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  1. Xyrn

    30 Days to KH3 challenge, Day 18

    Hardest boss... over all or per game? overall I'd have to say Lingering Spirit in KH2 as I dont have much experience with other secret bosses and they tend to be the toughest in their games. by game Id go with: KH1- Sephiroth easily, KH2 stated above, CoM-probably the pre-mech Marluxia, never played Days or Coded, BBS- for me was Terra's final fight if only because it forced me to block which really annoyed me because I didnt have to at ALL during the rest of the game. DDD - I feel its a tie between Julius and the cloaked nightmare or w/e his name is for Riku (the one before YX)
  2. Personally voted for other as a few of the choices on this poll are likely to come back anyway, so as I chose other I would personally like to see the Divewing come back cause I like its look.
  3. Xyrn


    Damn man your Gamestop must really suck. Which makes me wonder why mine doesn't since its like the only game store in the area. like literally its only competition is Walmart and another Gamestop like maybe 2 miles down the road.
  4. Xyrn

    Wait... multiple endings for KH3?!?

    My take on this would is simply that I feel it would be interesting if all he meant was that depending on how you progress through the game, like say going to Monster's Inc. before The Toy Box will affect how certain things play out but still kind of having that Telltale Diamond of choice where regardless of your choices you're still going to get effectivly the same result. So like others have said you might save Aqua but if you fail she ends up as a force to fight later and you end up saving her later because she's supposed to be saved regardless for the story. but! if you fail to save her then not only does she show up to fight later but so does Ven, as an example.
  5. I dont know about making two files but I would definitely look up the opposite side of it on youtube. I think Hallow Bastion/Radiant Garden is the closest thing we're going to get to a FF only world. seeing as it has the highest population of FF characters.
  6. Quina, Khimari, Gau or Umaru, Cait Sith could work or Red XIII. though personally I almost feel like Vincent could work if done right.
  7. Xyrn

    D23 Japan 2018 Hopes/Predictions

    Confirm some new worlds. show off some gameplay on said worlds however unlike others i want NO story in the trailers... this is because like movies I think that game trailers can show off too much story and/or actually spoil some things which is why I typically dont watch trailers for movies
  8. Xyrn

    KH3 being released in 2018? Pffft...AS IF

    All i know is that I think its likely that whenever the game gets released it will either be on a 7th or a 13th. or seeing as next year is going to have in a way both in 2018 the game could release possibly on July 13th. I wouldnt put it past Nomura to try and pull something like that with the whole 7 Guardians and 13 darknesses thing.
  9. Xyrn

    Final boss music

    I'm kinda hoping that its an epic mix of the Final boss themes from BBS, KH1/2/DDD and a touch of what IAMME suggested. My reasoning for this is that this is the battle that is the culmination of all the events from BBS till KHIII (I didnt play the games I didnt mention so I don't know their songs <.<) So I think the final fight in KHIII should have elements from the main "You probably played at least these" games.
  10. Xyrn

    A Possible 2018 Release Window For Kingdom Hearts III?

    Don't know if its been mentioned but I'm taking a very optimistic stance on the release of III. Im hoping that it gets released either around the time FFXV was released last year or at the latest around when 2.8 was released this year. Again I'm actually hoping that its the Holiday season game of this year, but we'll have to wait and see sadly.
  11. Xyrn

    So I was right...

    aren't they considering putting 1.5 and 2.5 onto Xbox? wouldn't they likely consider putting 2.8 onto Xbox? also what was recently shown to just be touch related for 2.8? did I miss something or what?
  12. Xyrn

    Terranort in KH3

    Someone please refresh my memory, when was it confirmed that Xehanort and Terra were reborn separately and that Terranort wasn't reborn with Xehanort having full control, thus his appearance in DDD. At least that was my personal understanding about the situation. or at the very very least Xehanort was reborn into Terra's body and Terra is sort of a free floating heart atm waiting for it's rightful vessel to be freed. ! that just got me thinking, what if because Xehanort has Terra's body now Terra's Heart actually returned to his armor and is now possessing that and in that way Terra is going to be able to help fight Xehanort.