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  1. Off the top of my head, the reasons people dislike it include but are not limited to: Story standpoint: - time travel as a major series plot point (as opposed to it being contained in a single world's plot) - "Why can't people that die just stay dead?" - more "everybody gets a Keyblade" Characters: - "Why is Sora so DUMB?" Gameplay: - having to take care of Dream Eaters, especially for Abilities - balance These are the handful of reasons I've seen people dislike it.
  2. Well, the tradeoff is that Fire, you get early game, and can start using it in fights like the cave fight in Land of Dragons, and it doesn't rely on having to time it against the enemies' attacks. Reflect doesn't get to be it at its most powerful until the end of the game, if I remember correctly. When I was grinding for Final Form (and afterwards LV99 when I was making using of Gull Wing and EXP Boost), it was just faster to dispose of Nobodies with Fire. Reflect was something I only used if I was dealing with Snipers that already had a bullet out or Sorcerers.
  3. First or second visit? Actually, sounds like first visit, if you only have Cure. Magic upgrades happen at certain points in the game. You won't get Cura until later on in the story.
  4. The game restricts you to three items per battle so that you're not consuming your entire inventory in a single fight. It's there to simulate the limited items you could use in combat in KH1 and KH2 since it doesn't have the same inventory setup that those two games had.
  5. People hated (or at least disliked) Atlantica for a few reasons. In KH1: 1) swimming controls 2) combat while swimming 3) navigating In KH2: 4) QTE 5) having to redo songs for 100% (before realizing they could just quit the song and it would still count for Jiminy's Journal) 6) didn't like some of the songs themselves
  6. Barring cheese methods (namely the one involving Fenrir--the only one I can think of off-hand), it's a boss that you really have to learn in order to get past him.
  7. They can be beat at any LV. (Videos of them being beat at LV1 do exist--some of them No Damage even.) You just have to learn the fights for the most part (or how to cheese them if you don't have the patience for that).
  8. Whenever you get synthesis items as rewards for giving the Moogle stuff, those rewards go to your inventory and won't be given to the Moogle until you re-enter the Synthesis Menu again.
  9. I believe it technically is since I think it's listed under Limit Form in the Abilities menu.
  10. It's not as complicated as it may seem. They even give you a visual of the door's requirements when you interact with it via the Triangle button. Like... a green outline of a card should tell you that you need a green card. A 5 with an up arrow should tell you that you need a map card with a value of 5 or higher. It should even say on-screen what each individual requirement is.
  11. You get Map Cards by defeating Heartless, but you can only carry up to 99 (I believe this excludes "Key" cards). To progress through doors, you need a Map Card(s) that meets the criteria that door asks for. Example: If the card displayed on the door when you interact with it has a white outline, and it says "1" with an up arrow, that means you need any map card with a value of 1 or higher. Example: If the card displayed is green with 4 and a down arrow, you need a green map card with a value of 4 or less. Example: If it's a red card and displays "2=", you need a red card with exactly a value of 2. If it shows a number with no arrow or "=", you just need to consume map cards at the door until you deplete the number. Example: If the card displays "7" with no arrows or equal sign, you need to use map cards on it whose total is 7 or higher. (If the outline is a specific color, you can only use cards of that color to meet the criteria.)If it shows a specific card rather than an outline, you need that specific Map Card. (This will only apply when a door asks for Key to Beginnings, Key to Guidance, Key to Truth, and Key to Rewards. NOTE: You cannot enter the Key to Guidance Room without first entering the Key to Beginnings Room. Same with Key to Truth.) If the door displays multiple different criteria, you need to meet the criteria from left to right. Example: If it shows red 7(up), green 25, Key to Rewards, then you need to first use a map card that is red and has a value of 7 or higher, then you need to use green map cards whose total value is 25 or higher, then specifically the Key to Rewards.A map card with a value of 0 can fulfill any condition in which the door asks for a certain value or higher, such as the door asking for a 6 or higher. A Random Joker can fulfill any one criteria, including a door asking for map cards whose total value is 30 or higher.
  12. You shouldn't have very many issues, if at all. Especially KH2FM, due to the 1.04 patch. A lot of stuff that was messed up on PS3 was fixed on PS4 as a result of patching. Yes, that includes them fixing the save crash.
  13. As far as I know, Superglide can only be obtained from a Ryu Dragon and, if this isn't a New Game+ playthrough, I don't think you can get it yet. Dark Roll, I believe you can get at random (at least when you get to a certain point in the game?) when dropping. Balloonra, however, I think you can get from making... Jestabocky? There is a Balloonra reward for A-Ranking the Prankster Paradise Dive and another in a chest in The Grid. Also, you can check the weather of each world whenever you drop, and if one of them has a sale currently going on, I believe you can get Balloonras from the Shop in that world at that time. SC+OM, I don't recall offhand which ones you can get it that might be the most optimal. For Once More, I know there's Tyranto Rex and... one of the Duck Dream Eaters (I forget the name), but the latter requires items.
  14. I've heard of someone else getting the black screen you mention but I actually don't know how much they've progressed in the game.
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