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In which Month in 2018 will Kingdom Hearts 3 be released?

During which Month in 2018 will Kingdom Hearts 3 release?  

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  1. 1. During which Month in 2018 will Kingdom Hearts 3 release?

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As soon as possible. March would be nice. Though, Rob fears that it will have to go through one more E3. So September. Wouldn't be surprised if October just so SE can start the fiscal period strong.

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I don't want to settle for a month but I'm guessing Q4 for now. Looking at some of the construction sites this game still has and considering they want to reveal every world beforehand, Q1/2 seem to be overly optimistic. Not to mention that at the beginning of the year there was the interview saying they haven't started on some of the worlds yet.


They should take their time to polish the game as much as they can. Sure, they have more experience with the engine now but especially in regards to 0.2, which was a comparably tiny game, I think its quality was rather inconsistent in certain aspects, such as the models. And that's still the case, even though they are still working on it. To the point where Sora's gameplay model looks a lot better than the one we've seen in recent cutscenes. It could be worse, but there's still work to be done apparently and parts of the engine they're struggling with.


The last thing anyone wants is a mediocre game pushed out just to shut everyone up, or meet certain dates just because of established tropes, and being a huge disappointment in the end. It should be a glorious finale to the saga after all and not some game that was shoved in to calm the fans.


Q4 is generally not a bad time frame because of the holidays either. I don't mind waiting longer if the result is pleasing. Of course it would be nice to get it earlier but not in exchange for quality and content.

There doesn't seem to be much planned for Q1 and 2 either, which is not surprising because we don't have any specific time frame yet except for 2018. If it had been that clear or that far into development, they could have revealed a season in my opinion. And even years don't really mean much when you look at other games which got delayed.


I think it's nice they keep the date open. This way they can still plan ahead and look how it progresses and maybe even adjust the internal date a little if they have to. Delays are always possible due to unforeseen circumstances.

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I think any time before the holidays is a bit to optimistic. Unless they reveal everything in the February event (in which case it could be summer) but i don't see that happening. I think it's safe to say only something really bad happening will cause it to be out in 2019, so i'm gonna settle with November i think. We will probably get a season in Feb, and then a date at E3.


This could all be wrong, but this is how i feel it'll go down. :)

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