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    A Brand New Kingdom Hearts IV Trailer and a Release Date that's all i want.
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    Disney’s Wish

    I really love Wish. I think it would be a great addition as a world in the Kingdom Hearts series. Plus, the concept of wishing could play a role in the upcoming Kingdom Hearts Second Saga.
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    I recently faced this same problem with FF16, the new female character Jill was just as bland and boring (Edit: same for Tifa Lockhart tbh. her being a hot female character is what carries her in popularity, and not her mediocre character). Tbh i can tell if Aqua was a male, she wouldn’t be this popular. it’s very clear that she would be the least popular of the Wayfinder trio if she wasn’t a woman, which is kinda sad when you think about it. But then again, this is not exactly a new thing to begin with, it’s fairly common. so it’s really not surprising whatsoever. Anyhow, i guess both Aqua and Jill (Edit: and Tifa) are just fine overall? I don’t think they are good characters, but I don’t think they are bad characters either. I guess I can call them decent at best.
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    I think Sora is most likely to be the one we play as in the tutorial, but Kairi could also work story-wise as we know she's starting to train under Master Aqua so the game could begin with her first training session where Aqua goes through the basics with her to see what Kairi knows.
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    i'd much rather the characters get their own games
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    I'm not familiar with text-based games so I'm not sure if my comments mean anything. That was awesome! Very well done.
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    I think there was an interview with Nomura not too long ago stating there was talk of possibly porting Missing Link to console, so here's hoping. 🤞
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    Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep has been such an influential game, and it's insane that so few assets are extracted from it. Even before AI, there existed advanced audio software which, when fed a music song, it could remove that specific song from any clip it was input'd, and as a result, remove background music in cutscenes. Yet, no one took that undertaking as it would take a full month juggling the tracks and changing their pitch and timing to match the cutscene's. Alas, with the AI craze, I found an effective AI tool which did just that - extract vocals from cutscenes. The result? All raw voice clips, as if you extracted them from the source project. Labelled Voice Clips Per Character Character Name Total Voice Clips Unfiltered Voice Clips Aqua 786 35 Terra 612 53 Ventus 726 55 Xehanort 317 81 Eraqus 181 24 Vanitas 109 27 Braig 108 8 Mickey 58 4 Yensid 77 2 DiZ 52 6 Terranort 39 2 MergedVanitas 11 0 Link for all the above characters' voice clips: https://www.mediafire.com/file/bpccu89hx3otwmd/bbs.zip/file This is essentially gaming history, so I feel the need to share this. If I don't, someone else will spend 2 weeks in the future.
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    Kingdom Hearts 4 Chat

    That would actually be a very interesting concept ngl
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    All the news Doesn't have to be a release date or window necessarily, but any sort of update on KHIV would be pretty rad. Realistically though, I'm looking forward to Missing-Link's full release!
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    I would love to have some announcement on Dark Road & Union Cross getting a proper Unreal Engine production to release while KH4 continues to develop. Of course, till that time comes, I most look forward to Missing Link to release XD
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    Kingdom Hearts 4 Chat

    hope kh4 gets encanto theres tons of scenarios in the movie that would be great for heartless&story
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    An Active Forum?

    People still hang around here, albeit the Discord server is much more active You can still shoot DMs to talk to people if you want
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    the only reason i wouldn't want treasure planet in this game is so that it can be fully realized in a console game instead
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    Kingdom Hearts 4 Chat

    Bruh verum rex isn't even a real game lmfao relax KH didn't lose it's identity It still has the charm and touching moments It always makes me laugh when people say the lost identity shit lol
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    Kingdom Hearts 4 Chat

    yep cecil would be amazing as well
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    Kingdom Hearts 4 Chat

    Lol Master of Master could be Sora in adult age??
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    Kingdom Hearts 4 Chat

    Ray chase is a treasure
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    KH General Chat

    Ur telling me there's lore behind the reason he's bald
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    I don't play phone games. It's depressing that this franchise depends on so many low effort mobile games to tell it's story.
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    omg if it's my neighbor!!! how are you doing dude
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    Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link Chat

    I don't want another mobile game that requires me trying to make space on my phone's limited memory to play. Now if they released it on switch than it's on the go portable play and console. Hwee hwee hwee! 🙃
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    Woah... this is amazing! Thank you for all the time and effort that you put into making this. It really is a treat to have all of these quotes nicely compiled like this
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    KH General Chat

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    KH General Chat

    Haven’t responded in a while, but this is just my opinion. I think Mickey should always be included with the BBS Trio. I feel like they were always meant to be a team Anyways have a good day or night
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    wow that was amazingly inspirational so much complexity I highly enjoyed! (isn't Namine so great though?) 🎨
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    laughter is the best medicine right Namine? I'm really really glad I get to present this to all of you!! I hope you all love it so much=) just more simple pleasures in "Namine's sketchbook" the smile on your face is worth a thousand words=) Tears and strain across my face from working on this video but it turned out nice and was worth it , please please enjoy it , thank you all
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    Thank you! I’m glad you liked it and I could help, especially since I think I spent a little too much time on my comment. lol
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    to add to the interviews above, here's another site that has a few of Nomura's earlier interviews + some more recent ones (like about Yozora). These are in Japanese, but Google translate will get ya through it just fine enough-ish kinda... it's no more confusing than the plot of KH. A few more Nomura Interviews, FF and KH in Japanese
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    King Arthur13

    Kingdom Hearts 4 Chat

    Is that not what Sora is lol
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    most of the time i would cycle through genie, stitch and peter and give them all a fair go. i don't use chicken little, because A: i can't get my head round how he worked and B: he's from the worst animated movie disney's ever made
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    Roxas, Axel and Xion are my best friends! Forever!
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    I knew the Seasalt Trio was going to win by a landslide. The Sora / Kairi / Riku and Aqua / Terra / Ventus trios spend a lot of time in the games apart and chasing after eachother. Not saying I love them any less but I felt like we saw the Seasalt Trio grow the most together. Though I may have a slight bias cause Roxas has always been my fav I am surprised to see Hayner / Pence / Olette have more than Aqua / Terra / Ventus. F in the chat for Mickey / Donald / Goofy
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    oh i don't pick favourites sora, riku, kairi
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    Oh if the game was sold at like the standard price with 2 games included they definitely got the better end of the deal. I just assumed that the price was raised to bundle the 2 games together. That changes my perspective on it entirely. I like the fact that you get rewarded going into KH2FM after beating Re:CoM and rewarded after KH2FM back into Re:CoM. On top of the rewards and the good prices, I feel like disks are also a lot nicer looking than the ones we have over here. So they were winning in almost every aspect. I feel like the only thing they got jipped on was the fact that they had to beat KH2FM to get the additional Org Cards whereas we just had to beat the game. Since Re:CoM came out after KH2 they added in the additional Organization member cards. These cards were in both the English and JP Re:CoM, but these cards weren't present in the original CoM for either region. The biggest difference was that in JP you had to beat KH2FM first as @DestinysUnion stated and in the US we were able to find the cards after clearing the game. Additionally in the 1.5 ReMix we were able to get 358/2 days cards as well. I feel like it's really cool that they added in that little detail. Yeah I was pleasantly surprised when I watched the Re:Coded movie on the 2.5 years back because of how much I actually enjoyed it. I avoided it like the plague prior to that because everywhere I went someone was saying something bad about it. I even enjoyed playing the game itself after I watched the cutscenes. I feel like if Re:CoM was released as a standalone title we would've gotten full voice acting. But considering it was meant to be incentive to buy KH2 again I get why they ended up leaving it out and going the text based route.
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    Without a shadow of a doubt the KH3 ultima weapon is the best. It blows all the rest out of the water imo. I don't hate the KH2 ultima but it is a bit weird in some areas. It's a little too bulky in the middle, seems too blunt on the end, and the crowns feel a little cheesy. But all in all I think it's nostalgic and still look at it with fond memories despite its flaws.
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    Xemnas final battle in KH2 is legendary, so clearly it is the best
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    We are coming closer to solve the mystery of the Missing Link
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    Ordinarily I'd say Soul Eater. I like it marginally better than Way to Dawn. I love the symbolism but the wing's color kinda clashes for me. If the wing had a similar color pallet, I would say its the superior weapon by far. Its a small nick pick though. I understand that its supposed to be lighter in color for the symbolism of Riku's strengthening light. However, in order to give this poll more variety, I'll say Keyblade of People's Hearts. Its dangerous and intimidating looking while still being simple in design. I'm still slightly bummed that it was only in the first game for a short awhile. It's also the weapon that created Roxas and Namine and Xion albeit indirectly.
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    GameStop has revealed a new store-exclusive Funko Pop! Kingdom Hearts Sora figure as part of their Collect Fest lineup. This 5-inch figure depicts Sora in his orginial Kingdom Hearts attaire standing the Kingdom Key up on his right side. The figure will also come with a background of the cover art for the first Kingdom Hearts game. You can view photos for the figure in the gallery below. Pre-orders for the figure are being accepted at GameStop. You can pre-order by clicking the link here. The figure is set to release on June 6th, 2023 for a price of $19.99. Will you be adding this to your Funko POP! collection? Let us know in the comments below! View full article
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    I remember in Days, Riku was able to wield Oblivion keyblade in mission mode. It would be nice if he could wield Oblivion outside of his fight with Roxas and mission mode.
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    Profile Picture Questions

    As long as it’s not anything graphic or NSFW you should be good. We don’t really spell it out in our rules because like you said it’s more of a common sense thing. I would just use your best judgement and if there were any issues we would notify you.
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    As many as required to fully tell the whole story arc with as much detail as possible. As a Digital Storyteller, I prefer complete storylines.
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    Lol hi I exist!! Ive not been online in aggggeeesssss!!!!
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    Why Lea Should Die.

    Eh, quite personally I feel it would be redundant seeing as how Axel had already died. I understand your reasoning but I feel as if there are other ways to add emotional turmoil besides character slaughter. I also don't see any reason to differentiate Roxas from Sora in terms of cheerfulness any further. In my own opinion Roxas is already quite the negative nancy. I would like to see his character developed more don't get me wrong, but I personally think there are others ways to do this than just character angst. That's just my own two cents anyways. Your reasoning has a point though.
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    Can you guess who they all are?
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    Post a picture of yourself!

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