Bandai commercial shows off the Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Key Keyblade PROPLICA releasing April 2018; pre-orders now available


Back in May 2017, a prop replica of the iconic Kingdom Key Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts was revealed as a part of the PROPLICA adult-oriented model series line by Bandai at Tokyo Toy Show 2017. You can check out photos of the Kingdom Key PROPLICA at Tokyo Toy Show 2017 in the article here.


On November 22, 2017, it was confirmed that the Kingdom Key PROPLICA will be releasing in April 2018, and that it will be available for 19,980 yen (approximately $179.61 USD). It was also shown off that the Kingdom Key PROPLICA can project a Keyhole out onto a wall or a surface.


Today, on November 27, 2017, Tamashii listed the Kingdom Key PROPLICA, reconfirming the release date and the price, and newly revealing that the PROPLICA makes built-in attack and magic trigger sounds. The base part of the Keyblade will emit various colors according to the sound. You can take a look at photos of the PROPLICA from the Tamashii listing below:



The AmiAmi page for the Kingdom Key PROPLICA was also put online today. Pre-orders have started. You can pre-order it on AmiAmi here.


A Japanese commercial for the Kingdom Key PROPLICA can also be found on its AmiAmi page that was uploaded to YouTube by the official Japanese Bandai account. You can check out this commercial below:



The model utters various spells (Fire/Blizzard/Thunder/Cure) which is followed by a change in color of the LEDs at the base of the blade!


You can take a look at the video description of the commercial below:


It's been 15 years since the release of the popular game Kingdom Hearts.


From Bandai's adult-oriented display model series "PROPLICA", with a size of about 95cm in total length, appears the "Keyblade" - literally, the key to the game.


The size was indexed based on Sora's in-game balance, it is just the right size for adults.


It is equipped with attack and magic sound effects for when it is activated, and the base of the blade will project various colors according to the sound.


There is no doubt that it will immerse you in the world of Kingdom Hearts.


Let's get to Sora with the Keyblade in hand!


You can also check out the product description for the Kingdom Key PROPLICA below:


The key to opening the door to the heart.


From PROPLICA, a Keyblade is presented.

Built-in sounds such as attack sounds and magic trigger sounds.

Fires at magic activation. In order to reproduce the scene to open the door [to the heart of the world], a keyhole is projected.


Modeling / Size

While following the proportion of appearance in the game, the balance has been calculated to match to human size, adjusting the beautiful form.

Because it is a simple modeling, it builds details.

The size of approximately 950 mm in total length guides it to "real".


Beautiful light

At the time of magic invocation, the base of the sword emits six colors, randomly flashing!



Produces various realistic sounds!



Key projection from the tip of the key.

Impressive "keyhole" can be projected with sound effects!


■ Product Specifications

Total length: about 950mm

Material: ABS, acrylic


■ Set Contents

· Body

· Display pedestal


■ Battery

· AA 3 × 3 (sold separately)


UPDATE [Nov. 4, 2017]: The Kingdom Key PROPLICA was displayed at Tamashii Nation 2017, which is the final stop of the Tamashii Nations 10th Anniversary World Tour. You can view a photo of the Kingdom Key PROPLICA being shown off at the event below:



The Roxas S.H.Figuarts figure can also be seen in the photo, which was revealed for the first time at Tamashii Nation 2017. The Sora S.H.Figuarts figure can be seen as well, which is currently available to purchase.

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It looks really cool! But why didn't they put the led on the end of the Keyblade, That would make more sense right?

They keyhole projector is a real nice feature! :)

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Share on other sites looks so beautiful! Words cannot even express how beautiful! AND THE KEYHOLE AND EVERYTHING!!!! GYAHHH!


Thanks for showing this to us, Elfdemon! That Kingdom Key definitely looks gorgeous! :D

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