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  1. ....I still remember what a Nightmare it was to beat this game 100%. I beat every single boss, (secret or not) with all characters...and with Terra....I still got shivers from the memories ><
  2. I'm aware, and so is the person who made the leak, Chances are that there are more, since Monsters inc showed us that this is from at least a whole year ago. It's possible that there are more worlds (less then KH2 from previous statements from SE), so the tittle of the news is missleading, and people hyping it as the end all be all of leaks are only promoting that image.
  3. You guys should REALLY look into it, especially the ones in denial. This is the most solid leak I've ever seen (based on the sources). So don't bother crying about it, it's too late for that. And anyway, Nomura confirmed he would show all Disney worlds in the game before launch, so, whatever
  4. That's not the point thou. Flowmotion was quite simply overpowered. More so then Baloon, and that's saying something. It made exploring in DDD a second thought, And this is only my opinion, but I'm really glad it was nerfed for 3. Exploring the world(s) of 0.2 was such a joy for me, and there was zero reason to, since healing itens are not needed for non boss battles, and customization was just a gimick, but I had so much fun doing stuff the "old school way", that I'm glad I get to do just that in 3. Even with Athletic flow. As long as I can't climb EVERYWHERE I'm glad. And with such opened areas, flow motion battle is not as viable. Making the use of Magic more essencial in normal battles. Well that and Keyblade transformations and other stuff. It's genious really, by limiting one thing, you make a bunch of others more valuable in the end.
  5. I liked it. Especially because unlike Aqua's transformation, you gain more time in that form by actually doing great with it. Drive forms are cool. Almost awesome. They're not "awesome" for me because they hinder your progress (dodge roll and Double Jump locked untill you get Master and Limit? The hell?). And besides, most noobies don't use it because they mash it, most veterans don't use it because there is no reason to unleas you're leveling them up for their skills(see my first point), and it's unreliable on hard bosses aside from Data ones because of Anti form. Seriouslly, it's a gimick. A cool one, but that's that. Besides, the KB transformations are Sora's power, not a borrowed one.
  6. Unfortunetly the "it will be delayed to 2019 and beyond" jokes took it's place...urgh this comunity REALLY needs to get a grip on when to let go of jokes.
  7. C'mon people, you KNOW we would be gettin whatever it is we're getting this winter NOW if FF15 was not delayed. We're not getting info because it isn't ready, doesn't exist, or something like that, we're literally not getting anything because KH 2.8 was delayed.
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