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  1. Can't remember, Egoraptor mentioned a comedy show he liked in an episode a while back. wish I knew the name, but it was some weird pizza sketch thing.

  2. Don't listen to that guy. He just says stuff with overly long comments and sometimes repeats it in other comments. He did it in the comments of Toonami promos on CabooseJr's channel and everyone got sick of it.
  3. I hear it's amazing when the famous purple stuffed worm in flapjaw space, with the tuning fork, does a raw blink on Harakiri Rock! I NEED SCISSORS! 61!!!!

  4. An anemone or clematis plant's juice can cause a rash. When pruning them, it is a good idea to wear gloves.

  5. Present Day Maleficent: *shows up in X, no one treats it negatively* Marluxia: *shows up in Ux, everyone treats it like the worst thing ever* Anyone not named Strelitzia: *dies, no one cares that much* Strelitzia: *dies, everyone gets mad*

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    2. Xiro
    3. Zimomo


      Maleficent has shown up right at the very end of X (the PC game)

    4. Xiro



      Forgot about that

  6. How people would react to Strelitzia's death if she was a boy: Meh.

  7. My brother stole my PS2 games. Ugh. I hate him so much

  8. The eclipse was a total letdown where I live.

  9. oh n o. d r c o n n o r s c l a s s

  10. *watches a KH3 reaction video, said reaction is just a bunch of jerks who don't care and would rather make stupid jokes about how KH is gonna have new Nickelback montages*

    1. TheFinalPersonaKeyblade


      Let me guess, Video Games Awesome, right?


    2. KeybladeLordCheeseCurd
  11. And in regards to Vanitas, his facial appearance before Ven and Sora connecting their hearts was that of a Heartless with red eyes. So his eyes were most likely red after he gained Sora's appearance. Instead, they're gold once his face is revealed at the end of Ven's story. Not only that, but his ears are covered by that metal jaw guard thing and his hair.
  12. "WHERE'S THE RELEASE DATE" *coming 2018* "Yeah right, it's gonna get delayed." Casual fanbase in a nutshell

    1. MythrilMagician



      You can't please these people.

    2. Clouded Sun

      Clouded Sun

      That was the same deal with FFXV. Unfortunately they were right in some regard.

  13. Have you finished those errands? Have you finished those errands? HAVE YOU FINISHED THOSE ERENS?

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    2. KeybladeLordCheeseCurd


      Go watch the anime, then! :3

    3. WakingDawn96


      It's on my bucket list of animes to watch, I just usually have time to watch anime due to something else. But I always make time for Spongebob! :)

    4. KeybladeLordCheeseCurd
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