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Found 91 results

  1. Wanted to draw the Birth by Sleep trio with some fanmade Keyblades. http://fav.me/db5yu0s

    © Fanart by me @ExusiaSword

  2. Honestly, if Aqua had done this, the worlds would be safe now.
  3. Over the years, I've seen many people be confused as to why Sora and Riku had to do so much more for their Mark of Mastery than Aqua and Terra. Aqua and Terra trained their whole life for their Mark of Mastery. Sora and Riku didn't. Sora and Riku's Mark of Mastery was also their training. Their Mark of Mastery was so much more difficult than Aqua and Terra's because they had to make up for the years of training they missed. The Mark of Mastery and becoming a Keyblade Master isn't about whether you can save the world or not. It's about being traditionally trained. For example, becoming a black belt in Karate has nothing to do with whether you can save the world or win a fight or not. It has to do with if you have mastered the traditional skills you have been taught. The title of "Keyblade Master" is nothing more than a formality.
  4. Hi everyone! Name's Jack. New to the forums but long time reader. So I have been attempting to come up with a theory as to why Ventus has a connection to the time and world of Unchained Chi based on a few assumptions. My hope is to tie this to other story points in the series that can back this up. Without further ado, let's get into it. So for my theory to work, the idea that Unchained Chi is a "sleeping world" is important. Whatever form that is (within the Book of Prophecies, within the Realm of Sleep, etc.), we are essentially in a dream world. That's what I'm going to assume. Anyone remember the original "Fragmentary Passage" reveal from BBS:FM? The game that essentially became 2.8 that Nomura wanted to make but couldn't at the time? In that cinematic, we see several things (Mickey in the RoD, Donald and Goofy in Traverse Town, etc.), but one thing that was always confounding for me is Ventus literally disappearing form the Chamber of Waking (along with Sora, but that's a different point). This was never truly touched on by any game but keep this moment in mind. We know your entire physical being needs to go to the Realm of Sleep (not just you taking a snooze and your mind goes there). We also know that Ventus's armor went to Sora to protect him from falling into darkness in DDD. There's also that moment where, when Sora is greeted by the Dream Eaters in DDD, Ventus is shown smiling in the Chamber of Waking With all that in mind, here's my theory: I believe that Ventus, right at the end of DDD, has actually entered the dream world of Unchained Chi much like Sora and Riku did for their Mark of Mastery in order to "wake up" the world and any relevant characters from that time. Ventus literally leaves the Chamber of Waking (even for just a while) thanks to Sora entering the Realm of Sleep to do his own little adventure. The armor is gone because he used it to protect Sora. He looks younger similarly to how Sora and Riku were affected by the Realm of Sleep. Ventus isn't just a couch potato in a coma. He's actually DOING something to help everyone out and they don't even know it. This literally has nothing to do with Master Xehanort or Ven actually being from that time (we see the actual events and that he's not there in the Browser Chi). He's taking an alternate route to influence this world much like Sora and company have time and time again. Whether or not he's doing it on purpose, I believe his actions are what will change the course to avoid the tragedy of the Keyblade War and possibly the loss of characters like the Foretellers. Now, this theory is still as of 3/21 with Union X coming out 3/23 so it's very possible this will all be moot, and the reveal of those other 2 Union characters may change everything too, but for now I feel like this is a better perspective than the casual viewer saying "Ven's from that far in the past!?!?!" And again, this is assuming the rules of this series actually hold water with the Realm of Sleep and what we've been told so far. Please let me know what you think of this theory and any holes you think might be in it.
  5. ​So, I decided to get myself a Wayfinder on Easy. I gotta say, after playing Birth By Sleep, I wanted a Wayfinder of my own SOOOO badly. Now I have it, I can stare at this and cherish this precious prop for a long time. ​Here is the link to where you can get this. There are other option of you want your customized. You can choose any color provided and/or have an engraving in the back. https://www.etsy.com/listing/207011923/wayfinder-kingdom-hearts?ref=related-1
  6. Iman Nazeerudin

    Center of the Earth

    I wanted to try design a particular Keyblade that fits with Terra, and was reading up on volcanoes just to get inspiration. - Iman aka ExusiaSword

    © Kingdom Hea

  7. So I just beat Kingdom Hearts 0.2 today (the English version) and after viewing the secret ending, I went into the theater mode section to see what the scene was called and I was surprised to find that it was called "2.9 - The First Volume". Now, while I assumed this title was just referring to the epilogue/secret ending as a whole, it got me thinking about what if 2.9 was or is an actual thing and if so is volume 2 going to be a separate thing or is it just going to be Kingdom Hearts 3? I personally hope that it is simply referring to Kingdom Hearts 3 and not something in between, as the way the ending leaves off suggests that it is talking about KH3, especially with
  8. tinyshoopuf

    Never Let Me Go

    Lyrics to Never Let Me Go, by Florence + the Machine
  9. tinyshoopuf


    My entry for a KH fanzine
  10. ServantSerah

    Roxas and Ventus

    Can you guess who is Roxas and who is Ven? Someone on my ask blog requested this little game ovo

    © me

  11. Kats Seventh

    KH II.8 Chrismas

    on dA: http://fav.me/datsil2
  12. This another submission for the contest, a Digital Painting of Sora. Find more of my work at p-artsypants.tumblr.com This is my submission for the 2.8 Giveaway, a digital painting of Aqua.
  13. One of the very first lessons in story telling that I learned in 1st grade was DO NOT LET YOUR CHARACTERS BE PAWNS FOR YOUR PLOT. This is where the story of BBS falls apart for me.
  14. monicam_art

    Aqua 2.8

    First post! Hi everyone, I just finished this Aqua piece last week, I was super inspired by the new TGS trailer for 2.8
  15. So, I have been working on a novel for quite some time, and I thought I would take a break to stretch my legs a little bit and do something new. Therefore, I decided to do a fanfiction (which I have not done in years ). I have been wanting to do a written version of 0.2 BBS ever since I saw the first trailer for it, but didn't get around to doing it until now. So, I took my knowledge of BBS and the latest trailers for 2.8 (plus the 0.2 gameplay and my own thoughts), to put together this fan written version of the story. For the most part right now, it stays pretty much along the lines of what we've seen so far, but as I progress further into the story (if you guys like it and want to read more), things will get more into how I personally see the game going. Now, for the moment, I'm just going to upload the small bit of what I have right now. I would definitely appreciate feedback on how I handle the story, but most importantly on writing. Let me know what you guys think and if you want to read more. If you guys like it enough, I'll continue onward! ^^ --------- I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Yet, there it was before my eyes: the Castle of Dreams. It was where I met Cinderella for the first time…and…Terra for one of the last. How long had it been since I helped him escape this fate that I now bear? I wondered what it would have been like if things had went the opposite way. What would he be doing down here? What would I be doing out there? I was still a bit shaken up after my last encounter with the darkness. That beast with the gleaming red eyes and the other creatures that were much smaller were not like the unversed. The unversed attacked as if they wanted to eliminate the enemy. However, these creatures attacked as if they wanted something from me. They wanted to take something away, but I didn’t understand what. I had nothing left to give… I continued onward cautiously as I passed through the trees that connected Cinderella’s home to the village. This world seemed to be fragmented as I did not see the house at all. The landscape was also torn asunder. Uprooted trees as well as bricks from the trail and other debris were suspended in the air. It was almost as if time had stopped during the complete annihilation of this world. For the moment, it was quiet, and eerily so. There was no sound whatsoever aside from my footsteps. It was just another element added to the emptiness that I felt in this place. At times, I wished that I would happen upon a place filled with people just so I didn’t have to be alone. Such a thought was completely selfish. I should never wish for anyone to experience this kind of darkness or any kind for that matter. When I arrived in the village, I saw that it was just as contorted and broken as everything else I had seen. I expected as much, but for some reason I kept hoping that I might find something or someone that could help me. I continued onward until I found myself at large fountain in the center of the village. I walked up to it and placed my hand over the frozen water that was spewing over into an umbrella shape. The chill of the ice matched its surroundings. The darkness was anything but warm and welcoming. I wondered how Xehanort could be so freely open to it. Why did he embrace the darkness? No good could come of it. My thoughts suddenly came to a screeching halt when I heard something nearby. I turned sharply in every direction, analyzing every inch of the place that my eye could see. My heart was racing as I feared that I might come across that large red-eyed beast from before. I summoned my keyblade swiftly, and as soon as I did, I was surrounded by the creatures that I had fought before. However, there was a difference in their appearance. These monsters were glowing red with flames atop their heads. They came my way quickly, spewing flames at me that I managed to dodge. I slashed them with my keyblade, but as I defeated them, they were replaced by even more. In addition, the creatures that crept along the ground like shadows had now appeared. I was now up against a number that was more than a few swats from my keyblade was going to accomplish. I cast a few blizzard spells there way and it seemed to be making some progress, but it still wasn’t enough. I channeled all of my strength as I lifted my keyblade up to charge my attack. I then fired my blizzagun spell at the monsters with success. The blast was enough to freeze and completely obliterate all of the dark creatures. I was alone again, but I knew better than to stay in one place for very long, so I continued onward toward the castle. I went through the gate and walked down the pathway as I looked up, admiring the size of the glowing white castle above. It was beautiful, and it appeared to be unscathed by the affects the darkness had on the rest of this world. However, that all changed quickly. Just when I though time had stopped, I heard the chiming of the castle clock. The bell echoed all over as the ground begin to quake beneath my feet. Shock came over me as I saw the trail disintegrate. I managed to jump back quick enough to escape falling, but I almost wished I had fallen. I was so tired. I wanted to escape the inescapable in any way I could. However, when I fell into those thoughts, I would remember Ven. I promised that I would be back for him. I couldn’t quit now. I began to think about what was going on for a moment. I gazed up at the clock and then down at the gaping hole in front of me. “The road collapsed when the clock advanced.” I said allowed to myself. That would mean that whatever had happened had to do with time itself. But what could it be? I turned around to return to the village and saw a glowing set of gears behind me. The gears were not there before, so I knew that they had to be connected to this issue I was in. I walked up to them, keyblade in hand, and whacked them with full force. They instantly began to turn and emit an even more radiant light than before. A glowing ball emerged and flew up toward the clock. As soon as it collided with the clock, the hands began to move backward one hour and a piece of the trail reappeared. So that was it. I went back toward the village to see if I could find more gears. There were four hours left on the clock, so there had to be four more gears. I managed to find them one after another, but not without running into more of those creatures. The battles were wearing me down, but giving up was not an option. At least not yet. I watched each glowing orb return to the clock and recomplete the trail before I made my way back to the castle. When I arrived at the gate, my passage was halted by a pool of darkness that had appeared. Like a volcano, a surge of the shadow creatures erupted from it. They appeared to have merged together this time. They must have thought they would get me if they all worked together. They were smarter than the unversed, but still not smart enough. I used my fire spells this time, blasting them with firagun a few times as they shot at me like a rocket. I then switched it up and used my spellweaver ability, bringing all of my magic together into one attack. I channeled my energy into a razor sharp spinning top that sliced through all of the shadows until none were left. As soon as they were gone, I ran through the gate and across the trail to the castle. When I finally made it to the courtyard, I stopped to catch my breath and rest. I looked up at the sky and saw glimmering lights like stars. It reminded me of that night back home. The last night that we were together. I mean, before everything changed. I felt a warm tear slide down my cheek as I reached up in the sky. I reached with all my might as if I could grab ahold of the past and somehow return to it. I wanted so bad to believe that one day things would be as they were again. “To spend one more night beneath the stars with them.” I whispered to myself. I’m doing it again. I thought. I have to stop that! “Aqua!” my heart immediately sank in my chest when I heard the voice. It couldn’t be. Could it? I turned and saw him descending the staircase. It was Terra. His eyes were a deep blue and his hair was an earthy brown. He was just as I remembered him before Xehanort took him. But how was he here? Why was he here? “What are you doing here, Terra?” I said as I ran up to him. He was smiling warmly at me, but he wouldn’t speak again. “Why are you not in the realm of light? Or wait! Did something happen to it?” I asked. He still stood silently. He seemed almost hollow beneath that smile that he carried on him. “Why won’t you say anything to me?!” I exclaimed as I reached out to take his hand. I gasped as my hand instantly went right through his. I stepped back slightly, looking over him as he began to glow and disappear. I felt a lump in my throat as I wanted to do something to make him stay, but I knew that I couldn’t. “So you’re just a memory. Are you here to try and tell me not to lose heart?” I said aloud. He was completely gone now. He had escaped me once again. I carried on, making my way up the steps and then paused. I took one more look back at the damaged world I had journeyed through. This realm seemed to keep memories alive, but what about the people that belonged in this world? What happened to them when their world was taken away from them? I had no way of knowing, but I was able to find solace in the fact that they weren’t here. At least they didn’t have to experience this darkness…
  16. So, I haven't really been too active on here (due to school among other things), but I really want to change that. Kingdom Hearts is a big part of my life. It is a main source for why I decided to go into the field of study I chose (Animation). But anyhow, to start off becoming more active in the community, I thought I would share a sketch I worked on today and plan to continue working on later. To occupy my free time until 2.8 comes out, I thought I might work on some character drawings of some of the main characters from the 3 parts of 2.8 (Aqua, Sora/Riku, the foretellers).
  17. Karasu3


    So, I was so hyped about 2.8 that I decided to draw Aqua from 0.2 BBS. I'm planning on doing other characters from 2.8 as we approach the release, but for now, here's the finished version of the sketch I posted last night.
  18. Ok so I've been planning on doing this project for a while now and finally I decided to go through with it. This may or may not have been done before but I will be doing this from a personal point of view. I will be analyzing every Unversed, ranging from appearance to characteristics to figure out exactly what emotion they are connected to, because as you may or may not know, Unversed come from Vanitas' fledgling emotions. Again, I may just be overlooking them and they may just be a mix of emotions, it's just an idea I've had and I decided to write it down! All posts explaining will be down below, feel free to post, I will be linking posts to explanations below for easy access ~ (All unversed from Final Mix though I'll be looking at their original forms as well as their Japanese version, just to be sure) Flood Scrapper Bruiser Red Hot Chili Monotrucker Thornbite Shoegazer Spiderchest Archraven Hareraiser Jellyshade Tank Toppler Vile Phial Sonic Blaster Triple Wrecker Wild Bruiser Blue Sea Salt Yellow Mustard Mandrake Buckle Bruiser Chrono Twister Axe Flapper Prize Pod Blobmob Glidewinder Flame Box Lone Runner Vitality Vial Belly Balloon Ringer Gluttonous Goo Element Cluster Jellyshade Floating Flora Wheel Master Symphony Master Cursed Coach Spirit of the Magic Mirror Mad Treant Trinity Armor Metamorphosis Mimic Master Iron Imprisoner I Iron Imprisoner II Iron Imprisoner III Iron Imprisoner IV Vanitas Remnant
  19. Joy Liberatore

    Aqua Sketch

    KINGdom Hearts? I think you mean QUEENdom Hearts, amirite? http://imaginative-ink.tumblr.com/
  20. tinyshoopuf


    Pencil and watercolor
  21. xarin

    Aqua - There's Always A Way

    I love drawing Aqua and this one of the drawings I made and decided to finish. Made this a year ago. Please don't repost on any website (except KH13.com) You can reblog on my Tumblr pose here: click link Please don't repost on any website (except KH13.com).

    © xarinart

  22. We got some direct feed footage of KH3D's and 0.2's gameplay!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UU3gm5PDZh0
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