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  1. You can think of it like Unchained Chi is going to be an international port of Chi to mobiles. It'll be adapted to suit smartphone play (easy to pick up and put down (shorter bursts), could make use of gestures, fit into the users life instead of requiring them to dedicate a huge amount of time to get some progress done etc). Cards were changed to Medals because of the initial reception from western consumers thinking it would be some lame ass card game.
  2. I don't think I have a favourite... The first worlds were really short for me and I liked the end worlds for grinding, I would have probably went for Hollow Bastion but I hate the damn elevator system.
  3. I think it's Org XIII's thing to throw an X in. They're the only one's we seen use that system, anagram and an X right? Also KittensOnFire ^ already explained the origin of her name, I think it suits.
  4. Game's are more expensive to develop for now. That's also the usual price for any next gen game. Granted doesn't mean I'll be happy about dropping that all, but it's gonna be the norm for a while. In addition I believe the figures seem skewed or adjusted. I spent less on my KH Remasters (I paid £25 for KH1.5 LE and £20 for KH2.5 LE) than I did on my first purchase of KH2.
  5. Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts II, though I've been playing Minecraft more often since it's easier to pick up and put down (no story or cutscenes to follow) since I have exams to revise and not a lot of time to dedicate to fun. Also Minecraft's awesome, I'm late on the train but it is.
  6. That's what my Game Design Professor says too. They're easier and cheaper to develop for and more people are likely to have the platform than a console. That doesn't mean I only want to be able to play games on my phone but this is a pretty common view.
  7. It's a bit hard when he's physically closer to the majority of you guys in America than he is to me.
  8. Kingdom Hearts. I'm sure I've liked stuff before (like I was into the Point Horror and Jac. Wilson books when I was younger) but KH was the first one I found stories, amvs and stuff for online as well as communities and such. I don't really feel like I'm involved in many fandom communities though, like the shows I love air in America first so following those fandoms ends up coming across spoilers
  9. It's free, I will download it and try it and if I find it to be too repetitive I'll uninstall it.
  10. I have a Samsung S3 which is good for most games I've played on it, if it's similar to Chi where it's simply point and click it shouldn't be that demanding other than the animations that'd play. That's if they don't introduce more mechanics to utilize a smart phones features.
  11. It's essentially a facebook game. It is not something I would pay for. Sure if it was in English I would probably buy some cards for it if I got back into it again(left it at Level 70 in the JP version cause it was too repetitive without being able to follow the story), but I wouldn't pay to have it on a DS or anything, it's just a point and click game and perfectly capable of staying as a browser game. Now if they totally revamped/remastered it to be like a full scale MMO with great character customization with features and outfits based on KH and more action orientated fights, that I would buy. Never gonna happen though
  12. If I can transfer data from the Japanese version, I may start using it again if it gets an international release.
  13. Never had the money when I was younger for conventions, now I don't really have the time.
  14. Just cause Disney acquired Star Wars doesn't make it Disney for me, Marvel (still not Disney like) could provide interesting opportunities for summons or weapons (Thor's hammer for Donald, Cap's Shield for Goofy).
  15. We haven't seen a previous case, but if this is going to be the end of the Xehanort Saga it can be assumed that the nobody/heartless process only works once, meaning that Terra and MX should both be able to die if (well Terra's more of an if than MX) they're killed again. Though it isn't always the case that death results in the nobody/heartless process, we've just never seen a natural death
  16. Almost, I have bad memories of the last one from trying to play in my childhood, ain't rushing to do it
  17. I would expect KH2 Sora to be included if he was and his forms to be his alternate colors too, couldn't really see Riku or Kairi colors personally
  18. They're not really the whitest people here. Probably similar to traditional art coloring a black or darker person can be hard. There's also no real show of any one having a religion in KH.
  19. This just made: flash in my head
  20. There has been slowly advancing changes in government (secretary of public something) to increase the time, so you can buy alcohol for longer (which in a way would help the bars and clubs who open late that lose so much cause they have to essentially close early), but I don't understand why it was made a law in the first place, simply not having it means those who don't want to drink don't have to buy it and those who do are able to, if they really wanted they could make their cabinets for alcohol in stores similar to the cigarette ones (that have doors and you have to ask if they will open it to get you tobacco products) if they didn't want people to see alcohol on those days, but I don't even think there's a whole lot of people who would get offended at the sight of alcohol during Easter week. I understand if it's a store manager who wants to take the day off but these are supermarkets and such that stay open, just won't let you buy alcohol based on an outdated law. I'm actually confused as to the fact that my country follows it, given the Troubles (although it's more Nationalist vs Loyalist rather than Catholic vs Protestant since religion has nothing to do with whether or not we remain a part of Britain), most things associated with religion preference to one group tend to be controlled here to try and not show any faith special treatment.
  21. But there's nothing wrong with the terms, they are correct terms in Game Design and Development, whenever someone uses them out of them you should ignore them or explain how they're basically being ignorant elitist idiots, throw a smoothie on them (even throw it through the internet if it's not in person) and move on. We shouldn't allow morons to force us to change definitions (in the way that the definition of "literally" has been changed to mean "not literally, figuratively")
  22. In the same way people are saying you could just not view the things that annoy you, if they're annoyed by your complaints couldn't they not view your topics...
  23. There's nothing wrong with the term casual really, it's used in my Game Design class Casual - Plays games that require less dedication (such as grinding) and fit around their life instead of requiring them to devote their life Core - Common people who call themselves "gamers" and enjoy the experience they get from a variety of games Hardcore - Essentially devotes every single waking moment to a game or series of game. To many people think the only choice is Casual and Hardcore which by comparison of the words (and the general attitude from game snobs (those who don't see mobile games as "real games" for example) makes Casual seem bad, but it's not. It's more of a scale than distinct categories. The Wii was popular though because it did cater to casual gamers, in a sense that anyone from your 2 year old niece to your 80 year old grandma could find something enjoyable to play on it, where as the Xbox and PS3 were more dedicated to enticing people with specs and "beautiful" intense visual scenes and graphics (though it should be noted, you buy consoles for the software that'll be on them (the games) not for hardware specs). There's nothing wrong with being a casual, core or hardcore gamer (though the last one would be a problem if you avoided showering and taking care of yourself for it like). EDIT: and also, I think in response to the forum topic, it's people's wishful thinking if they say it more enough it's bound to be true.
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