What was the best line from the KH3 D23 trailers?

What was the best line from the KH3 D23 trailers?  

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  1. 1. What was the best line from the KH3 D23 trailers?

    • "Come out, you has-beens!"
    • ”Mike Wazowski”
    • ”What a strange place to slither off to..you insignificant speck
    • ”All right. Today we teach those guys who’s boss.”
    • ”How interesting it is to see you again, Sora.”
    • ”Might aswell leave it here..in case the other me needs it.”
    • Another line? Share below!

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"That there's some good in this world, Mr. Frodo. And it's worth fighting for."


Oh my God, I got this immediately! Sam's speech from The Two Towers! You've just earned huge points on my account! Gahh, I wish I didn't have the like quota, cuz otherwise, I woulda liked your comment on the spot! xD


I was going to pick Mike Wazowski as my favorite line, but I had to go with Vanitas's line towards Ventus. Calling Ven an insignificant speck just reeks of Vanitas badassery! I'm so happy that he appeared in the trailer, the hype is real! :')

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