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  1. A little confused that they said there were no story reasons to stop at Radiant Garden but Riku and Mickey go there and the entire reason Roxas comes back is cause the crew working there. So thats just confusing, I’m assuming they meant no reason for Sora to go there.
  2. I'm excited for this, Whatever it may be. I'm leaning on KH DDDHD with a Demo of KH3 like some have said. It's worked for Square in the past with Final Fantasy Type-0 and I've been waiting for some Kingdom Hearts on PS4.
  3. Part of me thinks if this game ever does get remade it's gonna be on the New 3DS and not on any console.
  4. Played the first one at a friends house sometime after release, But took forever to get off Destiny Island and was confused in Traverse Town. Barely played it at all but it stuck with me and when KH2 came out I got it ASAP played and beat it, but I only had vague images of TWTNW, Roxas, and Nobodies. Replayed them again before Dream Drop came out and then got 1.5 and 2.5 and been obsessing ever since.
  5. That is pretty much what I'm doing but Beginner I'm gonna try and get Unchanging Armor and no continue on there.
  6. Are the trophies suppose to unlock all at once? Cause I don't mind a second playthrough on lower difficulties to get the no continue and time trophy but a third playthrough is just gonna be rough.
  7. My opinion on this is that it could go both ways. It could be bad it could be great. I personally have some faith if done correctly could be amazing, people say their are too many marvel heroes to have well we have had Winnie the Pooh as a side story for long enough put it as part of the main story and make the collectable pages be marvel comics or just have both be collectables more the merrier. Star Wars could easily make Gummi Ship missions more enjoyable by having some Star Wars characters in space battles. You could add them to Olympus or bring back the Platinum Cup and have Darth Vader be the fight. I think if the team could make it work it'd be something like these things. Entire worlds are too much as Star Wars has tons of planets, Marvel has tons of characters in different parts of the world, unless they stuck to the avengers movie. If you told me they would add Disney Park Rides to KH3 as a sorta summon a couple years back I'd call you a liar cause I don't see how that would work, but they are doing it. I think we all need to remember what Donald and Goofy said and "No Frowning" at least until we see the game.
  8. Most of the bosses were pretty easy for me. I'd probably pick the same as you but Aqua's magic mirror fight was much easier for me and it was pretty amazing watching her do cartwheels down a row of thousands of mirror faces.
  9. I'm certainly gonna try, but after beating them all I have the urge to go back and try to 100% 1.5 more than trying to play the other two games. Also idk if you meant to do this but the "Yeah! Piece of Cake!" Option made me laugh.
  10. 10. Oathkeeper - Always been a fan of this keyblade but the boost to Drives just made it my default second keyblade and I wish the design changed a bit more dramatically from KH19.Kingdom Key - Gotta love the classics and the Defender Ability can be pretty useful for early game.8. Rumbling Rose - I really like the whole Rose and Thorn design and vine going up what looks like Beast arm its a keyblade that really does the world its a part of justice. 7. Hero's Crest - I have a thing for the Olympus Area absolutely love all their keyblade designs and this one is no different. The top looking like the top of Mount Olympus and the star are another way to show the world through the keyblade. - On a side note can someone explain why the BBS Olympus Keyblade is so ugly? It's a Pillar with a Trophy on top..6.Bond of Flame - I love Axel. There isn't much else to say.5. Decisive Pumpkin - I wish I liked the design more but this Keyblade gets 5 cause of usefulness alone. That sock snake isn't doing it for me but I do like the Zero keychain.4.Stroke of Midnight - The only world Keyblade I liked in BBS. It's the castle of dreams which is pretty simple but the Castle is so Iconic to Disney that I think this keyblade is the best representation of Disney out of all the keyblades.3. Chaos Ripper, Master's Defender, and Stormfall - I would feel bad if I didn't put these on the list but I couldn't put one in place of another cause they are just really amazing looking Keyblades and I have a soft spot for Willa Holland/Aqua.2. Fenrir - It's the Buster Sword as a key and it looks pretty damn amazing. Also the stats are great too.1. Two Become One - I love everything about this keyblade. The design is amazing, it looks like some Hybrid of Oathkeeper and Oblivion. The name is perfect for how you receive it too. The Final Mix fight with Roxas is just so rewarding, I'm honestly still surprised it wasn't in the main game cause it is too great not to have in KH2. I just wish the keyblade was useful after unlocking Final Form.
  11. Lady Tremaine. Had to correct it cause I've been calling her that for years till I played BBS and found out her name.
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