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  1. Aaaand... why me? I'm not very sociable... and I'm VEEERY haughty

  2. Square said that they will announce all the dates for their major game for the year between april and the E3, so I'm sure that it will happen, we don't need a confirmation, but yes, it's important that we spread the word
  3. I say and hope for this since the start, it would be lit if we can play as different characters for the DLCs and that will be a lot better then just adding some no point and optional world for Sora, the only other enjoyable dlc I could appreciate would be the Mirage Arena but it would be annoying if they put it as a DLC (even if I would prefer it instead of don't having it at all) (possibly with character creation like FFXV Comrades)
  4. I REALLY hope it won't. I'm such a huge fan of Riku but he had a lot of development instead of others who barely appear, I hope it's a circumstantial phrase and the other character will be YX or YEraqus (and cause of the leaks, the thing that cutscene is the start of the game and cause Nomura said that the second character will tied to a certain world I think and hope it will one of them) P.s. by the way a story for Riku would be great for a DLC
  5. We already saw that cutscene and we already know that Sora&co. are already going to Olympus soooo... nope, I really don't think so, we've been there already just too many times (a thing that also YX pointed to us...)
  6. Kidnapped cuz only with a keyblade of heart is possible to open the doors of the Kingdom Hearts (Xehanort's Report VI on BBS) so yeah, she'll be kidnapped.
  7. July, November or December, by the way, I know, it's really hard, fortunately ​​I need to study both for the university, and my future (yes, two differet things.) and a lot of games to play, other then a live project to develop.
  8. All together (Destiny trio+seasalt trio+wayfinder trio+disney trio+Naminé) while eating a sea salt ice cream at the clock tower (or the destiny island [remember that the seasalt trio wanted to go to the beach?] or the beach at daybreak town) says: "May our hearts be our guiding key"
  9. The Keyblade Graveyard is the worst (except the final cutscene and final bosses areas) and most important one so this is the priority but I'd like to see also Land of Departure, the Mirage Arena and (maybe with just a few change) also Radiant Garden reimagined
  10. Ehm, actually Nomura have confirmed that the story of the Toy Story world IS canon in the continuity of the movies, so this is the first case of something like that happened
  11. I expect we'll need to wait something like 5 years... I expect a full year of support for KH3 (dlc or something like that), the xbox port of KH1.5+2.5 and 2.8, the switch and pc version wich will arrive also on ps4 and xbox with all the games so far, a full and complete remake of 358/2 and maybe KH Re:Coded in Kingdom shader, and then probably after a year we'll get KH4, and of course all of this or almost all will have differents year like the xbox port will be in 2019, the switch and pc version 2020 etc.
  12. Riku asked to Terra also if he was from another world and he asked to him because of the tale of a young man (Xehanort) who go outside from the destiny island so yeah, like also KH3D basically confirms Riku (he said to Ansem SoK that everytime Riku seen him he remember of a promise he did to a boy in his childhood) choose to go outside for the promise to Terra of meeting him again P.s. I'm really sorry for my english but it's really late where I am so I'm almost sleeping
  13. I understand you... by the way the E3 thing I think it would be a must, and by the way I'm really hype too for San Fransokyo, even if I hope they won't reveal too much... one area for each world would be perfect for me, after that point they ruin the sake of discovery, you know what I mean, right? By the way I think and hope they'll show also a gummiship mission and hopefully also the summon at the D23 P.s. if they realease a demo sadly I think it will appen at the E3 because a few months ago they said that the game will receive a demo (for the event or maybe also for the stores) only when they announce the full release date... even if maybe I don't remember and they said when they will be ready to announce it... by the way I think the demo will take place in Twilight Town for the iconicity of that place, but it might also be in San Fransokyo for hype everyone since that is the biggest world of the game and for last alternative... Monster Inc. because it's the hot topic of the moment and most certainly we've seen a pretty damn old build, so when they'll show us at the D23 we will be amazed from that quality and ultrahyped for the meeting between Sora and Vanitas, especially if they'll close the trailer with the meeting without any words or just a few, and maybe in the demo after we'll finish the world we can go to the world map and do a gummi mission for another world that they announce with the demo it self, it would be awesome! (Obviously like I said, with only one world so, yeah, we won't able to do that world but at least will be able to do a gummiship mission, do an entire world that I care to remember it will be KH0.2 long and see a new world with also the name... it would be a gorgeous demo u.u)
  14. I know, in fact it is really strange if he'll spoiled us this thing, but the list if you think about it, it fits damn well... Kairi is missing because as a Princess of Heart she is crucial to create a Keyblade of Heart (the only way to open the doors of the Kingdom Hearts after its appearence) so she might be caught (to increase the feeling of risk) or hiding (but I really don't think she would hide), Lea will be a darkness (he obtain the keyblade just after saving Sora from the Xehanort's piece of heart and I don't think he would be capable of destroying a piece of his heart, and Xehanort smiled in that scene) just like Xion that will be caught from Lea (who will lose control when Xehanort thinks it's the most suitable moment) and maybe others (like Isa) from the organization to become the thirteenth darkness (thirteenth because Terra will be a Guardian thanks to Key to Return Hearts)... doesn't it fits well? P.s. of course Kairi will be caught from Lea and the organization with Xion P.p.s. sorry for the OT, Connected
  15. Actually they were 9v13... so Donald and Goofy will join ugh... but I advise you to watch carefully the opening of KH3D and count the characters against Xehanort... and then think about the missing keybladers from that group and why they're missing u.u (don't tell me the fact that Nomura said that was random character because I'll always think that was a troll from Nomura, the guardians and why some character are missing are obvious)
  16. It seems a bit too detailed... you haven't received a leak, right? By the way I really don't think Traverse Town will return but most certainly, Neku, Shiki and all the team will be in Shibuya and not in Traverse Town again, and if they'll release a demo most probably will be with a single world. By the way Shibuya is a lot more probable then TT just for the simple fact that Nomura said that TWEWY2 will exit after he'll have done with his major works so I think it will be a lot useful to create shibuya now for a really solid base for TWEWY2 P.s. the news might be from 2012 if I'm not wrong P.p.s. sorry for my english
  17. I would accept a spin-off saga without any bond to the main saga in first person and/or VR maybe it could be with the future main character pupil something like we're the students of Sora or Riku, things like that
  18. I'm a italian and I spoke to NeosMagma98, he said that the leak of Frozen was a pic that was removed something like 30 seconds later it was up, but I don't find anibody who speak about that, so I think the Frozen's part was absolutely fake, but who knows... by the way I translate the kanji on the MP bar of Donald and Goofy and it says 'provisional', and with all that coding things and that kanji in KH-font style I think the Monster Inc. leak is real... but obviously I don't really know, it is just thought ​P.s. I spoke about the kanji only because it has never appeared before at least from what I remember ​P.p.s. I don't know what to think about the Kairi's leak, sorry
  19. Soul Calibur VI, DmC5, Spider-Man, God of Qar, Detroit Become Human, Ghost of Tsukishima, Days Gone, some VR Game and maybe Death Strending and/or The Last of Us Part II... I also hope for KH3 or FFVII Remake, but I doubt it... oh! And I also hope for some REAL VR game and not just something of no importance like the majority of it for the moment... you know a game like Resident Evil 7, or Skyrim, Doom, Fallout... and not a tech-demo, it's time to push the VR for its real born because it doesn't have any sense to buy a VR headset now if there isn't more than 4 game.
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