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  1. I feel the same way! I feel like it should have been obvious since there were orchestra versions for the theme songs of Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, but for some reason, I didn't even think about there being one for the theme song of Kingdom Hearts III. I'm so happy that there is, though! It sounds so good! Plus, I'm a sucker for orchestral music.
  2. I think that they will each have their own boss fight. It might not be during the final battle, but I do think that we will get to fight each of them at least once during the game. Maybe it will be like in Kingdom Hearts II where we fought some of them in other worlds, and then the remaining ones were fought one after the other right at the end of the game.
  3. Yes. However, since I think that Demyx and Vexen aren't real seekers of darkness, I think that there being fifteen pieces on the side of the darknesses can be explained by them not belonging there. Also, since Terra's piece can be seen on both the side of the lights and the side of the darknesses, it's possible that this could mean that Terra started off as a light but then became a darkness. If these two guesses of mine are correct, then that would bring the total number of pieces on each side to seven for the lights and thirteen for the darknesses. That being said, there could be more pieces that haven't been revealed yet (such as a piece for Roxas), which could throw another loop into things.
  4. I fully expect to be wrong. However, I would like to explain why I think what I think. The reason why I included Riku-Replica is that we saw him (or whoever that other Riku was) confronting Sora in San Fransokyo. As far as I know, the only people that we have seen Sora encounter in the trailers so far have been members of the seekers of darkness. Plus, the other Riku has yellow eyes, and yellow eyes are one of the signs that someone is a Xehanort. I am aware of Demyx appearing at the beginning of the Final Battle Trailer (I'm not sure if Vexen appears there as well because Demyx was the only one I could make out). However, I think that he is only infiltrating the seekers of darkness and isn't really one of them. He seems to be working with Ienzo since we see him approaching Ienzo and talking to him while carrying something at the end of the TGS Big Hero 6 Trailer, and I don't think that Ienzo is a seeker of darkness. As for Vexen, since he was not one of the thirteen who were originally chosen to be seekers of darkness at the end of Dream Drop Distance, I don't think that Vexen is one of them unless there was a shakeup in the roster. Also, since there appears to be a total of fifteen chess pieces for the seekers of darkness, maybe that means that two were among them who didn't belong there, and those two could be Demyx and Vexen. I think that Terra will be a seeker of darkness because we see Young Xehanort use Terra's chess piece to declare a "checkmate" against Young Eraqus at the beginning of the TGS Big Hero 6 Trailer. That opening scene seemed to imply that Terra is going to be the one to seemingly give Xehanort the victory, but that Sora will do something unexpected that keeps the game going. And if this really is how it is going to happen, then Terra has to be one of the seekers of darkness.
  5. While I think that overall, the final boss to Kingdom Hearts II was the best, the final boss to Kingdom Hearts 1 is my favorite. I just love the fact that you get to destroy a giant living spaceship piece by piece. Even though it wasn't the most challenging final boss, I found it to not only be the most fun final boss, but also the most fun boss in the entire series.
  6. We all know that Xehanort intends to forge the χ-blade and start another Keyblade War, but why? Does he just want to do it out of sheer curiosity, as the cutscenes of Birth by Sleep seem to imply, or does he intend to use the Keyblade War to tear down the tyranny of light and use the powers of Kingdom Hearts to create the Next World, a World equal in light and darkness, around the darkness that creeps back in, as he writes in the Xehanort's Report? And why was his Heartless trying to open the door to the artificial Kingdom Hearts of Worlds? Was it really to unleash the great darkness of that Kingdom Hearts, as Ansem the Wise wrote in the Secret Ansem's Report? If it was, how did that fit into Xehanort's plan? In addition, Xigbar seems to imply on two separate occasions (once to Zexion and once to Young Xehanort) that no one knows what Xehanort really wants. Does that mean that there is something else that Xehanort is after that won't be revealed until Kingdom Hearts III? In an attempt to arrive at an answer to all these questions, I will write down how I think it all connects. Since the Reports are meant to serve as context to what is going on in the games, I think that what is written in them should be taken more seriously than what is revealed through cutscenes. Therefore, I believe that Xehanort's true intentions are to start a new Keyblade War in order to tear down the tyranny of light and use the power of Kingdom Hearts to create the Next World, a World equal in light and darkness, around the darkness that creeps back in. However, since he seems to only mention this in the Xehanort's Report, it's possible that everyone thinks that he just doing this out of sheer curiosity and that he is keeping his true intentions to create the Next World a secret from everyone, but why? Just doing this out of curiosity seems way worse than create a perfect world. Because of that, maybe there is something else that he plans to do that he is keeping hidden from everyone that won't be revealed until Kingdom Hearts III. As for why Ansem is trying to open the door to Kingdom Hearts, I really have no idea anymore. It's almost as if the most recent games have made the fact that he tried to do that irrelevant, but also are not denying that he did it. True, Ansem the Wise did say in the Secret Ansem's Report that he was trying to unleash the great darkness of his Kingdom Hearts, but how does that fit into Xehanort's plan? It doesn't. I originally thought that Ansem could have been trying to create an artificial Kingdom Hearts for the same reason that Xemnas was: to fill Organization XIII with Xehanort's heart. However, in the Glossary entry for "Kingdom Hearts" in Dream Drop Distance, it says, "The Kingdom Hearts made from the hearts of worlds had a door that led to the realm of darkness; its depths were never fully charted. The Kingdom Hearts made from the hearts of people was believed to have the power to recomplete someone whose heart had been lost." This seems to imply that only the Kingdom Hearts of People was able to fill Organization XIII with Xehanort's heart. Not only that, but it also seems to imply that there was no purpose to the Kingdom Hearts of Worlds since it tells us the purpose of the Kingdom Hearts of People but not the purpose of the Kingdom Hearts of Worlds. If there really was no real purpose for creating a Kingdom Hearts of Worlds, why do it? I think that the best explanation is that Ansem was creating an artificial Kingdom Hearts of Worlds in order to fill Organization XIII with Xehanort's heart, but failed. After this, Xemnas welcomed Roxas into Organization XIII and began sending him on missions to free the hearts for the artificial Kingdom Hearts of People since Ansem's attempt to make a Kingdom Hearts from the hearts of worlds failed. The only reason why Yen Sid had no record of the Kingdom Hearts of Worlds' purpose was that it ceased to exist when the Door to Darkness was sealed and the hearts that made it up were set free and restored before its purpose was made known. That's my best guess anyway. What do you guys think? Is there a reason for the Kingdom Hearts of Worlds to exist? Does Xehanort really intend to create a World that is equal in light and darkness, or does he have something else in mind?
  7. I love LEGO DC Super-Villains. I have always been a fan of the LEGO games not only because of how fun the games are but also because of how much respect Tt Games gives to the source material. My favorite LEGO games of theirs have been the superhero games, and now, thanks to LEGO DC Super-Villains, I have the LEGO DC game that I've always wanted. I have always loved the creative and fun boss fights and the original music in the LEGO games, and this game is no exception. The hub world is a mashup of a lot of the most popular DC locations, such as Gotham City, Metropolis, and Smallville. Every level takes place in a different location in the DC Universe, be it Oa, Themyscira, or Apokolips. The custom character, which was always one of my favorite parts of the LEGO games, is not just an extra thing you can do for fun but is now one of the main characters and plays an important role in the plot of the game. Then, to top it all off, they got back iconic voices for many of the DC characters, including Kevin Conroy as Batman and Mark Hamill as Joker. It definitely seemed like Tt Games went all out with this game and I don't know how they can possibly top themselves.
  8. With the release of the Final Battle Trailer, I have decided to make one final prediction on who the guardians of light and seekers of darkness are. However, because I will discuss some things revealed in the Final Battle Trailer, I will give a spoiler warning in case you do not want anything from that trailer revealed to you.
  9. Dice are associated with gambling though. True, Luxord is more so associated with cards, but his Nobody type, the Gambler, does juggle dice in its hands. Plus, both Luxord and Gamblers can turn Sora into a dice. So, I would say that it does make sense for those cubes to be dice, but I could be wrong. I personally think that saying that it looks like Saix's weapon is a bit of a stretch. However, now that I look at Vexen's shield, the top of it does look like the symbol on that chess piece, so it is possible that it could represent Vexen. I'm starting to think that could represent Aqua's Keyblade Glider since I think that it does share a similar design if you look at her Keyblade Glider from the top, but I think that that's a bit of a stretch. I also don't think that her Keyblade Glider would be used to represent her since almost all of the Keyblade wielders, with the exception of Sora and Master Xehanort, seem to represented by the symbols on their Keychains, with this one, on the side of the lights, possibly being the Keychain of Stormfall: Speaking of Keychains, I think that there is a lot of similarities between this symbol... ...and Gula's Keychain: Xehanort does mention the "lost masters" who started the Keyblade War in the early trailers for Kingdom Hearts III, so maybe the "lost masters" were found and Xehanort got his hands on one or more of them. Finally, while rewatching the E3 2015 trailer to get a look at that chess board, I discovered that there is another piece on the side of the darknesses that hasn't been seen since: That would bring the total number of darknesses to fifteen. As for who it could represent, I think that it would most likely represent Marluxia since it seems to bear resemblance to his scythe, which would mean that the flower doesn't represent Marluxia. As for who the flower could represent, maybe it represents Xion. I don't know what other symbol would, and I am fairly certain that she is one of the seekers of darkness. However, I still think that my original thought that the flower represents Marluxia could be right. Who knows for sure?
  10. That's a good idea. It's possible that Terra turns from one side to the other. Young Xehanort does say in the Toy Story trailer that they are missing a darkness that must be reclaimed. Maybe he was talking about Terra. Other than that, I have two other ideas for why the same symbol appears on each side. My first idea is that one of them represents Lingering Will. My other idea is that the chess game represents not just the final battle, but the entire Dark Seeker Saga. So, if Xehanort captures Terra's piece when it's on the side of the lights, maybe that is meant to represent what happened in Birth by Sleep. I think the symbol is meant to be the Keychain for Terra's Ends of the Earth Keyblade, which is why I think that it represents Terra. You do bring up some good points here. I have been going back and forth on whether those cubes are dice or Bug Blox for a while now, so I think that it could be either Luxord or Data-Riku. However, since Young Xehanort's Keyblade has an hourglass for a Keychain, I think that the hourglass is meant to represent Young Xehanort. If I may add one more point to back up the theory that Xion is a seeker of darkness, she totally has a silver hair in the Opening Movie trailer.
  11. With the release of the Opening Movie Trailer, it appears that we now know what all of the symbols on the chess pieces for the seekers of darkness look like. As for who they represent, these are the ones who were confirmed in the trailer: Master Xehanort Ansem, Seeker of Darkness Xemnas Here are the ones that I am fairly confident on: Young Xehanort Luxord Marluxia Xigbar Vanitas Saix Larxene Terra Here are the ones I don't know: You may have noticed that there are fourteen chess pieces for the seekers of darkness. Does that mean that there will be more than thirteen Xehanorts during the final battle? Do you agree with my guesses for who those symbols represent? Who do you think those last three symbols could represent?
  12. I would like to see both Sly Cooper and Cuphead get adapted into animated tv shows. I think that they would both work really well as cartoons since Sly Cooper presents itself as a cartoon, and Cuphead is inspired by old cartoons (in fact, it pretty much already is a cartoon). Neither have to follow the events of their games. In fact, I don't think that they should, except for maybe one or two story arcs.
  13. I don't think anyone other than Master Xehanort himself has been confirmed to be on the final roster for the seekers of darkness. There are more than thirteen characters who have one or more traits of a seeker of darkness (including the black coat), and they can't all be seekers of darkness. If we just list the characters who we have seen Sora encounter in the trailers so far, we have: 1. Master Xehanort2. Young Xehanort3. Vanitas4. Ansem, Seeker of Darkness5. Xemnas6. Xigbar7. Luxord8. Marluxia9. Larxene10. Data-Riku (or whoever that other Riku is) If we just go off of the chess pieces that are clearly visible at the beginning of the TGS Big Hero 6 trailer, we have: 1. Master Xehanort2. Young Xehanort3. Vanitas4. Ansem, Seeker of Darkness5. Xemnas6. Saix7. Luxord/Data-Riku (the cubes could be either dice or Bug Blox)8. Marluxia9. Larxene10. Terra If we combine these two lists together, we get: 1. Master Xehanort 2. Young Xehanort 3. Vanitas 4. Ansem, Seeker of Darkness 5. Xemnas 6. Xigbar 7. Saix 8. Luxord 9. Marluxia 10. Larxene 11. Data-Riku 12. Terra So, that would leave only one spot open, meaning that either Demyx and Vexen couldn't both be seekers of darkness or one the characters currently on the list will cease to be a seeker of darkness before the final battle, which would allow for both Demyx and Vexen to become seekers of darkness. The point that I'm trying to make is that anyone could be on the final roster for the seekers of darkness and that we don't know for sure who they are yet. Just because one of the characters shows signs of being a seeker of darkness in the trailers does not mean that they will be on the final roster for the final battle.
  14. That's a good point! Thank you for bringing that up! I had completely forgotten that Merlin was in Traverse Town in Kingdom Hearts 1! I guess you could say that Pooh's book appears wherever Merlin is. However, the last we heard of Merlin, he was training Lea and Kairi in a special location. We know that Merlin usually packs everything in his house when he travels, so it would make sense that he took Pooh's book with him to that special location. However, that raises the question: How is Sora able to visit Pooh and his friends if Merlin has the book? The way I see it, there are two possible explanations. Either Merlin left the book behind at either Radiant Garden or at Mysterious Tower in the care of someone he could trust, or Lea and Kairi's training finishes early enough in the game to let Merlin return to either Radiant Garden or Mysterious Tower with the book, allowing Sora to enter it then.
  15. I think that, if Demyx did manage to get to Ventus and save him, it would be after Castle Oblivion is transformed back into the Land of Departure, as we see that it has been in the trailers. Once it's the Land of Departure again, there would be nothing keeping anyone from finding Ventus.
  16. I'm not saying that they are for sure going to be double agents. They could very much be seekers of darkness. However, there are a few things that seem off about them to me that make me think that they could be double agents. First of all, we see Demyx return to Radiant Garden carrying something. He appears to be talking to Ienzo as he returns, which means that they must be on friendly terms, and we know that Ienzo is not a seeker of darkness. Unless Demyx has tricked Ienzo into thinking that he is on Ienzo's side, or unless Ienzo has become a seeker of darkness by this point in the game (we don't see anything but Ienzo's hair in this scene, so I suppose it is possible that if we saw more of him, we would see that he has one or more traits of a seeker of darkness), I don't know why Demyx would travel to Ienzo with whatever it is he's carrying unless he is a double agent. Second, in Dream Drop Distance, we found out that the only people missing from Radiant Garden who used to be in Organization XIII were Braig and Isa. Even was there, but was still recovering. So, unless Xehanort changed his mind and decided to make Even a seeker of darkness, Even being a double agent is the only thing that makes sense right now. We also know that Ansem the Wise has the ability to change his appearance since he did so when he became DiZ. So, if Demyx and Vexen are working for Ansem the Wise as double agents, he could have changed their appearance to look like they belong in the seekers of darkness, or he could have taught them how to do it themselves. That being said, there is one glaring flaw with this theory. Wouldn't the seekers of darkness know who belongs among them and who doesn't? So, how would Demyx and Vexen be able to get away with infiltrating them without being found out instantly? We haven't actually seen them working for anyone though, so how could we know that they are working for Xehanort? Plus, there are now more than thirteen characters who have one or more traits of Xehanort (including the black coat). They couldn't all be seekers of darkness working for Xehanort, could they? They could be double agents or they could be seekers of darkness. I think that there is enough evidence to support both cases, so I don't think we can say for sure yet.
  17. Part of me wants to say that it could possibly be Kingdom Hearts, but since Chirithy is there and Sora says, "I'll be back to visit you," I think that it is less likely that it is Kingdom Hearts. I will have to agree with you that it is more likely the Unchained Realm or someplace in the Realm of Sleep.
  18. In the Winnie the Pooh trailer, we found out that Sora would be returning to the Hundred Acre Wood. This might confirm that Radiant Garden will be a world you can visit since Pooh's book has only ever appeared in that world. If it a world you can visit, I have some ideas about what might happen in that world. We have seen Demyx returning to Radiant Garden carrying what I believe is a person in a white robe. The only person who we have ever seen where a white robe like that is Ventus, so I think that Demyx just saved Ventus and is returning to Radiant Garden to keep him safe, but why would he do that? If both Demyx and Vexen are working for Ansem the Wise and are undercover in the seekers of darkness, they may have found out where Ventus was and what the seekers of darkness were planning to do with him while they were undercover and went to save him. We know that Ienzo is keeping in touch with Sora with that device, so maybe once Ventus is brought to him, he contacts Sora to come to Radiant Garden to wake Ventus up. This may be the reason that Sora heads to Radiant Garden in the first place I also think that, since at least one seeker of darkness has appeared in almost every world, that Terra-Xehanort may appear as the seeker of darkness whom Sora encounters in this world. But these are just must thoughts. What do you guys think?
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