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If Sora and Kairi got a child...

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I probably made this a topic long time ago but whatever.


So will the kid look like: Ventus, Xion, Roxas, Namine, Sora and Kairi.... That must be some party they all enjoy  :biggrin:


But will the child get it's personality from Sora Kairi or anyone else aah so cute to think about :wub:

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From a purely genetic standpoint, the child will have brown hair since brown is the dominant allele versus redhead. And since they both have blue eyes, the child will have blue eyes as well since both are recessive alleles, and can only be expressed if both parents have the recessive trait.


Tl;dr brown hair and blue eyes

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They most definitely would not look like Donald or Goofy... I hope. Otherwise KH is more disturbing than I thought. 

Seriously though I think it would be interesting to see Nomura draw something like that.


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