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  1. Just pre-ordered KH III . This is the happiest day of my life .

  2. If it is Xion, they're gonna have a lot of explaining to do though. Nobody is supposed to remember or even know Xion.
  3. Hey, welcome to the site !
  4. I'd actually count on two or more playable characters. I just can't see myself only playing with Sora throughout this behemoth of a game.
  5. Xigbar. I really hope that one of the "surprises" that Nomura promised will include Xigbar revealing his actual agendas . 'Cause I'm sure he has his own agendas...
  6. Let's try to actually get to play Kingdom Hearts 3 and we can worry about a possible future saga later
  7. Depends on if Riku and Mickey save Aqua in time. If they don't and Xehanort and the Seekers get to her first, then they will probably find Ven first. However, they could pull off some type of "heart connection" like they did with Aqua and Terra in 0.2 where Aqua was able to talk to Terra. Maybe Sora or someone will be able to do that as well ? Maybe they could get Ven's location in time before the Xehanort side of Aqua reveals where Ven is.
  8. All of them . But I am gonna buy 2.8 soon so I'm gonna start every single of them in chronological order . I should be good.
  9. The Caribbean and Monstropolis. We've yet to see Big Hero 6, I'm pretty excited for that as well. Not a big fan of Frozen. Heck , what am I talking about, every world is gonna be fantastic.
  10. It's a pretty good theory with a lot of twists. I can definitely see Roxas being with the bad guys and he does have every right to be with them. But we still don't know what kind of data Ansem gave to Sora. Maybe there's a way of bringing back Ventus without having to "hurt" Sora (we've seen crazier things).
  11. Don't forget, they also talked about the Data Twilight Town and how Ansem may have included Roxas's data in there. That's probably gonna play a role in his return, no matter how big. Maybe by "analyzing" that data, they might even find a way to bring Ventus back, separately from Roxas. We still don't know what kind of data Ansem provided Sora and co. and how important it is. He did say that it's gonna help them find their lost friends.
  12. Donald was the real Xehanort all along .
  13. I'm not sure about your theory, but the fact that Xehanort says : "But Sora and another on your list belong to me now" does make it plausible. I think it all comes down to how Xehanort is back in his original form and not his Terranort form. Nomura has said that it will be explained in KH III. So I can only see two cases : 1) What you said, Xehanort and Terra split. So, Terra is somewhere out there and Xehanort could be talking about Aqua or Ven. We don't know how long Aqua has been in the Xehanort form. So, for all we know, she might have been one of the hooded people in DDD's ending . 2) Xehanort had taken full control of his Terranort body and the "Terra side" of him was completely wiped off. That would mean that Xehanort is talking about Terra and not Aqua or Ven. The Xehanort we saw could have time-travelled but that wouldn't make a lot of sense.
  14. I never really liked the FF characters as I have never played any FF game. Fortunately, they don't play a huge role in the storyline.
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