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  1. I know this has nothing to do with No More Kingdom Hearts Games being on Switch but if they did put these Worlds in the Next Saga of the Kingdom Hearts Series on the PS5 and XBOX Series X then... Dinosaur (The Prehistoric Land) Emperor's New Groove (Kingdom of the Sun) Atlantis the Lost Empire (The Lost Capital) Treasure Planet (Legacy to Galaxy) Brother Bear (Spirit Mountain) Incredibles (City of Supers) (Taking place after the Second Film) Meet the Robinsons (Todayland) The Princess and the Frog (Town of Wishes) I wanted to put a Lilo and Stitch World on here but due to Japan not liking Lilo it's Impossible to put Lilo in the Series
  2. I would have love if Savannah Pride would have returned for a Simba Summon.
  3. No i believe Two Pixar Worlds is enough besides we don't need another One it's time for some 2D Worlds i think we've already got enough 3D Worlds for Kingdom Hearts 3 now it's time to get some 2D Worlds in the Game.
  4. Well it's most likely that WIR could be a World Exclusive to KHUX cause we all know that Ralph is in fact a Link Summon so it's pretty obvious that he is a Summon.
  5. Tokyo Game Show 2018 for sure and Maybe another Trailer possibly revealing a brand new Disney World (My Money's on The Jungle Book)
  6. Whatever this Final Favorite World of Nomura's is we all need to give out Hints of what it is and find out.
  7. Well it's been leaked but that's an Disney Original World (Not based on any Disney Movies or Shows) but we won't know if it will be playable or not.
  8. Back before Kingdom Hearts 2 was released in Japan i was most Surprised about that they finally Add The Pride Lands cause everyone wanted to see what The Lion King world would look like in the Kingdom Hearts Series and when i had Kingdom Hearts II i was surprised that Pride Lands was finally added.
  9. I don't know if we're going to get anything at Gamescom for Kingdom Hearts 3 expect for the Same Demo (Olympus and Toy box) but we'll see what happens
  10. 5: Opening Cutscene 4: Other Playable Character 3: The Remaining Lights and Darkness 2: Big Hero 6 and 1: The Remaining Disney Worlds Honorary Mention: More Gummi Ship Footage
  11. Um about that Classic Kingdom is just Minigames. And the Remaining Worlds that i want to see... Remaining Disney Worlds Atlantis;The Lost Empire The Princess and the Frog Remaining Original Worlds Radiant Garden (???) Keyblade Graveyard/Kingdom Hearts Daybreak Town (?) Seven New Princesses of Heart 1: Kairi 2: Rapunzel 3: Anna 4: Elsa 5: Merida 6: Tiana 7: Kida
  12. I don't want another Live Action World besides we're good with only one Live Action World (Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End) besides the only way to incorporate Mary Poppins is either have her as a Summon or make a Cameo in the Series.
  13. We don't know man We might or might not get a New Trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 until TGS or at an Early Gaming event.
  14. Well since we might not get anything at the San Diego Comic Con (Unless there's a Big Hero 6 surprise) here's where i want to see Kingdom Hearts 3 news at Tokyo Game Show 2018: New Trailer and World Reveal (Featuring Big Hero 6 and or either an New Disney World or an Original World) Gamescom 2018: Possibly a New Trailer and a New World reveal or not Jump Festa 2018: Final Trailer (Hopefully before the Release of the Game and big Surprises)
  15. I want to see on who are the remaining Lights and darkness so Far we've gotten... The Lights 1: Sora 2: Riku 3: Mickey 4: Lea 5: Kairi but only two Missing 6: ??? 7: ??? And then on the Darknesses side 1: Master Xehanort 2: Xemnas 3: Young Xehanort 4: Saix (Used to be Isa) 5: Xigbar 6: Ansem Seeker of Darkness (Or Xehanort's Heartless for short) 7: Marluxia 8: Vanitas 9: Larxene 10: Luxord 11: Aqua (Unless the Heroes save her from Xehanort's Influence) 12: ??? 13: ???
  16. Treasure Planet 2 ( :sad:) (I love Treasure Planet but it made me sad we never gotten a Sequel and a World for the Series) Dumbo 2 Meet the Robinsons 2 Hercules 2 Nightmare Before Christmas 2
  17. My Fears Sora becoming a Xehanort or succumbing it The Wayfinder Trio being Seekers of Darkness (If we don't save Ventus in Time) No FF Characters Agarbah Not returning Sad Ending (Please i don't want a Sad Ending) :sad: Treasure Planet or Atlantis not being in the Game (Which makes me sad if either one dosen't make it) :sad:
  18. Nope i rather not have Kingdom Hearts 3 have a Teen Rating i rather have it as a Rated Everyone Ages 10 and Up
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