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  1. ExperienceTheDivine

    Kingdom of Corona Boss

    I’ve always pictured the lanterns to come together as a giant lantern esque Heartless to battle as a mid level boss! Mother Gothel is one of my favorite villains, so I hope they incorporate a way to battle her in the end.
  2. The first thing I thought of when I saw deep diving was Atlantis, God I hope this is happening!!! I feel like there’s worlds that are already confirmed confirmed that could have deep dive areas as well though. Kingdom of Corona is literally centered on a giant lake and there’s the ocean area of San FranSokyo (Don’t feel like this would be an available area since I feel they’ll focus on the city aspect.)
  3. ExperienceTheDivine

    Hopes for the Invitational Event?

    From the pictures of the pre-event set up, it looks like it’s going to be Toy Story heavy. I know a lot of people are big Toy Story fans, but so far it’s proably the world I’m looking least forward to. Kinda hoping they’re going to show off more than just Toy Story at this event.
  4. ExperienceTheDivine

    Hopes for the Invitational Event?

    Maybe just wishful thinking...but I’m hoping that maybe they’ll reveal a brand new world for the demo? If not, I think it will be how it was years ago at the Birth by Sleep event where people got to play either through Castle of Dreams, The Enchanted Dominion or Dwarf Woodlands. Which if that’s the case, I’d expect Toy Story, Mount Olympus And one other world. (Hoping for Jungle Book)
  5. ExperienceTheDivine

    Let's Talk about The Square Enix E3 2018 Showcase

    I’d love to have a longer trailer like the dream drop distance trailer that shows up to 3 new worlds off. I realize they like to reveal one world at a time, but the fact of the matter is the game is coming out this year’s and there’s plenty more to reveal. I’d love for Frozen, Wreck-It-Ralph and The Jungle Book to be revealed with story elements for Tangled being shown off, especially with Mother Gothel. As for the summon reveal, my guess is that it will either be Adult Bambi, Dumbo or Pongo.
  6. ExperienceTheDivine

    It's time for a story trailer

    Really hoping to get a glimpse of Mother Gothel! What day is the Kingdom Hearts Presentation?
  7. ExperienceTheDivine

    New prediction for the remaining Disney worlds

    I think there will be a total of 10 Disney worlds and 5 Original worlds. For Disney: - Mount Olympus (Hercules) - Kingdom of Corona (Tangled) - Game Central Station (Wreck-It- Ralph) - San FranSokyo (Big Hero 6) - Toy Land (Toy Story) - Arendelle (Frozen) - Kuzco's World (The Emperor's New Groove) - Native Forestlands (Pocahontas) - Intergalactic Seas (Treasure Planet) - The Lost Empire (Atlantis)
  8. ExperienceTheDivine

    Name "your world" (give it a name) here.

    Treasure Planet: Intergaltic Seas Beauty and The Beast (I'm hoping for a full fledged one in KH3, besides Beast's Castle): The Enchanted Countryside Oz The Great and Powerful: The Wondrous Land of Oz Jungle Book: Rhythmic Jungle Wreck-It-Ralph: Game Central Station Atlantis: The Lost Empire The Black Cauldron: The Wicked Kingdom or Malevolent Woods Princess and The Frog: Voodoo Bayou Brave: Mystic Highlands
  9. ExperienceTheDivine

    Disney Castle returning and expanded upon

    I'd honestly prefer if Disney Castle remained a cutscene for KH3. There's far too many Disney movies I'd rather see playable than Disney Castle.
  10. I'd love to see the floating lantern scene from Tangled used and have them all turn into a huge mass of heartless to fight!
  11. ExperienceTheDivine

    Pocahontas in KH3

    Pocahontas is the world I want to see most in KH3, the beautiful pinks and purples and blues used in the enviorment of the film would translate so nicely with the kingdom shader!
  12. Hands down Maleficent!! I can't wait to see how she looks in the kingdom shader!
  13. ExperienceTheDivine

    Any other world traveling Disney villains.

    I've said it before, but I feel like Cruella is the perfect Villain to have intermix between worlds with Maleficent. Reason being, I don't see 101 Dalmations getting a full fledge world neccessarily and I feel like she has the perfect presence to cause some form of intimidation, but not much of a threat, similar to Pete, but could likewise make for the perfect second in command lackey for Maleficent.
  14. ExperienceTheDivine

    Disney Short films used as Summons?

    I just recently watched the collection of Disney shorts on Netflix, and I got to thinking...What better way to have some of these short films be apart of the Kingdom Hearts universe other than being a summon! Obviously not every short film has a character worthy enough to be included as a summon, but I can really imagine short film characters like "John Henry" and Nessie ("Ballad of Nessie") being fun summons! Although not a short film, my biggest hope for a summon in KH3 is Elliot from "Pete's Dragon!"
  15. ExperienceTheDivine

    New Kingdom Hearts III trailer shown at D23 Expo Japan 2015

    Does anyone who actually attended the event remember what new locations of Mount Olympus were shown?