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    I say Sabrina she is the hardest gym leader.
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    While I still find this one gameplay screenshot of Rapunzel creepy, I love how the rest looks. Maximus looks great in my opinion and I'm happy the animal companions get some more love this time. Marluxia seems to have replaced the two brothers as an antagonist. At least to some degree. I actually think that may be a good thing since he will be more involved that way and won't just show up once and that's it. It would be really cool if we could constantly feel their presence in most Disney worlds as well and not have them just show up occasionally to remind us they're still there. I think that's what most people complained about in KH2. That the original characters didn't feel that involved because they just played the worlds' stories but it had little impact on the overall plot (+SDG), except for a cameo here and there. Would be nice if it wasn't like that all of the time despite the movie plot. Speaking for myself, I look forward to those encounters the most. Of course I also want to have the Disney aspect but I'd find it a waste of opportunity if the Disney worlds were really just for gameplay progression. Marluxia fits really well into the Kingdom of Corona, so it would be a shame to not have him appear too much. (I also want him to meet Lea again in a non-final boss territory. There was so much salt between them in CoM, it would be hilarious to have them interact again.)
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    Wonderland from KH in VR

    A recreation of the Alice in wonderland world from Kingdom Hearts is complete in Rec Room(free game on all VR consoles). You collect pink boxes like in the og game you fight some heartless with kingdom key or lady luck(the closest i could make at least), you walk on the walls of the bizzarre room and there is a bossfight. You can find this by searching #KingdomHearts in recroom. You ll also find Destiny Islands and Traverse town the same way. You ll also find a room called WorldMap that will get you to all available worlds I ve made. Hope you enjoy. Any thoughts and comments may help with future worlds i make.
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    Hey guys! I've finally played the demo and it looked really cool. Since I know that most of you haven't played it yet, I'll let you know about my experience playing it. First of all, I was impressed by the graphics. They were really good on the Ps4 Pro, and I'm sure the TV was 4k too. One of the things that impressed me the most was Young Xehanort. From past demos and trailers (from some months ago) he really didn't look that good. But now we can clearly see his perfect skin. He's very good looking now. Now, moving forward to the gameplay (that is the key point of this demo), let me say that it is a totally different experience than seeing it on video. I was afraid that I wouldn't get much enjoyment since I had already seen the demo more than ten times, and I guess some of you may think that way too. However, you may rest assured that playing it is a total different experience. I really loved fighting the enemies while exploring all the ways I had to do so. We have shotlock, keyblade combos and finishes (and transformations), attractions, a bit of flowmotion, magic, and a lot more. It was just a shame that we didn't have four tier spells. Oh, and also, I didn't know that Aero was in the game From the Toy Story demo, I tried my best to explore the three keyblades but even though I played it four times (we didn't have time limit to play it), I still needed some time to understand them better. Nonetheless, I understood that each keyblade has a specific shotlock adapted to them, and it is great. The variety of attacks makes this game a lot different from KH1 and KH2. if you could let me say, I think this is a perfect mix of all past games' gameplays. From the Olympus demo, I used the Dream Eater link but, seriously, it's very difficult to experience it with a limited demo like this. For some reason I couldn't use the other links from the Toy Story demo, but nonetheless it just makes me more hyped for the game. Besides that, I understood that Second Guard actually lets you have different finishers. If you strike enough, the finish Stun Impact will be replaced by Ragnarok, and then again it will be replaced by Ars Arcanum. I don't know if there are more finishers. I didn't have the chance to use the specific atraction where we create a path with water (something like splash) and in the finisher you just go all the way back to the path you created and it makes a really good scenery, like the Ariel's link. I just know this because I saw someone using it there. And it is the perfect example of how the design of the game can improve our enjoyment from the gameplay. Believe me, playing it is really different than just seeing it. Basically, there were two negative points of my experience. First thing is that it was really short. The demo ended after the battle with the Gigas, so there weren't many enemies to defeat unfortunately. And secondly, it was too loud there and I couldn't hear the soundtracks well. This just means that once we get the game and play it at home, we'll enjoy the gameplay really better. I loved this experience. I hope you end up experiencing it too if you get the chance. Nonetheless, January is coming up, so let's just get ready
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    Celebrating Mickey Mouse's 90th birthday, Disney held an art exhibition featuring many different artists who drew Mickey Mouse over the past 90 years. Each artist shared their most memorable memory of Mickey Mouse. Tetsuya Nomura shared his by saying: "My greatest memory of Mickey Mouse is his appearance in Kingdom Hearts. He (King Mickey) is a cool and collected character, which is slightly different from other works he appears in. I do like that he has a different atmosphere about him from his other titles." The quote was shown below concept art from 2009's Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded of Sora and Mickey Mouse, which you can view below. Thanks to KH13 Staff xionskeyblade for the pictures! Tetsuya Nomura's name displayed at the entrance of the exhibit! Thank you nechocat for pointing that out for us! Tetsuya Nomura's name displayed on the pamphlet given at the exhibition as well! Walt Disney's original sketches of Mickey Mouse's different designs. Eventually, he came to a decision to which Mickey he chose, the Mickey Mouse we all know and love today. View full article
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    My Top 5 Favorite Heartless

    Hey everyone! These are my top 5 favorite heartless, feel free to leave your own top 5 down below and discuss the wonderful enemies of Kingdom Hearts! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46Pe_9-eUYs
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    It would be very interesting to have Bolt as a thunder-element summon while Olaf or Elsa would end up being a blizzard-element summon
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    Ah that sucks! Tell your professor you can't watch YouTube for life or death situation lol XD I never thought about showing the opening cinematic as advertising like that, but now that you mention it, it really would feel like "cheating" newcomers. I'm so use to how companies advertise games that I tend to forget how others outside of the gaming world would see things (>.<) Either way, I don't want to see it till the games out. I love experiencing it for the first time as the game starts Hell, I still feel the same sense of excitement and awe I had whenever I rewatch any of the cinematic openings! I wish I had friends & family like that for my bday, I'm basically gonna spend mine avoiding the internet like the plague I did request a week off work for it's release though! Honestly, I was going for two weeks, but I figured I'd have to be somewhat responsible lol In any case, I told my family and friends that I'll be totally MIA that whole week
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    Misty and Sabrina are favorite Gym Leaders in the Kanto Region.
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    Vocaloid, thank you for sharing this. I have been thinking for a while now that by seeing the trailers I'll get to play the game with no issues since seeing it was like "playing it" through command recognition. The point you stated about experiencing it being diferent than watching it makes me even more hyped since it leads me to believe my beliefs are not that accurate as I thought. Only 2 months to go
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    I'm assuming you're referring to the following image: It's not Twilight Town, Olympus, or wherever Kairi & Lea are training. The lighting and color palette suggest this is the Kingdom of Corona. The forest, mountain, and castle tower in the back also suggest this.
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    Uncommon Opinion: Agrabah

    I just hope we haven't seen the last of Agrabah and that Al and Jaz get a good send off.
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    Heck, I would love having Agrabah returning because Sa'luk could give Sora a run for a money like he did with Aladdin. Sa'luk even took down a shark and the reminder of the forty thieves all by himself. I really hope KH3 delivers on the Disney villains since Gothel and Hans don't seem to be the fighting types as you mentioned. It's more than likely that we'll get stuck with fighting Marluxia/Lumarai and Larxene in place of Gothel and Hans.
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    "You're glued to the screen" says the parent, pretending they don't make kids watch T.V. to make this quiet down.
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    I would be lying If said I wasn't disappointed with this. There was nothing in Paris Games Week and all we got in Lucca CG is a Tangled trailer. No revelation of the Opening, no revelation of the second playable character, no revelation of FF characters, no revelation of a new World, no confirmation of the total World count or when we should expect more big news. Just a trailer about one of the first Worlds confirmed years ago and the game is coming in 3 months. And that supposed new World that Union X [Cross] would get, will ever come out?! I guess Jump Festa really is the only major event left that will have some interesting big news.
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    OKOKOKOK so look at this picture. You see that figure in the bottom right? That's xion. I just know it. Who else stands like that? Not to mention that its feminine. I know that larxene is a seeker, Lord have mercy on her soul, but larxene doesn't stand like that and she isn't that small either.
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    Oh that's pretty nice of them. I liked Erika's relationship with her Gloom.
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    Erika - as a kid I imagined myself living in a gym run by Fiona, Erika’s best friend. Erika’s family took her in as a child. Also that’s my favorite epsoide of the Anime so there you go.
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