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    Hello Everyone, We need help on our Social Media team! If you want to be part of a great time with some really awesome fellow KH fans that can have fun engaging with your fellow KH fandom this is the place to be! For Social Media: What we're looking for: A big interest in the Kingdom Hearts series. Active enough to regularly post on the KH13 Community Twitter, KH13 Tumblr & KH13 Facebook pages. Creativity Reasonable writing skills. Typical tasks: Posting KH13 fan-content (art, videos, discussions, fictions) daily Helping to create the Poll of the Day each day. Scheduling monthly posts: Kingdom Hearts anniversaries, Disney film/SE game anniversaries, birthdays, music (fan-made and original) & holiday posts. Looking for ‘other news’ to retweet on the Twitter page (t-shirts designs, music album/manga/novel releases, podcasts, etc). Coming up with ideas for new features or expanding on current ones. If you are interested, don't be shy! Either post here or privately message me to apply. Let us know why you feel you would be a great asset to our staff. This is a volunteer job that we all enjoy and love! Good luck and will look forward to hearing from you!
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    I wanted to write a detailed letter to the entire community where I thank everyone who has supported me on my journey to Kingdom Hearts III. And reflect on everything that has happened to me since I first discovered this series. It has been an amazing journey, and I felt that now is the perfect time to post this. I discovered Kingdom Hearts back in September 2016. Now that's a sort of secret that I've been keeping since. That I haven't actually been part of this agonizing 5 year wait for Kingdom Hearts III (or 13 depending on how you look at it). But I have been a Disney fan for all my life. I grew up exclusively watching Disney films and TV shows. No Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon for me. Which further makes me wonder why I didn't know about the series previously. Now, I've told you when I discovered Kingdom Hearts. But not how I discovered it. I actually discovered it completely by chance. I was not recommended by anyone or see any advertisement or trailers. Back in September of 2016, I was watching a video about Zootopia (being a Disney fan and all). I cannot remember exactly what kind of video it was, only that the topic was Zootopia. I think it was some sort of list. But that's not really important. At the end of the video, during the outro, a remix of a very famous piano melody was playing. Can you guess what it was? Probably not, because it was not Dearly Beloved. But hold on, because it's leading up to that. It was a remix of "River Flows in You" by the Korean artist Yiruma. I had to look up this remix because it sounded so good. After listening to it religiously for a few days as I do with every new piece of music I like. Another remix uploaded to the same channel popped up in my recommended tab. Can you guess what it was this time? That's right. It was, of course, a remix of Dearly Beloved. Now, the reason I even clicked on it was that I noticed something peculiar in the thumbnail... What's this? Some sort of abstract artwork with Mickey, Donald, and Goofy alongside some anime characters? I had never seen anything like it. I played the remix and I absolutely loved it. Instantly, Dearly Beloved felt perfect to me. And listening to it, while I was still taking in the artwork. I just knew I had to find out what this was. What was "Kingdom Hearts"? Reading that, I felt like I had heard that name before somewhere. Maybe someone mentioned it in my presence? I don't know. But I for sure never knew what it was about. So I quickly looked it up and found out that the artwork in question belonged to Kingdom Hearts 2. I watched the opening on Youtube and that convinced me. I had to try this out. Now the problem was, I didn't have a PS3 at that point in time, I used to have one but it broke only a few months prior. So I had to play it on an emulator. Now, yes, I played Kingdom Hearts 2 first. I don't know why I decided to begin there. Probably because of the artwork and opening I saw. I started Kingdom Hearts 2 and barely got past the Roxas segment before I started crying. The scene where Sora, Donald, and Goofy were traveling to Yen Sid's tower made me tear up. Already by then, I had completely fallen in love with the game. The music, the themes, the characters. It was too perfect. I had never ever in my then 19-year-old life fallen in love with a game that quick. Within 4 days I had already finished the game and was booting up Kingdom Hearts 1 in the same emulator. This was not Final Mix, mind you. So despite discovering the series 2 years ago, I still had to go through the era of unskippable cutscenes in Kingdom Hearts 1 (Riku, you're an absolute B-*ahem*-Bro). For Christmas, I got a new PS4 Slim and was now ready for 2.8 which was set to release a month later. 1.5 + 2.5 came out a couple of months after that, and by the end of April 2017. I was a fully incorporated Kingdom Hearts fan. Skipping ahead to June of 2018. When I officially started working on my project which 2 months later would turn into "The Road to Kingdom Hearts III". I had seen the latest E3 trailers and was inspired to make some sort of recap video that would tackle all the events that had taken place since the announcement of Kingdom Hearts 3. A little under 2 months later, I invited a second producer named Billy onto the project. I also approached KH13 about helping me publish and promote the film since I believe it would have gone under the radar had I tried to publish it under my own name. I was still relatively unknown to the Kingdom Hearts community at that point in time. About a month after that, during the planning of KH13's 10th Anniversary. The idea of launching a Discord server was brought up. I was selected to run this Discord server after having offered to take on the task. Fast forward another couple of months, and we're here. Writing this forum post. During the past 6 months, I have made so many new friends within the community. And I'd like to thank all of you individually. First, I'd like to thank Reflex XII who was the very first person I got in contact with regarding my project. He has been very helpful and is responsible for connecting me and my current co-producer, Billy. Then I'd like to thank Billy Lawrence, who has been supporting me and doing a lot of work on our project. Including getting most of the cast together. I am eternally grateful to him and everything he has done for me and everyone else involved in the project. Then I'd like to thank the man himself, DChiuch, who took me in and helped to get my project seen by everyone. Then there's also all the friends I've made within KH13. Including Toominator, Aquaberry, xionskeyblade, KHWaterBlock, RecusantVessel, and Raxaimus. I'd also like to thank everyone else in the team that wasn't mentioned by name. Also, big thank you to the cast members of "The Road to Kingdom Hearts III", which includes, KeybladeSarah, SeaSaltShelby, KZXcellent, KHCentral, LostInAdventures, Frustrated Jacob, MoChocolate, Aaron Elliot, Toominator, and of course Samurai Kibiji. Giving the last one an extra since he also did some consulting on the film. Then I'd like to thank all my moderators over on the Discord, which includes Justin, Aqua_Wren, Bio-Roxas, D3xus, GummiBear64, HuntSD, KHWaterBlock, Le Weed, Raxaimus, Vanitas, Kairi/Harley Queen, and ProdigyxCD. They're all amazing people. Then I'd like to thank my friend Otti, who's the only fellow Norwegian fella that I know that also happens to be a Die Hard fan of Kingdom Hearts. He also happens to be the only friend I met through Kingdom Hearts that I've actually met in real life. And finally, a big thank you to all the people over on the KH13 Discord and all the people that follow me on Twitter. You're all amazing people! \(^-^)/ I hope I didn't bore anyone with this long post, and that you found it enjoyable to read. If I left anyone out in the Thank You list, please let me know. It was a lot of people to keep track of, so it could easily have happened, and I'm really sorry if you felt excluded from the list. May your heart be your guiding key!
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    I recently replayed chain of memories on my old ps3 and I realised how much improvement the ps4 version brought to this game. So yes, we still have the 720p cutscenes video and I hope that one day this could get fixed to improve the quality), but check out these comparison screenshots I made. PS3 PS4 It's mosty the bluriness of the 2D textures that has been improved. Also all cards are now in much better quality too. Did you guys noticed this change? And don't answer: no because I don't play chain of memories.
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    Hey everyone! How's it going? Well as ya know today is January 15th 2019 here in United States, and you know what that means? Yep! It means starting today Kingdom Hearts 3 is officially two weeks away! So to celebrate for the upcoming anticipated third number title and final game of the Xehanort Saga (Dark Seeker Saga), I decided to do a countdown with each drawings of the main characters from the Kingdom Hearts 3 box art. So starting today I will begin the countdown with my most favorite character of the series! Number fourteen herself Xion! Man just two more weeks ya! Well good night everyone and I hope I can post another drawing tomorrow on the thirteenth day. Peace!
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    If Kingdom Hearts had an animated series, what animation studio would you like to see do it?
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    The first four Jak and Daxter games ( The Precursor Legacy, Jak II, Jak 3, and Jak X: Combat Racing) are getting a phsyical release for the PS4. More info can be found on IGN here: https://m.ign.com/articles/2018/12/07/jak-and-daxter-games-getting-limited-physical-ps4-release As I understand, If you purchase it, you'll get a mock case for the uncompleted Jak 4. Jak and Daxter was one of my favorite games as a child, and it still holds a special place in my heart.
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    Hi all! It's Quid here with another Tournament for you all but with a Twist™ this time around! Welcome to What makes this related to KH3 you ask? Well, me and Trece had decided last year to hold a tournament on this date, and recently realised that we could capitalise on KH3's impending release by centering the Tournament all around Kingdom Hearts! We've created a shortlist of KH characters, and listed a pool of pokemon we felt represented them best whilst also trying our best to not leave any character over/underpowered. All you have to do is pick a character and create a team from the listed 'mons, and then wait until the 19/20th January for the Tournament to start! Here's a list of all the possible characters under the tags: This Tournament will be a single elimination tournament, and we'll be using the "Anything Goes" ruleset to apply these customised rules. As always, these tournaments will take place on Pokemon Showdown, so no console necessary! Just an Internet connection and a phone/pc. If you're worried about Showdowns functionality on phone then don't be! I will most likely be using my phone throughout the tournament and can confirm that the only thing lacking is the that the chat tab is more difficult to use. So, The two rules that are implemented is item clause - each pokemon in a team must have a different item And Species clause - you cannot have more than one of each pokemon. We're aiming to have best of 3 rounds, so each player gets to have at least two games, and we have spaces for up to 16 players! To sign up, just reply to this post with all your details like so: Good luck! THE TOURNAMENT WILL BE HELD AT 7PM GMT/8PM EUROPE/11 AM PST/1 PM EST/6AM AUSTRALIA @ 19/20th January I'M SORRY AUSTRALIA. We also have another time at the 20th January which is 10am GMT/11am EUROPE/2 am PST/4 am EST/9 pm AEST ALSO: If you can't make the time up top don't worry! We can host some matches today, and some on Sunday, as long as you can get into contact with your opponent and play your match + post the replay in this thread. Here is the live bracket --> https://challonge.com/h0vkhd5r
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    Disney announced that their Disney Ambassador Hotel in Japan will be promoting Kingdom Hearts III with a themed room based off the series for a limited time from March 26 to June 30! Fans will be receiving a Kingdom Hearts special room key based off the Kingdom Key Keyblade, with a themed box upon check-in and are able to take it home with them after staying. The rooms will be 41 square meters large, with a choice between two regular beds and a trundle bed. Each room comes with two sets of original postcards with double-sided designs, making it a total of 4 cards. The price is ¥46,100 (approx. $427) a night and reservations start January 30. A special menu will also become available closer to the reservation date. For further information about the rooms, including booking, visit the official Disney Hotels Japan website. You can view pictures of the special Kingdom Hearts themed hotel room below. You can read a translation of Kingdom Hearts series director Tetsuya Nomura's comment on the hotel rooms below. https://twitter.com/_KINGDOMHEARTS/status/1085055054262939654 UPDATE [Jan 24, 2019]: The special menu for the hotel room has been revealed, showing off several Kingdom Hearts themed food items for sale from March 26 to June 13 in the hotel lobby lounge and deli cafe. Anyone visiting the hotel can order from the menu, not just guests so they encourage it! The special food items will be listed below. Kingdom Hearts Special Cake - ¥2,000 A cake with Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance visuals on top as it's motif. Has a chocolate mousses surrounded by sea salt jello. Kingdom Hearts Special Drink - ¥1,300 Hot milk tea mixed with white chocolate and raspberry syrup. It's topped with a crown design made of cocoa powder and comes with a heart shaped strawberry and original design coaster. Kingdom Hearts Special Parfait - ¥1,000 A parfait with nata de coco and aloe pulp are mixed together with flavored yogurt. It has an iced bar coated with sea salt syrup designed to look like a sea salt ice cream pop. View full article
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    KH13 name: Soramon3646 Showdown name: Soramon3646 Timezone: EST Character chosen: Sora (if not terranort)
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    KH13 name: Queen_of_KH Showdown name: Steph098 Timezone: EST Character chosen: Kairi (if not then RIku :) )
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    KH13 name: Joker Showdown name: Icecl Timezone pst character: Yx
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    Tough to say with the MCU version. They could go the route where he pretends to be a hero and later it's revealed he's a bad guy. Kinda like the original Mysterio in a sense. Either way I'm happy to see the fish bowled head villain in a Spider-Man movie at last. One of my favorite Spidey villains.
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    I'll have to go see it. I remember the first time I finished 358/2 Days I went back and played KHII and when I got the Sweet Memories Keyblade from the 100 Acre Woods, I thought of Xion and how maybe Sora could use that Keyblade's power to restore her. And she'd return with a affinity for honey as a side effect lol.
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    Thanks! It's funny because I actually did draw a Keyblade inspired from her Glass Stain like two years ago. I think it's in KH Gallery I believe? The Keyblade was call "Restore Memories."
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    KH13 name: Azure Flame Showdown name: Azure Kyle Timezone: EST Character chosen: Xemnas (if he's not available, then Terranort)
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    Somebody throw some holy water on this news pls T.T I'd love to see a remake of sonic adventure buuuuuut.... Idk how well they'd be able to do it. And I really don't think Roger's voice will suit the tone of the games, I'd honestly prefer one of the previous va's back
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    Nice drawing! You know, if she ever got her own unique Keyblade I bet it would be a mix of Seashells fused in Seasalt ice cream bars XD
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    It's fun. Come join us. We swear it isn't slave labor!
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    KH13 name: SongBirdDemon Showdown name: Ellie_Maniac Timezone: Est (New York). Character chosen: I'd like Namine,but if not availible,maybe Kairi!
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    I got a new one. In KH1 Cloud tells Sora he is looking for someone and that is why he was working with Hades. The game never explains it and when you reach the end credits you see Cloud and Aerith reunite in Hollow Bastion. I had never played FFVII at that point so I assumed the person Cloud was looking for was Aerith. And I thought to myself "Awww! That's really sweet." because I had no idea these two characters were connected. I thought it was really well done KH world building at the time. Then I played KHII and later FFVII and it's looking more and more likely that the person Cloud was looking for was Sephiroth. And it makes more sense that he would get Hades to help. Personally I like my idea of Cloud looking for Aerith over Sephiroth.
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    Sad part about the new statuses is that no one comes to hijack my statuses and get them to 100 X.X
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    i used to think the dialog was good( i mean generally not the actual good stuff in there
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    Overworld RP

    - Aura, Rabiyu and Sifrei - Isopolis: The City of Isolation - Sifrei reached his hand out just as Ahriman plucked the spear from his chest and attempted to snap it in half. The spear, in a combination of light and darkness, faded from Ahriman's hand only to reappear on Sifrei's. "And OUR will won't be shattered by the likes of you," Aura yelled, "We will win this fight and you will fall to us!" As Aura spoke, Rabiyu noticed that Ahriman's wounds were knitting themselves together, slowly, but surely. The only exception was the large one, which, she supposed, would take even more time to heal. The Elemental Spirits hovered for a few seconds before retracting back into the glyphs just as they faded away. The white haired elf nocked an arrow and enfused it with fire magic, making it's tip glow with a red light. At that moment three clones of Ahriman darted towards the trio, ready to continue the fight. As one of the clones was getting closer, Rabiyu back-flipped into a small cloud of black mist behind her and, somehow, disappeared into the ground just as the cloud faded away. As another one moved closer to the Archangel, he crouched before taking a huge leap into the sky, probably taking the clone by surprise, but just as the clone was about to look up, an arrow went flying towards its head, an arrow that came from a small point of black mist in front of him, an attack it managed to easily dodge by moving its head to the side, this was the perfect distraction as the clone would soon find a spear coming out of its chest, a spear held by the Archangel. Sifrei waited for it to fall to the ground, instead, he was greeted with an explosion to the face, one that he could barely escape thanks to his speed, but not without suffereing some damage from it just as he moved away from it. Aura, while not completely fine, managed to notice the clone heading her way, and was ready to engage with the clone. Instead, Rabiyu suddenly appeared in front of her. "Be careful, do not let it get close to you," Rabiyu said as she looked towards Sifrei after the explosion and the cloud left behind by the clone, "We do not know what that cloud that is left behind will do." Two clones were now heading their way. Rabiyu ran towards one, dismissing the bow and taking out her daggers, jumping towards the clone and slashing down towards it, making it jump back a bit, only for it to be welcomed by a swing of Aura's sword in an attempt to take its head, making it crouch to avoid the attack. At this point Rabiyu was almost neart the clone, muttering arcane words under her breath to enfuse her daggers with lightning as she stabbed the clone on its back. This made the clone shake for a moment and, as if in slow motion, it began to grow and grow until it exploded. "Mond!" Was the only thing Rabiyu managed to say. The sight, and pain, of the imminent explosion made Aura close her eyes to brace for the coming pain, but that pain never came, instead, she was now at some distance away from the newly released cloud from the clone. "What happen?" She asked, before noticing Sifrei behind her and Rabiyu, "Oh, right. You can do that." At this point only a single clone remained, Rabiyu raised her hand as flames gathered in her palm, Sifrei did the same with his light magic, and Aura, looking at the other two, pointed her sword at the clone as it began to glow. "BEGONE!" Aura and Rabiyu said at the same time. With that single word the three beams of magical energy were released towards the last clone that was running towards the trio, hitting it and engulfing it into beams of light and fire until it disappeared from the face of the world, leaving only a cloud of radiation behind as the proof of its short and meager excistance.
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    I'd rather not imagine that.
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    I'm in two minds about a Sonic Adventure remake. It's one of my favourite games all time so obviously a modern graphics version would be great. What worries me is that they would change the game too much. Not everyone liked the DX version's changes. What if they meddle too much with it? Basically I would be fine with a graphical update and no gameplay changes unless they can fix some bugs without being too intrusive. I wouldn't want it to feel like modern sonic. It's good that he's showing interest in it at least, because Sonic Adventure gets memed on a ton, yet I don't think they ever made a 3D game as good as it since.
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    I personally find it infuriating that Final Fantasy VII is getting an HD remake before Final Fantasy VI does. I personally found Final Fantasy VI to be a vastly superior game, and yet it's always overshadowed by VII, so an HD remake of FFVI would be amazing. I would also love to see an HD remake of Chrono trigger and Chrono Cross. And the rest of the Mana series; the Secret of Mana remake was so good!
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    Time Travel Explained

    "But who's to say I can't change it? And maybe light will prevail. There's more to light that meets the eye. You might be surprised." I'm guessing we'll have to wait for KH3 to know the answer to these things. In KH3, we have to stop Master Xehanort and the other Seekers of Darkness, so hopefully, his plan does not succeed. Hopefully not a single Seeker of Darkness will be left when everything is done. Hopefully we defeat them all.
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    Time Travel Explained

    So that means there will only be (Master) Xehanort when everything is done?
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