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  1. I decided to completely take my mind off the development of KH3 a long while ago and focus on other things. Catching up on all the trailers now and realizing the game's about to hit the shelves soon really gets me excited again. It really is weird, 13 years since the ending of KH2 is a long time and I'd wager a lot of the fans have been waiting for the game to come out for the bigger half of their lives. However, as the game is just a few weeks away from releasing I'm starting to get a little concerned that I'm going to find it to be a slight disappontment in the end. I still hold KH2 at the top of my list of best games I've ever played so my expectations are naturally going to be very high. Regardless, I'm excited we're finally going to see some closure to the story and I'm very curious to see where Nomura will take us from here.
  2. If they do make one I hope it's not gonna be KH/KH2 style since those didn't really add anything at the time but only confused you. I'd like KH3 to be as conclusive as possible since it's the end of the saga. DDD did it pretty well imo so maybe a small tease like that to get people speculating about the next installment. (if we're still alive by then )
  3. Lol speculating about trucks now? Talk about running out of ideas to discuss haha. Pls SE just give us the release date already. We need it... D:
  4. The game is being sold for $39.99 in North America. You're mixing the standard game with the Origins edition.
  5. I'm fine with it because personally I don't think the game needs it. You can almost compare it to other moba's like League. No story mode but plenty of lore about the characters. There's already plenty of information and backstory about the characters and the game online and I'm sure Blizzard is going to add more. I wouldn't complain if they decided to add story campaigns for the characters in the future though.
  6. Square Enix can blame themselves for the impatient fans. Why announce a game for people to get exited for if it's going to be in development for 5+ years?
  7. I forgot how amazing the music in Crisis Core is <3

    1. Isaix


      Crisis Core has an amazing soundtrack

  8. I don't completely hate the game. The gameplay was enjoyable although it wasn't near the level of the console titles. The deck system was more balanced than in BBS which was nice. The unbalanced balloon commands and the fact that the drop meter was counting during boss battles were a pretty bad idea but overall i thought the battle system was fine. The time travel aspect of the story however ruined the whole game for me. I don't mind time travel in games in general but DDD just did it horribly. The game is really hard to understand and i really hate the direction the series is going right now. I even had to look up interviews just to understand what the hell was going on which I never had to do before. I hope the writing will improve in the future, otherwise i'll probably drop the series after KH3.
  9. In KH games yes absolutely. I like the challenge of learning how each boss works and becoming a better player. Beating the secret bosses at the highest difficulty feels very rewarding. Not so much on some turn based games though because difficulty in those kinds of games usually just means more grinding or using long and cheap strategies and i don't really consider that "real" difficulty.
  10. An HD remaster for a game that didn't need it, a demo for KH3 and a short movie about a mobile game for the price of a AAA game. Hardly a blessing imo. The only reason they made this game was to milk more money out of you before the release of KH3. And yes this did delay KH3 for at least another year.
  11. I listen to plenty of video game music on my free time on my phone/computer. But on a 3ds? Doesn't really feel like the right system for it. I only use it for playing.
  12. It might still be a decent indie game. The trailer was obviously rushed and really REALLY badly made.
  13. This is how i feel too. Having a cute little scene with Sora and Kairi in the ending is something i would be ok with depending how maturely it would be handled. But having romance actually be part of the plot is not what i want to see personally and it has never been what KH is all about.
  14. I still haven't played the first one. Is this like Final Fantasy where the stories and worlds are completely different or would I need to play the first one to understand this one?
  15. All I see you doing here is purely hating on the game. You didn't like the game? That's fine, it's you're opinion but you didn't go into any detail and explain why the gameplay was bad or what made the story so confusing.
  16. Depends on the game but It does get very annoying when you're constantly stopped from playing the game because some games feel the need to have a 3 minute cutscene every 10 steps you take. I wouldn't want them completely removed obviously but I hope developers would ask themselves first if it's really necessary to take control away from the player to explain a certain thing before making a cutscene.
  17. Happy New Year from Finland ;)

  18. Nice to see that keyblade combos have some knockback in them again. In the last trailer they looked very weak like in BBS and DDD.
  19. I'm not even surprised. I had a feeling they would do something like this since they announced it.
  20. To each his own. I'm incredibly excited about this game and couldn't be happier about the FFXV/KH style gameplay choice. I played the original and liked it a lot but I feel the old turn based system would be too outdated for this kind of remake and a very lazy decision from SE.
  21. I agree a lot with what you said here, especially the things you said about DDD. For me Kingdom Hearts was at it's best back in 2007 before all the side games started rolling in and making the plot more complicated than it needed to be. I totally understand why you've decided to drop the series but aren't you at least curious to see how KH3 will wrap things up before you leave the franchise? I'm asking this because you said you have invested so much time on the plot.
  22. Chronos wasn't that hard in my opinion. Young Xehanort can be extremely difficult if you're going in blind. The whole fight requires you to be on your toes at all times and even then, you will still probably get screwed in the last phase if you don't know his attack patterns.
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