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  1. Kairi. I’m really happy that she decided to be trained by Aqua! Hoping to see the results in the future.
  2. https://gamerant.com/kingdom-hearts-melody-memory-kairi-aqua/
  3. I’m happy that Kairi decided to be trained by Aqua. Just hoping she will be playable and have a bigger role in the future
  4. I really hope Kairi will have her own adventure in a future game
  5. I hope Kairi will have her own adventure in a future game. Mostly, I really hope she and Sora will reunite and finally be together.
  6. I like your ideas. I just hope Kairi will have her own adventure in a future game. But mostly, I really hope she and sora will reunite and finally be together.
  7. After playing and beating the game Kingdom Hearts 3, I have been thinking a lot about what will come in future games. I’ve been asking myself these questions for a while and just felt like letting them out. So, I’ve been looking up information, and these are my thoughts: The Master of Masters: this character is a complete mystery, and very eccentric. He creates the book of prophecies by means of his “Gazing Eye”, trains six apprentices, and gives five of them a copy of the book, which talks about the Keyblade War, and assigns each of them a different role. But, he only gives the part of the book called the “Lost Page” to the one named Gula. The Lost Page mentions a traitor. Then, all of a sudden, he disappeared. Tetsuya Nomura confirms the black-coated character using his hands to make a heart shape in front of the moon in the secret ending is the MoM. So the questions I have about him is: who is he, what is he planning to do, and does it have anything to do with Kingdom Hearts? The Gazing Eye: this eye, which is the MoM’s eye, is what gives him the power of foresight. He placed it in his Keyblade, the “No Name”, gave it to his apprentice, Luxu, and instructed him to pass it down from apprentice to apprentice, eventually reaching Xehanort in order to have it observe it’s surroundings throughout the eons and pass all that knowledge back to the Master in his own era. So my question is: what will the Master do after his eye shows him everything it saw? Book of Prophecies: an ancient book that Maleficent and Pete are currently searching for. The Master wrote this book which foretold the Keyblade War and what came after. He gave a copy of the book to each of the foretellers, except Luxu, with all but Gula’s omitting the “Lost Page” which talks about the betrayal of the foretellers. It also talks about the one who bears the “sigil”. The parts about the Lost Page are revealed by Gula: “Unable to permit disharmony, you will be disappointed by fate, and lose sight of true strength... Misreading the truth, you will venture forth into secrecy... And then with that one strike, a bell will toll for the final battle, and the battle will begin at last, and the time shall be chosen...”. One of the foretellers, Ava, suspects Luxu to be the traitor. In Coded, Maleficent and Pete were talking about the book. Legend says it is capable of transcribing and conjuring future events, as well as creating entire worlds filled with beings and powers that have yet to exist. My questions: Why did the Master only give the Lost Page to Gula? If Luxu wasn’t given a copy of the book, how did he know about the Lost Page? And is Luxu the traitor, or someone else? The Sigil(X): about the “sigil”, Xehanort said in BBS that is “a most ancient letter “ that symbolizes death and endings. The book of prophecies mentions someone bearing that sigil. My question: if the sigil does mean death and endings, what does it have to do with the person who has it? The Black Box: this mysterious item is what Maleficent believes contains the book of prophecies, but it’s never really confirmed. In the Caribbean world, Luxord tells Sora the box contains “hope”. In Kingdom Hearts X Back Cover, the Master instructs Luxu to keep the the contents of the box a secret and hide it in an undisclosed location. When the Master tells Luxu what’s inside it(which is not heard), Luxu looked shocked. After the defeat of Xehanort, the box appears out of nowhere in the Keyblade Graveyard. The red sigil of the emblem contains letters that read “Xsuper” in it. My question: Is “Xsuper” connected to what’s inside it? The Foretellers: the apprentices of the Master of Masters. After looking up some info on each of them, honestly, I think most of them have questionable morals to their character. They accused each other of being the traitor the book mentioned, even fought against each other. Now, in the Kingdom Hearts 3 epilogue, four of them appear and meet with Xigbar, revealed to be Luxu, but Ava is nowhere to be seen. My question: will they be the new antagonists in the next saga? Luxu/Xigbar: Luxu is the apprentice of the Master of Masters. He’s the only one who didn’t receive a copy of the book of prophecies. After The Master gives Luxu his Keyblade with his eye in it, he instructs Luxu to pass it from master to apprentice so that the Eye can see events pass throughout the ages. When Ava finds him, he explains to her that he was told to observe and survive the Keyblade War, and that his mission was to inherit the Lost Page’s secret. In Kingdom Hearts 3, after Xehanort’s defeat, Luxu reappears with No Name Keyblade and The foretellers in the Keyblade Graveyard, revealing to be in the body of Xigbar(I admit, that was a huge surprise to me). He tells the foretellers that he abandoned his old form, going from one body to the next throughout the ages, and that he had a role to play, and that it’s finished. My question: what will his new role be? The Wild Card: after Sora defeats Luxord, he gives him what he calls a “Wild Card”, tells him to hold on to it so that it could, as he said, “turn the tables”. In an interview with Tetsuya Nomura, he said the card card could help with Sora’s return in the future. My question: how exactly will it help Sora? Epilogue: In the epilogue, Luxu/Xigbar and the foretellers (except Ava), appear in the Keyblade Graveyard, and Maleficent and Pete are shown watching them from a distance. After that, it switches to a scene with the younger Eraqus and Xehanort setting up the board for a new game. There are seven black pieces(which Tetsuya Nomura confirms six of them to represent Luxu/Xigbar and the foretellers, but it’s unknown who the seventh piece is), and Eraqus placing down the white piece that has Sora’s crown necklace. My questions: if Ava didn’t appear with the other foretellers, where is she now? Who is the seventh black piece supposed to be? How many white game pieces are there? What roles will Maleficent and Pete play in the future? Secret Movie: Tetsuya Nomura confirms in an interview that what is shown in the secret movie happens after Sora disappeared in the ending. Sora wakes up finding himself in another world(which looks very much like Shibuya from the game TWEWY, judging from the building with the number 104). Then the scene switches to Riku who wakes up in that world, far away from Sora. And then there’s Yozora(who appeared in a video game trailer in the world of Toy Story) on on a building, watching Riku from a distance. And then, on another building, there is a black-hooded man making a heart shape with his hands in front of the moon. Tetsuya Nomura confirms it is the Master of Masters. My questions: is Riku searching for Sora in that world? What role will Yozora play in the future? Why is the Master in that world? Well, those are all my questions. I don’t know if they’re good ones, or if the information I gathered is accurate, but I just wanted to share my thoughts. If the questions are bad, or if the information isn’t good, I’m really sorry. Still, what are your thoughts/opinions/theories? Note: I know this is completely unrelated to the topic, and I apologize very much, but I just want to share what I personally hope for in the future: that Sora and Kairi will reunite and finally be together
  8. I agree! It would be great to see sora and kairi traveling together for the first time, and I hope kairi will have her own adventure in a future game. And, personally, I really hope they will reunite and finally be together in the future!
  9. I would love to see kairi visit Winnie the Pooh, and see her as a mermaid in atlantica.
  10. I like your ideas! I’m really hoping kairi will have her own adventure in a future game! And I really hope she and sora will finally be together!
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