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Found 352 results

  1. Allwil13

    Bojack Horseman

    Is anybody else here a fan of the Netflix series Bojack Horseman? I recently started rewatching it in preparation for the 5th season premier next month and I'm remembering so many of the amazing elements that make this show so incredibly powerful and heartwrenching. Does anybody else here love this show as much as me? If so, is anyone interested in having a discussion thread for it here?
  2. Oke now I have to watch this show But my favorite moment so far from the show I saw was this Edit: thanks for title fix:)
  3. The Transcendent Key

    Will The Teen Titans Return?

    Hey there everyone, how's it going? So then, I assume that many of you are familiar with the original Teen Titans cartoon that aired from 2003 through 2006, am I right? Well, we love this show, and we were all bummed out when the show was cancelled back then, and we never got a proper final season to conclude things! True, we got Trouble In Tokyo, the film that served as the ending to the series, but we still all craved one final season! And it seems we might get that! Key word: might! Here I, The Friendly Neighborhood Webhead, discuss upon the prospect of possibly having the Titans return to us for one more season! Here's hoping! Enjoy the video! I seriously hope they return! X_X
  4. AnHeiressofaSOLDIER

    Max and Logan from Dark Angel AMV

    An amv I recently made for the nearly twenty-year-old TV show, Dark Angel, as it's one of my favorite shows of all time (and has my favorite TV show pairing, actually)... and as I recently got into the show again by rewatching it, I decided I'd finally finally finally make something for these two. I doubt that anyone here knows Dark Angel. But on the off-chance they do, and like anything about it... here this is for them to enjoy. Hopefully:) The song is "Summer Girl", which was created in real life based on lyrics Maggie Stiefvater wrote in her book "Shiver".
  5. Can't escape from the Disney
  6. Allwil13

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    Any fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine here? What do you guys think about the whole cancellation fiasco over the past couple of days? I think people are feeling much better now that NBC has picked it up for season 6.
  7. Ultimosora

    F You Cartoon Network!

    Or at least the people who do the schedules. Ready to not see Grandma Got Run Over by A Reindeer, Ed, Edd, N Eddy Jingle Jingle Jangle, and more CN Christmas specials? Me neither.
  8. Which dragon would be the most fun to ride?
  9. Iamkingdomhearts1000


    Has anyone heard of Arrowverse?
  10. I absolutely love Jimmy Neutron. I watched it all the time; it's a part of my childhood. They had plans for a season four, but because The Ant Bully failed in theaters and Planet Sheen negatively received with low ratings, the odds of Jimmy Neutron coming back for season four are slim to not happening. These are the details for season four overall story. Source: There is a petition here on demanding the series be rebooted for a fourth season. I signed the petition a while ago. In order to have this petition be sent to Nickelodeon, 20000 signatures are needed and it currently has as of 9/26/17 just over 2500 signatures. If you want Jimmy Neutron to come back, sign this petition and get other people to sign as well.
  11. The link my mom sent me: I hope I'm at the right place posting this. I found out by a different link my mom sent me through Facebook Messenger. But yeah. Whitmire won't be voicing Kermit anymore. I'm sadden to hear this, but very understandable of whatever the reason that may be. I really don't know how long the Muppets have been around. Probably way before I was even born. I remember my mom gave me and my brother "A Zing Into Spring" Kermit/Miss Piggy Plush (W/ Cassette Tape) and she might've done some kind of Photography thing at Target. (I don't really remember the photography thing though.) I don't have the plush anymore nor the tape. I could say: The Rhyming Song was my favorite from the tape, because it was funny and I didn't understand it as a kid. But I get it as I'm older. I also remember watching some shows I think like Muppet's Tonight, Muppet Babies, and I think that's it. (Although, it's a blur remembering them.) I do remember watching one of the newer Muppet's movie and hearing "Rainbow Connection" made me cry and inspired me to do a painting of Miss Piggy (Zing Into Spring Plush) for my Painting 1 class years ago. I could post it on here if you want me to. I'm sure a lot of us, may have memories of Kermit. I just wanted to make a post about this. UPDATE: Disney fired him. And I will post my Miss Piggy painting on here later on.
  12. Hey there everyone, how's it going!? So then, as I'm sure that you all know, Teen Titans, the original series, ended around 2006, and re-runs stopped in about 2012...and now suddenly, this interesting piece appears in Youtube! I mean, this is way off the rails, but if enough people watch the re-runs...could there finally be a Season 6? I mean, I know Trouble In Tokyo is supposed to be the end of the series, but...there was always the expectation of a Season 6...could it happen? My childhood would return and I would be eternally grateful if this series returned for one more season! :')
  13. Hah, you called me Xemnas? No, I am Xe- - To be continued -
  15. keyslinger

    Shows from the 1990's

    Lately i've been watching shows from my childhood in the 90's. Does anyone have any shows that they love from the 90's? Try and list them. Here's mine: Are You Afraid Of The Dark? Batman The Animated Series Rugrats Spider Man The Series Dragon Ball Z Goof Troop Darkwing Duck Of course this is just a sample of great shows I love. What are yours? Are there any shows you would like to see return or be remade?
  16. Source Remember when that Sly Cooper movie was teased all the way back in the ancient year of 2014? Well either that is still on the fence or it has been broken down and rebuilt as this upcoming animated series by Sony and Technicolor Animation Productions. No details on a release date nor for voice cast roles are available at this time. Here's what we know about the show so far: Also, by word of Sandrine Nguyen, Managing Director, Technicolor Animation Productions: I, for one, was hooked the minute I read that this would be handled by Technicolor because they are the same team behind the Sonic Boom cartoon, and if this is anything like the Sonic Boom cartoon (which is insanely funny and entertaining and I recommend both fans of Sonic and cartoons in general to check it out), it will be a sure-fire hit that will hopefully breed interest for even more Sly stuff in the future. We do still need a Sly 5 after all. Fingers crossed. :wacko:
  17. Iamkingdomhearts1000

    Only Fools and Horses.

    Has anyone ever heard of the UK's number one Sitcom? what a Plonker! :].
  18. The Transcendent Key

    Once Upon A Time -- General Discussion

    Hey there everyone, how's it going!? So then, I wanted to talk to you all about a show I've been watching for years now, and I'm sure it's a show a good many of you have watched as well! And I'm talking about... Now, for all those who know about this show, which is a story that mixes in various different Grim and Disney characters together in a darker setting, right now it's in its sixth season! Now, the show is very good, and I've loved it from the get go, but apparently, the ratings for the show haven't been the best for a while now, thus many are fearing that the show will be cancelled! Now, right now, at where the story is currently standing at, everything is leading up to the point of the "Final Battle" as the Black Fairy says. Now, the way things are building up, especially with Emma and Hook engaged, I think that it's safe to say that this season should be the show's last. We've gotten to a point where the most important characters have gotten their stories told, and right now, after the Black Fairy, I really don't see what other mighty villain can be put to surpass her, since she's apparently the source of all Black Magic, ya know? So honestly, I think the show should end on a high note with this season, as I think that it's going to, with Emma and Hook's wedding being the "Happily Ever After" so to speak! I would much prefer the series ends now then for it to decline in popularity and get cancelled, because let me tell you, I've invested many years of my life on these characters, so I really don't want to see their stories unfinished! But what about all of you? Do you, like me, think the show should end with this season? Or do you think it should continue?
  19. There are so many worlds out there!
  20. My favorite television show at the moment is getting back
  21. GAME OF THRONES Season 7 Official Trailer (2017) TV Show HD I hope I am not late and I don't watch Game of Thrones
  22. The Transcendent Key

    Star Wars Rebels: Ben Kenobi Vs. Maul!

    SPOILERS!!!!! Hey there everyone, how's it going!? So then, for all of you who have watched Star Wars Rebels, and by extension, watched The Clone Wars previously, know that Darth Maul had survived the events of the Phantom Menace and was hell bent on revenge against Obi Wan! Well, that long standing rivalry came to a head in the latest episode of Rebels, titled Twin Suns! Here's the footage of the fight! Spoilers for those who haven't watched the Episode though! This was a beautifully ironic and poetic death for Darth Maul! At first, I was a bit shocked the duel was so short, but after reading through comments, I realized that the stance Ben had used just before dealing the killing blow was the stance Qui-Gon used fighting against Maul so many years back! Maul tried to kill Ben the same way he had his Master, but ultimately, that was his undoing, since Ben had known this would be Maul's reaction! The result, a quick and poetic death! "He will avenge us..." Maul's last words....dang, that's so emotional! A fitting end to one who had suffered for so long! :') Well, we can officially count this as the end of Darth Maul! Rest in peace, you badass Sith!
  23. Firaga

    "Steven Universe"

    Welcome to the official thread dedicated to the hit Cartoon Network show created by Rebecca Sugar, who previously worked on Adventure Time. Prepare for magic, mystery, feels, and hilarity. But most importantly, feels. Aaaaaand now, cue the theme song because it's just that great:
  24. I'm a little late, but since I didn't find a thread already about this, figured I'd make one: I never saw much of the original cartoon, I was more of a Darkwing Duck fan (if I haven't made that clear in the past), but this version looks pretty fun, especially since the big Donald himself is actually in it, something I never really understood about the original. David Tennant seems to be settling into his Scrooge role pretty well and hopefully he'll do right by the late Alan Young.
  25. Adapt some fanfiction, yo. Late night material, right there.