing (cough like Universal studios with Crash and Spryo after the original developers left cough Enter the Dragon Seizure attack cough I still like Crash Tag Team Racing best though cough) Gotta sort that coughing It's a bit disappointing considering as great as the gameplay in MGSV is, there's a lot of points that aren't tied up at the end (which seem like they would have been tied up nicely if it wasn't for the cut chapters), it always feels disheartening when a series is finished without closure to the open things in the story. It's like the end of Gilmore Girls. But would anyone really have faith in Konami giving a nice finish alone, nope. Just realised they could probably do a fallout shelter thing with MGS for mobile. Gotta milk those IPs even when you fired their daddy.
  15. I don't mind long as it's done well, though I do find it neat seeing the wee nods to aspects of the movie.
  16. Personally no, they're rewritten tales of original Disney characters, KH characters while they belong to Disney in all honesty feel more like SE characters (obviously) than they do Disney characters, they aren't as "classic" as the other tales in the show IMO.
  17. Least you didn't get any bad luck? I got punched in the face on my 16th, mugged on my 18th and fell down the stairs on my 21st.
  18. Everyone knows Win 8 da bomb.
  19. I'm in the UK so European Netflix, there's not the whole library but I've noticed Little Mermaid, Hunchback of Natre (Notre?) Dame I & II, Pocahontas, to name a few (I would have to go check it to see more), American Netflix is the best though, but I don't wanna risk breaking my ps3 trying their codes
  20. Nope, closest I've got is having a friend who play tested KH on the PS3 for them (he just got one room inside monstro I think).
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