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Maleficent's story “Dark Deed” and Pete's story “Villain among Villains”: Kingdom Hearts Series Character Files

The Kingdom Hearts Series Character Files translations for the character stories of Maleficent and Pete are now available!

The Kingdom Hearts Series Character Files features over 200 characters from the entirety of the series thus far, with several short stories from Tomoco Kanemaki (the writer of the Kingdom Hearts light novels). You can purchase the book for ¥3,080 (approx. $28.03) from the Square Enix e-Store directly or from AitaiKuji, who deliver official and exclusive Japanese pop culture items!

You can check out more exclusive character and worlds stories from Kingdom Hearts Series Character Files below:

The translations for Maleficent's story “Dark Deed” and Pete's story “Villain among Villains” can be viewed below! Translations are courtesy of LilyGinnyBlack.


Maleficent's Story
Dark Deed

Maleficent conquered this world not that long ago. The seeds that she had scattered 16 years ago bore fruit. This world was Enchanted Dominion — and a curse was placed upon it when Aurora was born.

Upon the sun setting on the day of her 16th birthday,
She shall die by pricking her finger on a spinning wheel’s spindle.

The curse was successfully fulfilled, and the people of the castle fell asleep, and even the prince, who had come to break the curse, was in Maleficent’s grasp. Outside of those fairies, she didn’t have any enemies left.

Maleficent listens to the words of an old man within the confines of a room that no one enters and which is in the innermost section of the castle that is now covered in thorns:

“Darkness is responsive to the presence of darkness. Like yourself, I had no concerns with allies or foes. There is no need for any other decision besides that of devoting oneself to the darkness. If our interests align, then we can work together, if not, then we will simply be adversaries.”

Maleficent contemplates these words.

Maleficent had a vague sense that the world expanded father than here, this place. This world is small. There are some doubts that she has of making not only this world, but all worlds, her own. But if there is a way to do so, then there is no reason to not take it.

If I gather the Seven Princesses of Light, then the world will be mine.

Of course, that old man has his own goals. After stepping into his trap of charming words, there were bound to be plenty of ways of stepping out of it.

Those who believe in such things as the power of love should drown in the power of evil and fall into darkness. At the same time that the old man visited, there was an indication that an outsider had visited this world. Maleficent senses they came from the outside world, just like that old man did.

At this moment, Maleficent doesn’t know that she will have a long association with them.

Time passed and Maleficent was now stood next to a lone boy. The name of this town is Traverse Town. It’s a small town that exists in the space between worlds. Lights flicker on in the dim town, and people go about living. So long as humans are living, then they appear to hold on to some hope.

However, the boy beside her was different. Maleficent chuckles to herself - it’s likely that jealousy currently has a hold on the boy’s heart.

The boy was staring into the bright room, at the sight of his former friend talking with the new companions he made.

“Look, it is just as I told you, is it not?” The boy just continues staring intensely through the brightly lit window. “You had been desperately searching for that boy, and yet, he just up and found new companions. You see, that boy values his new friends more than he values you.”

The boy’s name is Riku. He is a boy that Maleficent is currently keeping her eyes on. He has the power to influence this world. And if her judgement is right, then his heart harbors darkness. If she were to sway his heart just slightly, then it will fall to the darkness.

Maleficent faces Riku, places her hand on his shoulder, and softly says, “But, my dear, you have nothing to fear. Forget that boy and come with me. I can help you find what you are looking for.”

Riku shakes her hand off, turns his back on the window, and starts walking away.

Yes, that’s right. This is good.  — And thus, you grow and mature. Together with the power of darkness.

“Oh yeah, give me that power — the power to control the Heartless.” Said Riku, who was abroad Hook’s pirate ship and had found Kairi.

He had easily believed the lie that if the Seven Princesses were to be gathered, then a way to return Kairi’s heart could be found. Though it appeared that he was also annoyed at his former best friend for not having tried to find Kairi.

The darkness is nestling inside Riku’s body — inside his heart.

It was just as she had predicted, Riku was falling into the darkness. And it had been as easy as twisting the arm of a babe. But it is with that same arm that she disappears at one time from this world.

“If you rely too much on the power of darkness, then your heart will end up consumed by it.” In an incredible twist of fate, it was none other than those words that she had repeatedly told him, that led to her being stabbed in the chest by the keyblade in Riku’s hands.

Evil must not be consumed by darkness. If you are consumed by the darkness in your heart, then you become a heartless, and lose your heart. But Maleficent herself had failed at this.

However, she then recalls.

This, abandoning the physical body, is the very thing that I need — In order to travel through time all of the conditions must be met. Did, perhaps, that man know all this? Even that I would lose my physical form in such a way —

It was in the past data that she landed.

“Since it is this world, Sora and his companions cannot meddle. They cannot get in my way, after all.”

That old man was no longer an ally of hers. I must act for myself and myself alone. Is this what he wants me to do?

And so, Maleficent returns to this world again from the memories of the fairies. Maleficent thinks of how memories are such a mysterious thing. She fully understands the reason why those people are so adamant about memories.

How can I make it so that everything goes my way? If it is not only data, but memories as well that can be spun, then should it not be much easier to conquer this world?

“Sora! Your Majesty! You owe me a great deal.”

Maleficent comes to the aid of Sora and his companions, and then gazes up at the empty space. Everything started when she met that old man. And yet, there was nothing more boring than that old man’s plan.

Within the data, or may perhaps within sleep, I act only for myself.

“You won’t hear a word of thanks from me. My debt has been repaid.”

She had no intention of joining up with them, but they could be helpful at times. Nothing more.

Without wavering, Maleficent will continue moving forward in order to rule this world. Now she seeks the black box. So long as she has that box, then she will obtain everything.

The mark on that box is —

Love is fragile, light and darkness are uncertain, and evil is rampant. I am the ruler of all evil. I cannot be consumed by darkness. Evil is deeper than darkness, light does not reach it, and it continues to rule this society.




Pete's Story

Villain among Villains


“Hey you! Seen any bad guys around here?”

Why’s Pete asking us that? We’re just gonna point to him. After all, we’re thinking that Pete’s got to be the one who’s up to no good.

But, in that world, that strange black and white world that we entered in the Hall of the Cornerstone - Timeless River - that Pete was a bit different.

“Who are ya? You new around here?”

“Cut the act.”

I had my Keyblade out, ready to strike, but before I could do anything Donald cast his magic on Pete, who was trying to stand up, and he fell right there on his back.

“Woah! Oh, ow….”

“You know, somethin’ doesn’t seem quite right here. Are you sure you’re Pete?” I turned to look at Goofy, we finally realized that this Pete wasn’t the Pete we were used to.

“Well, of *course* I’m Pete. I’m the captain of the steamboat. So stop botherin’ me, see? So hit the road! I gotta go find the little runt what stole my boat!”

As Pete sits there rubbing his lower back and complaining, we put our heads together and talk.

“Gwarsh, maybe we made a mistake.”

“I’m starting to think the same thing. He hasn’t even called any Heartless.” I whisper to Donald. Right after this, Goofy goes over to help Pete.

“Sorry we attacked ya like that, Capt'n Pete.”

“Oh, yeah? Well, if you’re really sorry, then go find my steamboat! ….Ooh, my achin’ back!”

He said this while finally standing up, though the pain in his lower back must have been pretty unbearable, since he collapsed back to the ground again. And with that, we went off in search of the stolen steamboat —-

On our way there, we saved a Mickey that was near identical to the King, but wasn’t him, and finally found the steamboat.  

“My boat!”

Pete took off running ahead of us, towards the Pete we were used to, who was riding on the boat. Ugh, it’s confusing!

“Shaddup! Your future’s on the line pallie, so back off and give me the boat!” Shouts back the Pete that we were used to to this Pete. He then blows the steam whistle as the boat departs. We jump onto the departing boat. Then this Pete followed, the weight causing the boat to sway. The Pete that we were used to then slipped and fell into the river, case closed….or so I thought. Pete, who had fallen into the river, finally reached the riverbank, and then, still soaking wet, took off running.

“I’ll never forgive ya!” Said this Pete, jumping off of the boat.

We exchange glances with each other and then chase after Pete who is chasing after Pete. Then the next thing we saw where the two Pete’s going at each other.

“Why you!”’

“Let’s do this!”

“Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!”

“Ha! You’re still wet behind the ears!”

“I don’t know which is which….” Donald is walking around the two, who are shouting at each other, looking troubled. The only thing different about the two of them are their clothes. Well, they’re a bit different in other ways too, but when the two of them are wrestling with each other, it really *is* hard to tell which is which.

One of the Petes got sent flying back. The two were finally separated so we were able to get a good look at them. The Pete that went flying backwards was this world’s Pete!

We block the path of the Pete that we’re used to before he can get away.

“Then try us!”

We chase Pete around, running from here to there —

It was when I was playing a game that I recalled all that.

“There, you’ve just downloaded a promo game for the film.”

Olette told me about it, how there are games that you can download onto your Gummiphone. You can get the games in a bunch of different worlds, and you can play a bunch of different stuff, but, I don’t know, something about this world feels similar to Timeless River. Like the black and white feel of it all or something.

“Me next!”

Donald snatched the Gummiphone out of my hands and peered into the screen.

“Come on, Donald, isn’t it impossible for you to beat my high score?”

“You just see! Here I go!”

“Aren’t you two about even?” Says Goofy, who is looking at the screen from behind Donald and me.

In the middle of the screen are the King and me sliding down a snow mountain, trying to have an encounter with Pete.

Thinking about it, I wonder what happened to Pete from that world - from back then - to now?  Though it looks like this Pete is still up to wicked scheming with Maleficent — somehow or another, I get the feeling that Maleficent finds something about him to be a bit lovable, ya know~

It feels a bit special, because he shows up in all sorts of worlds with us and with a slightly different appearance. He’s also known Donald, Goofy, and the King for a long time.

And it seems like he’ll be sticking around for a long while more now too.



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