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  1. For me, I want the intro to be about peoples or the characters 'futures.' Like have them all think about what they want to do, then have the ending of the intro being a white light for ambiguity for the future or give a hint to the future from Sora's perspective. Like there's a person in the white light or show what his future is. I want the theme to be about the future, since from the game and interviews we have seen and yet to be seen and heard, yeah... I still question what the bittersweet ending is going to be about. But yeah, the way I interpreted the intros for KH1 and Two where like this: 1 was about...actually, I don't remember. Prophecy most likely. Kh2 was about Memories if anything. For Days and Birth by sleep, No clue. Hmm.. How about for Days it's 'connections' and for BBS it's about foretold prophecy? Or Learning to come in terms with 'acceptance.' Since they were all running away, but tried to change fate. I don't know.
  2. But that's the thing! They were in different time periods and there were exceptions! When visiting France-Quasimodo, that was a fictional time period where they believed in burning people using magic. It's not even modern day, where that's a bigger problem. Also that was a dream, so it wouldn't mattered, yet... Also there was Mulan, again, different time period to even matter. Also there's Toy Story, which they're in an illusion version of their world. Unless they fix it in the story line, which is yet to be seen. So yeah... Oh there's the Alantica universe/world, but different time period again to matter. But...the closest to consider being a matter is Rapunzel's world and Anna and Elsa, since they're just lands away. And they have magic. And because of that, it's possible in the kh universe, potential world travel. Actually now I think about it, Frozen and Tangled are in the same world and universe, why couldn't we just fly in the same universe to that land-oh wait, flying ship, never mind. Anyways, point is, a majority of the Earth's variations are set in time where it was mostly swords, guns. also not advance modern technology we have. If anything, Pirates of the Caribbean has the most significance of causing trouble if they revealed themselves from another world. But then again, no one questions the animals that are walking and talking. Oh well...
  3. If they did a Mary Poppin's world, the game is getting to the point where it becomes fan fiction or it's a cannon game mixed with fan fiction. I hope you all get what I mean. That and if so, they would have to make that world work somehow. Because, you can't have Donald and Goofy as actual anthropomorphic animals as bipeds. They would have to be an actual duck and dog. If we go to the realism of that world's universe, It's another variation of Earth. If Earthlings found out about other worlds, then Nomura has a dilemma on their hands, because if it's widespread on Earth, that means they'll figure out ways to travel out of the boundary lines and into the KH universe. The only way I can think of Donald and Goofy being bipeds, is that everyone assumes it's a realistic versions of themselves in suits. So yeah...with Earth, that's a lot of problems to think about.
  4. So...is everyone going to split up and do their own thing now? Or is it the Island trio that's going to split up and join their respect fates with other characters? I.e.: Sora goes with Roxas and Ventus. Riku with Terra and Axel. and Kairi with Xion, Namine and Aqua. So if he's hinting there's going to be separation with people, there's only a number of possibilities of who's going to leave who. I'm thinking it's the Twilight trio for reasons. But I think at the near ending, everyone's friendships are going to be put to the test. Win or fail, there might be separation. Win, there's bittersweet. Fail, everyone learns about someone and how they see other people. I don't know, but still, who ever is near the ending, we'll know what causes this future bittersweet moment. Or you know, someone dies selfishly. But I reread the interview again, and it's only just an example, or something. Meaning it might not be true of what ACTUALLY happens. Don't know till we watch the ending in Japanese. If anyone is going to watch live streams on day 1 and over. I really hope Everglow or someone just does the story line and not do any side quests, besides leveling up, that we get straight to the point of the ending from launch to day 2 or 3.
  5. I thought it was because of the demo feedback. But they made a smart choice for marketing. Smash and Pokemon out this year. Those games can claim the 2018 gaming title, but let's hope kh3 claims next year's title.
  6. BRUH! How the in the heck did "Aqua fall to darkness?!" She had that internal monologue in 0.2 how fighting in the dark! And where's Ansem?! She was literally with him, waiting! Did something attack them at the beach and Aqua got controlled by the Realm of Darkness?! Also I agree with you guys on the Multiplayer stuff. I want it.
  7. With Repliku, some Youtuber said there's the symbolism, which tells me he isn't there, thus Riku's internal struggle. But he could end up being there, physically or mentally-maybe metaphysically. Roxas makes sense, but Xion is a separate matter I think. Oh wait, never mind. Just remembered the ending of Days. She's basically inside of him in memories and is the only one who held out the longest, I think. Namine, however is that SPECIAL exception where she could remember anyone, regardless of the chain of memories mechanic. Sora can can bring her back, because he's the SPECIAL exception where he said to Namine that regardless of if he had false memories, the memories will also be there. In this case, Roxas transfers the memories in DDD and thus goes into Sora's heart, extracts it somehow, and poof, screw the chain of memories mechanic, because as long someone has the promise or memories in there heart, well, Sora saying it all does it. Enough said. My original thing before I said all of that was, Xion was made in Castle Oblivion, thus Sora would have to go back there or something, because that's where she was from and the whole data thing with Roxas was about only about him and not Xion. But I remembered about the end of Days and yeah, it COULD happen. Another point, how is everyone going to come up with a plan to get Namine out of Kairi? Like, she's the other person that has the right to be their own person. Also a key plot character. If anything, with her powers, the power of memory manipulation, she basically can read into peoples hearts and see what happened to peoples pasts. Meaning, we can figure out why Ventus is young, and why Xehanort is doing all the evil he's doing. Actually, she can be great use of finding the black box! *GASPS* OH my GOD! But then again...depends when Namine is going to be at thing. Because someone could of ended finding that thing anyways before she's released. So sorry for all of this. You got me thinking. Still thanks anyway.~
  8. Hello there. Welcome to the community~ I guess. Still, welcome.
  9. Really?! I didn't-ohhh! Japanese Trailer! I didn't know there was one out yet. Thanks. Going to see it now!~ Thanks~
  10. I'll be watching the streams of kh3 on the 24 of January if I can. I need to know what happens and know the ending that going to make use no believe that just happened. I was thinking gameplay-wise, but in a realistic fight, yeah....he has tricks up his sleeve-pun maybe intended. Good point, because in a realistic fight...yeah, I don't see how he didn't just capture Sora, unless it was he was testing his strength and got cocky in the end or there were no orders to capture him objectively. Going with the first idea. That or his powers are limited of what he can do. Or showed what he's capable of, but didn't use his full strength at all.
  11. Sorry about that~ Um...my thing was that Luxord and Larxene are in Marluxia's group. Because DDD with the whole who would make it or not into the true organization. And I saw your gif of Larxene and realized she now has yellow eyes; along with Luxord. Thus they probably in the true organization's group. So, to me, that also means we could see brand new characters in Marluxia's group. Maybe. All I know is, there's 2 organizations and people are now norted. So how is Marluxia going to recruit people is the question. Also, I think Xigbar is no longer himself due to the second trailer. Because Larxene is herself, but in the second trailer, he doesn't sound like himself in the third one. Thus, full body possession maybe? That or he's talking in a dark tone. Don't know till the game comes out in English. Still, Ienzo is still my fave~
  12. Yeah... I don't believe that. There's two organizations. Marluxia's organization 13 he wanted and the true organization. Remember in DDD, that he weak and traitors couldn't make the cut? Yeah, to me, Marly and Larxene are traitors, and Luxord to me is weak. Because no way they let Demyx in the true orginization. Oh wait....Larxene's eyes are yellow in the trailer. And she had green eyes... OOOOOH! that takes something away from-oh right! Luxord had blue eyes before. Oh damn! my entire theory is debunked! Just what is Marluxia's organization then?!
  13. That just means the concept has been added on. Thus, there's currently 14 Princesses of Heart. But if you think about it, Potentially there's more. Just not added to the kh story line.
  14. Bruh, this means there can be more then 7 princess of pure hearts now. .Imagine the fan fiction! Technically Marluxia's Organization is looking for more than the original 7 hearts of light. SO thus, Nomura added on the concept of the Princesses of Heart now. Bruh...!
  15. As long Sora and the other's get one in their own designer choice, we good! Because it looks like a phone-card, card-phone. Just imagine everyone-if all the worlds are reunited, that everyone can get those communicators. Especially if it works in the Realm of Darkness.
  16. Answer is yes. If you don't have a method to keep them slain, like Xion was trying to do, you'll keep losing stamina and lose the fight. But if there's a Keyblade to counter them and if they're around-not sure they have to be present in the world for them to be permanently slain, because it works if there's a party when they appear. Anyways, yes there's special characters that can combat them off, but without that specific weapon, yeah..that world is done for. Radiant Garden was saved due to Sora being there, otherwise, I wonder how they were actually doing. Actually, how did they permanently slain the heartless in the Heartless War-OH! I just answered my own question. As long there's a Keyblade Wielder in the world, or as long they are connect to said world-because Sora and company were trapped in a computer, they can be permanently slain. Otherwise, world is doomed.
  17. On Youtube, someone talked about it was Sora that's the "light." Like he won't be all so happy go lucky anymore, and he's going to be the protagonist in the KH4 or whatever. So he's going to live. Personally, I hope the prophecy is talking about Sora, because I would like to see a change in him. Also, can anyone give me a source of there being a Goddess in the Kingdom Hearts universe? Like, I watched the particular video and they said and one person said in the comments that it was mentioned in the premiere by Nomura, but it was someone else that mentioned a potential deity. Like someone help me here!
  18. At first as I commented on Prodigy's channel, that I mentioned the universe is in an apocalyptic state or there's a plot twist at the end. But...a thought came into my head. What if.......... Kairi doesn't end up with Sora, but with RIku. *Gasp* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! That mustn't happen. SoKai shipping is true shipping. What if our somewhat official heterosexual ships aren't true!
  19. I got Cloud Ex. Kind of used a great skill on him, but can't put him anywhere on my keyblades. Oh well, but he might be useful for hsc one day, who knows.
  20. In all honesty, I laughed at the Twilight Town response. hahaha! For the Olympus one, I was going to call that out, but I watched a video of the actual ending credits of what everyone is doing. So yeah, he's gone for sure. Maybe...? For Traverse Town, no I haven't seen the Thor movie yet, but it's fine. For anything Marvel, I would let it stay out or be some fan fiction thing, because it has to make sense in the KH universe. Besides, Marvel is Marvel, Disney is Disney, even if you own the rights to those other brand names, it's still Square Enix and Disney collab. For Castle Oblivion, what I was trying to say was, if you think realistically, Sora and Riku are just fighting the enemies. The whole reason we have the whole card game mechanic, is because, we, the players, are forced to do it, because it's a video game and it's not really breaking the fourth wall, because the story is established it's just crossing weapons and powers at that point in their point of view combat. Cable Town: Don't got much to say till we see kh3. You're right! I forgot they said that in the trailer! Crap! Then yeah, what I said for that world was wrong. Thanks for the correction.
  21. Same. If we're getting chocobos, we need a reason for lore wise they are there. The moogle is fine, because they are merchants and smiths-er, synthesizers? If we get chocobos, then a majority of worlds are going to get them in some form or another. If not that, exclusive or certain worlds. Like an original world like Radiant Garden, Traverse Town, etc.
  22. The better question, which physics/game mechanics would win. I'll root for Fire Emblem, but Capcom has characters that can easily beat them and their respecitive weapons. If it was the Tales of Series vs. Capcom, then The Tales Series would win for sure with their artes and magic artes. Opps, I forgot why I mentioned that. It's one thing FE could beat them with magic, but their magic is limited, unlike the Tales of Series. Distinctive, but unless sword users are the roster, or a ROBIN, then it should be balanced.
  23. Just got things to say to this topic. Twilight Town: Yeah...about that...I don't see it happening. It could, but they aren't "special" enough to combat-let along damage the Heartless nor Nobodies. But who knows, maybe they might be that special in KH3. Olympus: Now, I wanted to respond to the earlier comment about that, but might as well respond to this and hope someone sees it. For me, I want continuity. Like Auron is still in that universe/world, thus it's possible for him to come back. Then again, Cloud got out of that world somehow. If I see Lighting here, I hope her model is close to being a teenager or her adult age. Because I seen her a long time ago of a concept of her being a struggler in Twilight Town from Deviantart. Anyways, I can see Noctis being in the KH universe, but how will he be introduced and will he keep his royal status, along with his three friends? Who knows, but he's the second poster boy/man in the FF universe franchise. Still like to see Auron though. Maybe in the coliseum modes/games in Olympius Coliseum or the Mirage Arena, or a new place to do coliseum-esque battles. He definely needs to join the adult-capable people that can defend themselves group. Basically, it'll be Hades Cup in KH2 where you had all the combat experienced FF people against Sora one against them. Auron would be the additional one, unless he can find himself being in the Radiant Garden lore to make him make sense of why he's joining them, instead of because I'm a FF character, which will break the 4th wall. For Toy Story, Jessie wouldn't make sense in the timeline, yet. If I remember correctly, KH3 won't be like KH2, where you revisit worlds to progress through the story. But even so, you'll need another game, KH4, to be able to have Jessie in the game and it has to make sense in from KH3's continuity. But, it depends on how KH3 story for that world turns out. Monsters Inc: ...It's fine. There's no sequel of some kind. Skipping now. Radiant Garden: Rinoa? Haven't finished watching a walkthrough for the story, so I wouldn't know much about her. Definitely might not be the same person like from FF8's story. Then again, she could be the lost Radiant Garden Dezien that found her way back and the FF cast remembers her. Traverse Town: Traverse Town is literally that one world that's so original, that anything could happen, as long there is continuity. It's literally a world of refuge. Also, anyone can come and go from there if they have the methods. Also, it plays an important part lore-wise, thus, there could be something big that even we don't know. Sure it can be a refugee world, but if you really think about, maybe it's something more. Like it'll play an important piece for the whole KH universe. Like what if Traverse Town is there, because of Kingdom Hearts reasons. Anything that connects the two. But I digress until something like that happens. Basically, any character could just pop in there and have their cameo or importance. Castle Oblivion: Are we going to have the card mechanic back or was that all of Namine's doing. Because Marluxia said the cards what determines the fate or something like that of a person. But if you look into the manga-which I have not read for KH chain of memories yet, the cards for game play don't matter since it's inconsistent with reality and video game. Because Chain of Memories is probably, to me, is the shortest story for the KH franchise. You literally go floor to floor, exploring your memories, Sora forgets, and continue with the main story that's going to matter. Then chronologically, Riku appears on the timeline, but many floors below Sora, but when you reach certain floors, Sora's certain events happen and end his adventure in that arc. Thus Riku's journey of redemption eventually happens. Cable Town: Cable Town...I forgot about this world. I wonder how it's going to affect and effect the kh universe. Is it going to be an original world, thus it's going to have a whole bunch of meaning an importance like Traverse Town, or is it own by Disney. We shall see. If it's an original world, I expect to see a secret ending of that world, hinting a new important person, somebody, Nobody, etc., for the next game or something like that. Like how they did with Twilight Town in Chain of Memories. AND...End. That was a bit much- The World That Never Was/ Kingdom Hearts: For Kingdom Hearts or the Keyblade Graveyard, I expect people being resurrected. Especially all the people in the Keyblade Graveyard, so they can get back their lost lives. Especially the Foretellers... Unless.. those five never died! Oooh, that would be a prediction. But got to wait and see.
  24. Don't like Sora's Side of the story. Riku's, yes. I mean...it's the least one I would play, but hey, it's somewhat fun the most challenging. Just...got to add an Mysterious Figure to the game and you'll have the hardest optional boss to beat in said game.
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